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EcoMeme: Facebook Under Fire for Coal Powered Data Center

Facebook is the second largest website in the US and the default social network of many environmental activists, where they (ok, we) go to develop supportive networks, raise awareness and funds for good causes. It’s also a platform for some excellent, environmental-fundraising games like Lil’ Green Patch (acquired by social […]

Veg Out

The U.S. is one very carnivorous nation. But what if, just for one day, everyone went vegetarian? Well, according to a Huffington Post article by Kathy Freston, just one meat free day in the U.S. would save nearly 100 billion gallons of water, 1.5 billion pounds of crops, 70 million […]

The United Municipalities of America

As we’ve mentioned before, there’s a growing trend for municipal authorities taking matters in the own hands when it comes to the environment. And why not? When their own governments get it wrong or take too long to implement innovative new measures, it’s local government that misses out on the […]

Harvard Graduates to Greener Energy System

The first ever large rooftop solar power system is ready to run at Harvard University after a year of construction. It is expected to generate enough energy to power 83 homes per year and offset 367 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. And like many consumers, the university sought […]

Eco Window Film Is a Glass Act for Conserving Energy

Window tints are optical grade polyester sheeting with colored dye and/or metal particles embedded into its surface. For years, homeowners have applied the film to their glass to add privacy and security to bare windows in a modern setting, and to keep expensive furnishings from fading. But as our energy […]

10 Infographics On Energy

The global energy crisis for dummies. It’s clear we have a global energy crisis on our hands, but few people know much beyond that. This series of infographics breaks it down, with important information about world energy supplies, global petroleum prices, and the cost savings of switching to alternative energy […]

5 Energy-Hungry Products We Should Ditch

They’re convenient, cheap and widely perceived as necessary, but products such as frozen meals and bottled water can leave you cold when you think of the waste. We are spending way too much manufacturing products we either don’t need or shouldn’t buy, because of the damage they do or the […]

By the Book

You’ve decided to up your game and green your urban nest. Before phoning that $150-an-hour architect who erected your sister’s efficient rectangular hillside dwelling, pick up this third revised source book, ecoDesign, from Chronicle Books. Inside, you’ll find more than 700 everyday consumer products, resourced by environmental educator and consultant, […]

11 Ways to Save at the Pump

Tips for saving money on gas. Gas prices are going up, again, and they might not be going down anytime soon. In the short term it’s painful, but in the long term, it may well be a useful reality check. High prices serve as a good motivator for all of us to […]

‘Green Coal’ Company LoraxAg Names Itself After Seuss Character

First there was “clean coal”, now there’s “green coal” – though neither would gain the approval of the Lorax. But that hasn’t stopped a Massachusetts coal startup from calling themselves “LoraxAg“, after the beloved Dr. Seuss character. The coal-gasification company plans to make farm fertilizer from high-sulfur coal, which currently […]

Burning Bananas for Fuel

I can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to the humble banana skin. Once I peel the banana, the skin is simply thrown into the compost. But work currently being done by scientists at The University of Nottingham has opened my eyes to the fact that it has the potential […]

The Alchemy of Turning Toxic Waste into Homes

Some people have an incredibly creative ability to make a pretty sweet lemonade out of very, very rotten lemons. What I mean is this: I live in northern Arizona, and much of our electricity comes from coal power plants on Navajo and Hopi land. Not cool. Not a sustainable industry […]

Need to ReCharge?

It’s not just individuals who need to recharge their batteries and conserve energy these days, it’s families, communities, the whole country. And for thousands across America, a new way of living begins on Monday, January 19th, Martin Luther King, Jr. day. That’s the day Barack and Michelle Obama are asking […]

IKEA Digs Deep for Energy Efficiency

Every time I pass a Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target, I can almost see a pulsing blue aura hovering around the mammoth plex; or rather, an anti-halo that screams: “This facility couldn’t give a rat’s ass what it eats. Enjoy your rolling blackouts this season.” And inside, I hear the […]

New Documentaries Shed Light on Global Environmental Crises

If you thought “Titantic” was a compelling disaster film, try wrapping your brain around the submersion of an entire nation – one of the most breathtaking and remote places on earth. This is the story currently being shot by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jon Shenk. He is trailing President Mohamed Nasheed to […]

Who Ever Liked Mowing the Lawn Anyway?

In her recent piece in USA Today, Laura Vanderkam takes an environmental stand against the family yard: “Mowing itself requires fuel, just like our cars, with a similar impact on the environment. And all these woes are before you even get to the issue of water. According to Kress, maintaining […]

8 Impressive Solar Energy Fields Around the World

Sexy solar energy fields from around the world. The need for smart energy is high on the list of global priorities–up there with water and our waste issues. Pumping fossil fuel has gone on for far too long. Around the world, countries are addressing the need for alternative energy sources, […]

Good & Plenty

Our planet is in peril and it seems there’s more grim environmental news every day. Of course, it’s important we recognize the gravity of the situation so we can change rather than continuing blithely in our old, polluting habits. But the relentless delivery of bad news makes it easy to […]

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Exxon CEO Joins Hydraulic Fracturing Lawsuit, But Not Why You Think

Apparently everything really is bigger in Texas, even the hypocrites: The head of the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S. is suing to keep hydraulic fracturing (fracking) out of his own backyard. When we imagine anti-hydraulic fracturing activists, a well-suited executive from the fossil fuel industry almost never enters […]

8 Impressive Solar Energy Fields Around the World

Sexy solar energy fields from around the world. The need for smart energy is high on the list of global priorities–up there with water and our waste issues. Pumping fossil fuel has gone on for far too long. Around the world, countries are addressing the need for alternative energy sources, […]

The Dirt on Clean Coal: Looking Beyond the Alternative Fuel Hype

We’re all eager to find a viable solution to reduce greenhouse emissions without ruining the economy, but coal probably ain’t it right now. Clean coal is nothing but “a joke,” according to Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. And the reasons to believe him are compelling, turning ex-coal hopefuls like […]

Vampire Servers: The Energy Cost Of Business As Usual

Your online shopping is costing more than you think. Every year, more and more companies are shifting their business-critical systems and data online, into what has been nicknamed “the cloud” – and we’re just beginning to understand the real-world cost of doing that.

What’s Worse For the Environment: Lattes or Facebook?

Time vs. energy waster.  Coffee and environment are inextricably linked, but to put your caffeine addiction into perspective, consider: one latte releases about the same amount of CO2 emissions as using Facebook for an entire year. In 2011, Facebook says its “data centers and operations used 532 million kilowatt hours […]

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