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Burning Bananas for Fuel

I can’t say I’ve ever given much thought to the humble banana skin. Once I peel the banana, the skin is simply thrown into the compost. But work currently being done by scientists at The University of Nottingham has opened my eyes to the fact that it has the potential […]

IKEA Digs Deep for Energy Efficiency

Every time I pass a Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target, I can almost see a pulsing blue aura hovering around the mammoth plex; or rather, an anti-halo that screams: “This facility couldn’t give a rat’s ass what it eats. Enjoy your rolling blackouts this season.” And inside, I hear the […]

The Pros & Cons of Being Married to an Eco Man

How do I love thee? Let me count the watts! And so it goes when betrothed to a well-meaning eco sentinel, a man on a mission to recognize the dangers and combat the plagues of global warming. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very committed to a greener lifestyle. I write […]

Sunday Recipe: Fig and Almond Energy Bites

Forget the oven, just mix and roll. These Fig and Almond Energy Bites are quick, easy, and don’t involve any baking. They go just as well with an afternoon bike ride or post-run recovery snack as they do with a Sunday evening movie. This is cookie dough without the need […]

By the Book

You’ve decided to up your game and green your urban nest. Before phoning that $150-an-hour architect who erected your sister’s efficient rectangular hillside dwelling, pick up this third revised source book, ecoDesign, from Chronicle Books. Inside, you’ll find more than 700 everyday consumer products, resourced by environmental educator and consultant, […]

EcoMeme: Facebook Under Fire for Coal Powered Data Center

Facebook is the second largest website in the US and the default social network of many environmental activists, where they (ok, we) go to develop supportive networks, raise awareness and funds for good causes. It’s also a platform for some excellent, environmental-fundraising games like Lil’ Green Patch (acquired by social […]

Good Vibrations: the Power in Pandemonium

The modern world needs to shut up. Every weekday I walk to work along one of my city’s streets, and I’ve given up trying to listen to my mp3 player. I mouth frustrated obscenities at the roaring cars and replay scenes from I Am Legend in my head. I wish […]

Need to ReCharge?

It’s not just individuals who need to recharge their batteries and conserve energy these days, it’s families, communities, the whole country. And for thousands across America, a new way of living begins on Monday, January 19th, Martin Luther King, Jr. day. That’s the day Barack and Michelle Obama are asking […]

Women Fueling the Clean Tech Industry

Did you know that women hold 39% of leadership positions in the sustainability sector? Compare that statistic with research that shows women holding only 8% of general management positions in the United States and we’ve got plenty of reason to be excited about this constantly growing industry, not only because […]

Need an Eco House? We Deliver the Nuts and Bolts

Look into the future of custom housing: steel frames and insulated panels delivered to your lot for quick, on-site assembly. That’s what’s being done at Eco Steel, a firm of architectural visionaries that connects with other forward-thinking industry partners to deliver these dwellings to homeowners and businesses. Instead of fully […]

Nutritional Breakdown: Vanilla Frappuccino

The frappuccino gets a major health revamp. While it is high in calories, sodium, and cholesterol, it’s really the sugar content that blows one of Starbucks’s beloved beverages out of the water. Starbucks’s Caffe Vanilla Frappuccino Blended Smoothie contains 310 calories per 16-ounce serving, in addition to 3 grams of […]

Discover Your Home Energy Use, Minute by Minute

Your house. You might not be there, but right now it’s still slurping up energy. How many appliances around your house stay on all the time? There’s the fridge, of course. But there’s also the DVD player, the phone, the computer. And don’t forget the oven and microwave clocks. Not […]

Harvard Graduates to Greener Energy System

The first ever large rooftop solar power system is ready to run at Harvard University after a year of construction. It is expected to generate enough energy to power 83 homes per year and offset 367 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. And like many consumers, the university sought […]

A Light Workout

Some of my best friends enjoy going to the gym. They say they get a charge out of a good workout, a buzz from a good schvitz. I have to admit, though, I never was much of a gym rat. I mean, take a walk or ride a bike and […]

Gribble Power: From Nuisance to New Science

Hundreds of years ago, it used to eat the bottoms of sailing ships. Now, it could help keep the bio-energy industry afloat. It’s called the gribble. A marine isopod with a taste for wood (think woodlouse), the four-spotted variety called Limnoria quadripunctata used to burrow through the hulls of wooden […]

10 Infographics On Energy

The global energy crisis for dummies. It’s clear we have a global energy crisis on our hands, but few people know much beyond that. This series of infographics breaks it down, with important information about world energy supplies, global petroleum prices, and the cost savings of switching to alternative energy […]

How Your Internet Searches Can Fund Forests

Like many of us, I rely on the computer and internet for work and, increasingly, for pleasure. Switching it off is not really an option. Yet, I am also concerned by the fact that the IT industry is a growing contributor to the world’s greenhouse emissions. I am trying to […]

10 Remarkable Nonprofits You’ve Never Heard Of

What you should know about collaborative hands moving mountains  – one volunteer, festival and tweet at a time. As Japan’s global relief missions move quickly to aid the mind boggling earthquake and tsunami recovery, school students throughout the U.S. are holding bake sales to swap lopsided muffins and chewy brownies […]

New Documentaries Shed Light on Global Environmental Crises

If you thought “Titantic” was a compelling disaster film, try wrapping your brain around the submersion of an entire nation – one of the most breathtaking and remote places on earth. This is the story currently being shot by award-winning documentary filmmaker Jon Shenk. He is trailing President Mohamed Nasheed to […]

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Exxon CEO Joins Hydraulic Fracturing Lawsuit, But Not Why You Think

Apparently everything really is bigger in Texas, even the hypocrites: The head of the biggest natural gas producer in the U.S. is suing to keep hydraulic fracturing (fracking) out of his own backyard. When we imagine anti-hydraulic fracturing activists, a well-suited executive from the fossil fuel industry almost never enters […]

8 Impressive Solar Energy Fields Around the World

Sexy solar energy fields from around the world. The need for smart energy is high on the list of global priorities–up there with water and our waste issues. Pumping fossil fuel has gone on for far too long. Around the world, countries are addressing the need for alternative energy sources, […]

The Dirt on Clean Coal: Looking Beyond the Alternative Fuel Hype

We’re all eager to find a viable solution to reduce greenhouse emissions without ruining the economy, but coal probably ain’t it right now. Clean coal is nothing but “a joke,” according to Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune. And the reasons to believe him are compelling, turning ex-coal hopefuls like […]

Vampire Servers: The Energy Cost Of Business As Usual

Your online shopping is costing more than you think. Every year, more and more companies are shifting their business-critical systems and data online, into what has been nicknamed “the cloud” – and we’re just beginning to understand the real-world cost of doing that.

What’s Worse For the Environment: Lattes or Facebook?

Time vs. energy waster.  Coffee and environment are inextricably linked, but to put your caffeine addiction into perspective, consider: one latte releases about the same amount of CO2 emissions as using Facebook for an entire year. In 2011, Facebook says its “data centers and operations used 532 million kilowatt hours […]

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