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EcoSalon’s New Foodspotting Channel

EcoSalon launches new Foodspotting guide to help you navigate your way through the foodie world. Are you a foodie like the rest of us here at EcoSalon? Then we’re sure you’ll love Foodspotting. Forget regular old online restaurant reviews, Foodspotting is all about highlighting your favorite foodie picks in a […]

Sweet, Savory, Spreadable: Fall’s First Fruit 3 Ways

As summer slowly morphs into fall the scent of apples permeates the market stalls. So many varieties – from Pink Ladies, to McIntosh, to our beloved Gravensteins. Today I’m getting ready to make the season’s first apple pie (from the apples you see pictured above, in fact), but why stop […]

Foodie Underground on Tour: Telluride, Colorado

ColumnFoodie Underground checks out what’s hot in Telluride, Colorado. Welcome to a new feature of Foodie Undergound: Foodie Underground on Tour. Being a Portland resident, I’m constantly in the organic/raw/food truck bubble. But writing about home gets old quickly, and if you’re a food lover, you know that one of […]

Foodie Underground: Fresh Cheese 101

ColumnTurns out, making your own cheese is easier than you can imagine. Before you start reading the rest of this column, maybe I should clarify what kind of foodie I am. Yes, I like to cook. Yes, I like to throw dinner parties. Yes, I spend a large part of […]

Is Your Farmers’ Market Faking It?

You peruse the stands, ogle over fresh berries, contemplate which goat cheese to buy, and smile contentedly as you walk away from the flurry of farmers and produce, full basket in hand. But is that local, organic, shopping induced feeling of happiness all a sham? The Wall Street Journal reported […]

The Friday 5: Unsung Heroes Edition

The best of EcoSalon’s stories this week. Everything Fred Astaire did, Ginger Rogers did backwards and in high heels – and this week, we take inspiration from one of early cinema’s most graceful performers. Helvetica – the font without personality? Not so, as these 20 terrifically creative (and obsessive) projects […]

Sunday Recipe: Peanut Butter Cookies

Flourless, sweet and salty goodness. Short on time and ingredients? These gluten free cookies are as easy as a jar of peanut butter sitting in your pantry and an egg in the refrigerator. They can also be made quick enough that you can have them finished before your morning coffee […]

The Friday 5, Vol. 26

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. Optimistic cities are filled with better neighbors, community members and friends. We’re packing our virtual bags to go on a tour of the best and maybe we’ll even find you. In the 10 Best American Cities for Optimists, Shelter Editor K. Emily Bond […]

Foodie Underground: 100 Things to Do With Your Summer Vacation

ColumnIt’s the season for eating outside with mason jars. Even if you’re not on an academic schedule, the longer days of the season mean that you have way more time on your hands than usual. Which indicates that it’s high time to stop drooling over blogs about backyard homesteading and […]

California: Good Eggs, After All

From 2015, all eggs in California will be sunny side up – at least for the chickens. State Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has signed a new law that makes California a cage-free state for chickens by 2015. The bill, which was backed by the Humane Society of the United States, will […]

Baking for a Non-Baker: Apple Galette

I’m not much of a baker really, so I prefer uncomplicated fruit desserts. Especially when I’m already making dinner. Here’s an easy one for a dinner party. Just make the crust ahead of time and then cut up the apples and roll out the dough while you’re chatting up your […]

It’s Time We Put up a Food Fight: Foodie Underground

 ColumnFrustrated with the food system? Be empowered to make better choices. Start a food fight. Feeling overwhelmed by the food system? That’s normal. In a world of big business and industrial scale food production it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Food borne illness outbreaks, stories of animal abuse, widespread soil […]

Between the Lines: To Kill Your Own

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. Before there were foodies, there were hunter-gatherers. If you were hungry around 10,000 years ago, you likely had a good sharp spear, a stone implement, or a bow and arrow to help. You moved stealthily through grassy inlets, dark forests, and rough waves, or the […]

Treating Hunger with Surplus Food Is a Tactic, Not a Solution

Since participating in and blogging about The San Francisco Food Bank’s Hunger Challenge for 7 days in September, I’m more acutely aware of hunger – both its prevalence and its unpleasantness. People have always been hungry in America, but as more people are thrown out of work, hunger is increasing. […]

Overcooked: Lavender – Good for the Bathtub, Good for the Brisket

I don’t enjoy licking a soap dish, and frankly, that’s what lavender sometimes tastes like when it’s used in culinary applications. After all, lavender’s Latin root is lavare, which means to wash. I know, lots of people like it and I also know that it’s an essential ingredient in the […]

Sunday Recipe: Healthy Banana Bread

Banana bread revamped and loaded with essential fatty acids. When it comes to recipes, we all have a few go-to classics, many that we grew up on. Be it apple pie, banana bread or oatmeal cookies, these are our comfort foods. But a lot of the comforting concoctions stashed in […]

365 Days of Summer

Is summer fresh produce from Chile growing on you? Are you grateful to be able to buy grapes, plums, peaches and other August fruit in the dead of winter because of that 2004 free trade agreement? That mindset is what the earthquake-ravaged country is cultivating in a new Cornucopia television […]

Foodie Underground: Top 10 Oddest Food and Foodie Blogs

ColumnThanks to the internet, there’s a blog for every kind of food, no matter how weird. The only thing more important to a foodie than a kitchen is the internet. How else are you going to showcase all of your favorite food porn shots that you take at dinner every […]

Unusual Uses for 9 Pantry Items

180 handy uses for 9 items you already have in your pantry. Looking to simplify your life, save money or cut the number of chemicals you use around the house? Chances are, you’ve already got nine natural, versatile products in your pantry that can do far more than you think. […]

10 Foods to Fight Breast Cancer

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But just because leaves are largely fallen and pumpkins are patching up doesn’t mean that breast cancer awareness should wait another year. The Center for Disease Control shares that breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in all women and the […]

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An Ode to the Spring Season: Foodie Underground

Winter is gone and spring season is here. Finally.  Spring, I waited for you so long. You’re like a long lost friend who has finally come to visit, taking their time to get here, but when you finally arrive, the memory of waiting so quickly disappears. The waiting for you […]

When Food Waste is Food Treasure: Foodie Underground

We have to stop thinking about food waste as waste. It actually has a lot of value.  In the Western world, we have a serious food waste problem. Overall, about one third of global food production is wasted annually, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. […]

What’s Wrong with Cooking Shows? Foodie Underground

 A new study links cooking shows and weight gain. Is the problem us, or what we’re watching? Cooking at home is the best food choice you can make, right? If you cook at home you can skip all the processed nasty stuff and focus on the good stuff. The real food. […]

Do You Have to Be Well Off to Eat Well? Foodie Underground

If you eat well, does it mean you’re part of the one percent? A comment that I get a lot in response to writing about eating locally and eating seasonally is that doing so is only doable for a small percentage of people; those with money. I have been told […]

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The Nordic Diet: Eating Like a Viking is Good for All of Us

Is the Nordic Diet just the new “it” thing or is it actually a sustainable approach to food? If it’s not one diet, it’s another, because let’s face it: we want the magic trick that will keep is fit and slim. The truth is, there is no magic trick, the best […]

10 DIY Tea Recipes for Cozy Winter Evenings

Tea recipes so you can make your own unique blends. If winter is good for one thing, it’s for curling up with a good book and a mug of tea. This is the season to embrace coziness. In Denmark, they have a word to describe this exact feeling: hygge. Creating […]

7 Healthy Seeds You Need to Add to Your Diet Today

These healthy seeds can serve as great snacks and beyond. As we enter a new year, many of you are looking for ways to eat healthier, and if there’s one area of your diet to start with it’s snacks. Many of us snack almost unconsciously, just grabbing a handful of whatever’s […]