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17 Surprising Sources of BPA and How to Avoid Them

After years of claiming it’s not a risk, the EPA has announced that it will formally list Bisphenol A (BPA) as a “chemical of concern”. Considering all the studies showing how this hormone disruptor can affect our bodies, this is great news – but don’t expect big changes anytime soon. […]

Foodie Underground: Dealing with Food Waste

In the U.S. we waste about 25 percent of all food produced. In California alone, food is the largest source of waste, and overall U.S. food production accounts for nearly 300 million barrels of oil per year. You do the math: wasted food equals more dependence on fossil fuels, which […]

5 Urban Farming Ideas for Your Own Backyard

Growing your own food has gone beyond the hippie counter-culture of the ’60s. With the advent of books by the likes of Michael Pollan and Barbara Kingsolver, people are taking a hard look at what they’re eating. Sadly (and not always surprisingly), the more we learn, the less we want […]

January Food Box: The ‘I Will Eat More Consciously’ Edition

Everything you need to eat and cook consciously in the new year. Our exclusive EcoSalon shopping must-have, the curated eco product assortment known as The Box, is back. We’re offering $500 worth of holiday eco-goodies for just $99 and these won’t last. That’s a guarantee. It’s one month into 2012; […]

Food as Art, and the Design of Eating

Looking for an unusual wedding banquet? I may have found the answer for you- Marije Vogelzang and her food laboratory. While contemplating the greater joys of food, I remembered hearing Marije Vogelzang speak at the annual PopTech conference last year. This amazing designer has created her own genre for food […]

21 Glorious Pomegranate Recipes to Make Right Now

21 delicious pomegranate recipes that display this vibrant fruit in all its glory. Originating in the Middle East, the pomegranate has been cultivated since ancient times. Today this glorious red fruit finds its way into cuisines around the world, from Afghanistan to the United States. It’s found in cocktails, soups […]

Foodspotting Friday: Top Veggie Friendly Dishes in Long Beach

Top five delicious and vegetarian friendly dishes in Long Beach, California. Earlier this summer we ran a contest to find your favorite locavore picks. Reader Annabel Adams sent us her top five from Long Beach, California, and we couldn’t stop drooling over the vegan friendly list, so much so, that […]

New Café Owner Forages and Finds a Fresh Take on Sustainability

Seattle wild-foods café Nettletown might be shoulder to shoulder with a Subway, but their produce comes from the ground, not a vacuum-sealed bag. Put down the hoagie and listen: From activists to politicians, everybody loves to talk about the promise of green jobs. But in reality, who the heck actually […]

Foodie Underground, Extra Fresh Edition: Foodprint Toronto

Sometimes one Foodie Underground a week just isn’t enough. In fact, we couldn’t keep this one on ice until Monday, so we’re bringing you an Extra Fresh Edition to feature Foodprint. The partnership between food and cities is a no-brainer; travel itineraries are often created around the food of a […]

21 Millet Recipes to Try Right Now: Is it the New Quinoa?

Delicious millet recipes prove that this grain is about more than just bird seed. While quinoa is the wunderkind of any moderately conscious eater, millet has certainly taken a back seat. Maybe it’s because most people equate millet to bird seed, or maybe it’s because millet just hasn’t been branded […]

The Green Plate: Street Eats

Column10 global street foods to try. When a real vacation isn’t possible, a virtual food vacation can be just the (plane) ticket. Join us as we survey 10 mouthwatering street foods with links to recipes that you can make at home. One thing is certain, every culture around the world […]

21 Ways to Use Flax Seeds

Get your hands on some flax seeds immediately. Flax seeds might seem a little boring, but their uses really are endless. They’re rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids, making them the wunderkind of the health food world, helpful for digestion, and even linked to lower cholesterol levels. Most people […]

10 Green Wine and Food Pairings, Plus 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Red with meat, white with chicken and fish? It’s not that simple or limiting anymore when it comes to pairing wine and food. Sure, there’s lot to consider when it comes to selecting the best wine to complement your food: Weight, texture, acidity, flavor, the flavor’s intensity. After some research […]

Taco Bell Sells Fake Meat. So What? Everybody’s Doing It

Food companies are like greedy cocaine dealers – cutting food with cheaper ingredients to increase profits. This is nothing new, and it’s not just happening with meat. But first, about that beef with Taco Bell’s “beef.” Vegetable proteins are cheaper than meat and that’s why they are used as extenders […]

Foodie Underground: When Ramen Is Still Ramen

ColumnCan a bowl of comfort food really be called a “craze?” I was walking down the street with a friend in Brooklyn, ogling the multitude of good-looking restaurants and resisting the urge to take a photo of every single one of them.

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5 Perfectly Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again and an ugly sweater holiday party is the perfect excuse to parade around in your gaudiest getup, sip spiked punch, and play games like a boss. So take a second and have a peek at some of our best ideas for your upcoming event […]

Where Do Our Types of Flour Come From? Foodie Underground

In a locavore diet, where your types of flour come from is just as important as your produce. Today, people are focused more than ever on the origin of their foods. Maybe you subscribe to a CSA, maybe you try to shop at a weekly farmers market, maybe you have started […]

What’s So Wrong With Food Porn? Foodie Underground

Is food porn helping or hurting us? Look around you. There’s food everywhere. Glamorized food. Sexy food. Food that makes you drool. Food that speaks to some primal, internal part of you. There’s food on the Internet, on the television, there’s probably a photo of a perfectly cooked dish of […]

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Fruit Leather Handbags: Reducing Food Waste in Style

Tangerines, strawberries, and melons…oh my! With innovative fruit leather handbags, these Rotterdam students are making waves and reducing food waste, one purse at a time. According to the Government of the Netherlands website, Dutch consumers throw away approximately $2.8 billion (USD) worth of food. This is equivalent to nearly 14 […]

Where Do Our Types of Flour Come From? Foodie Underground

In a locavore diet, where your types of flour come from is just as important as your produce. Today, people are focused more than ever on the origin of their foods. Maybe you subscribe to a CSA, maybe you try to shop at a weekly farmers market, maybe you have started […]