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10 Green Wine and Food Pairings, Plus 5 Do’s and Don’ts

Red with red meat, white with chicken and fish, right? It’s not that simple or limiting anymore when it comes to pairing wine and food. Sure, there’s lot to consider when it comes to selecting the best wine to complement your food: Weight, texture, acidity, flavor, the flavor’s intensity. After […]

Foodie Underground: Haute is Out, Fun is In

Column“Local” is the new “global” and fancy is put on the back burner for simpler, more laid back food. It’s time to rejoice foodie undergroundists: fancy fusion with unintelligible names that make you feel self-conscious about your culinary prowess are out and simple, fun foods are back in. You may have noticed the […]

EcoSalon Team Picks: 10 Picnic Foods to Impress Your Friends

Tis the season for picknicking-whip up one of our team’s 10 must eat dishes. With record high temperatures soaring around the world, there’s no better time to keep the cool outdoors—under a tree and on a grassy knoll. And, foodie or not, the principles behind ecopsychology say there’s no better […]

The Friday 5: The World’s Gone Freaking Mad Edition

The best/worst of crazy, this week at EcoSalon. Vivienne Westwood, oh-so-reserved lady of A-list fashion, is on a mission – and that mission is getting us to buy less clothes. Yep. Fancy tucking to dinner underwater, or in pitch darkness? Check out our roundup of 10 of the strangest restaurants […]

Foodie Underground: Illegal Delicacies

At first glance, foodies might come off as organic-touting, free-range loving, culinary gurus. But not all foodie trends are friendly. Some go far for their delectable delights, so far that they embrace the controversial. We’re talking about whale meat: the other other white meat that’s keeping an entire violent food […]

Greening Thanksgiving with a Doubly Good Recipe for Potatoes, and More!

Thanksgiving can be either a gluttonous extravagance, or one of the greenest holiday feasts. Here’s why: One of the biggest contributors to greenhouse gasses is livestock production. Turkey is faster growing than cows, so it’s more efficient from a resource input point of view. Plus, turkeys don’t emit methane. Another […]

Marketing FAIL: The Cocoa Krispies Immunity Boost

‘Tis the (cold and flu) season, and it’s time to stock up on immune boosting foods like oranges, garlic and Kellogg’s Cocoa Krispies. Yes, that’s right. Kellogg’s is claiming that all the vitamins they’ve sprinkled onto their sweetened, processed puffs will help your child’s immune system. It’s boldly emblazoned across […]

Invasive Fish Species: If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Eat ‘Em

ColumnNew Consumer Guide by Food & Water Watch Recommends Eating Invasive Fish. The Northeastern Cod fishery collapsed years ago as a result of overfishing. And if you’ve been wondering why red snapper is so expensive and hard to find, it’s on its way out too. With so many of our […]

Foodie Underground: Are You Abnormal?

For Thanksgiving I found myself staying in a yurt near Jackson Hole, Wyoming. There was a small propane stove and no running water, but Thanksgiving is Thanksgiving and so we made a concerted effort to eat well. The stuffing used locally baked pumpkin bread, the sweet potatoes were organic and […]

Driving to Boone (But Not the Boonies)

Happiness, it turns out, is a slice of grilled pound cake. Put pound cake on a grill and it comes off looking like a dainty steak and smelling just like a toasted marshmallow. Top it with ice cream made from organic local strawberries and you have a nice neat pile […]

Catch of the Day: Food News from Around the Web

We’ve been trolling around for news and netted some doozies. From fish oil, to updated Seafood Watch recommendations, here’s a sampler platter of recent food news morsels. Restaurant Greenwashers: We are watching you Developed by intrepid journalist Charles Clover, who brought us the film End of the Line, Fish to […]

Thanksgiving Food for Thought: Foodie Underground

ColumnThanksgiving: Not only a time to eat food, but to really think about it. Well, it’s that time of year again, the time known for sweet potato casseroles and overeating. Here’s the thing about Thanksgiving: it’s a holiday devoted to eating good food and doing so with people you love. […]

The Local Experience: Cod Tongue and Whale Steak in Norway

Testing out new foods and traditions in the Lofoten Islands.  I was once a vegetarian. For years, I didn’t eat meat. I cut it out for environmental reasons. I didn’t support the energy that was going into each burger, steak and chop, that I had been consuming, so I decided […]

7 Steps to Successful Semi-Vegetarianism

Call it flexitarianism, conscious meat consumption, or low meat eating, lots of people are saving the flesh for special occasions and adopting a veg-centric diet. If you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan for the planet, but you really like meat and think you’ll miss it, or you’re worried […]

From Motion Sickness to Chemotherapy, Ginger Can Help

Slowly but surely, Eastern medicine is gaining acceptance in the world of Western academia. Most recently, a study by the University of Rochester Medical Center has shown the powerful anti-nausea effects of ginger, the ubiquitous root that has played a significant role in Asian and Indian medicine since the 16th […]

Sunday Recipe: Healthy Banana Bread

Banana bread revamped and loaded with essential fatty acids. When it comes to recipes, we all have a few go-to classics, many that we grew up on. Be it apple pie, banana bread or oatmeal cookies, these are our comfort foods. But a lot of the comforting concoctions stashed in […]

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Don’t Deny this Strawberry its Life’s Purpose [Video]

That purpose: to be enjoyed and eaten. The video below is a cute and, honestly, kind of sad representation of what happens when we leave food in our fridge. Let’s not deny strawberries their life purpose — or their apparent love for limes. Related on EcoSalon What’s So Wrong With […]

We Need Something Sweet to Eat, Stat [Video]

Ever felt like cutting into your food to mutilate it before you consume it? Me too. I used to carve my bread and vegetables before I ate. My friends would call me a “food cutter.” Well, it appears that there is at least one other person who likes to cut […]

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to spread some love and cheer this year, so what better way to give gifts than to ensure that they don’t destroy our precious resources in the process? It’s important to consider the environment and the animals while out shopping for our loved ones, which is why we’ve […]

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Don’t Deny this Strawberry its Life’s Purpose [Video]

That purpose: to be enjoyed and eaten. The video below is a cute and, honestly, kind of sad representation of what happens when we leave food in our fridge. Let’s not deny strawberries their life purpose — or their apparent love for limes. Related on EcoSalon What’s So Wrong With […]