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Cadbury Adds Palm Oil to Its Chocolate

As the recession cuts deeper into the profits of big food companies, many brands are downsizing their portions in a bid to cut costs. In some cases, they are also downgrading their ingredients. But as chocolate giant Cadbury is discovering – you mess with your iconic brands at your peril. […]

17 Surprising Sources of BPA and How to Avoid Them

After years of claiming it’s not a risk, the EPA has announced that it will formally list Bisphenol A (BPA) as a “chemical of concern”. Considering all the studies showing how this hormone disruptor can affect our bodies, this is great news – but don’t expect big changes anytime soon. […]

It’s Time We Put up a Food Fight: Foodie Underground

 ColumnFrustrated with the food system? Be empowered to make better choices. Start a food fight. Feeling overwhelmed by the food system? That’s normal. In a world of big business and industrial scale food production it’s hard not to get overwhelmed. Food borne illness outbreaks, stories of animal abuse, widespread soil […]

Think Cheese Is More Eco + Humane Than Meat? Think Again

Cheese is my weakness. Camembert and cheddar, stilton and swiss, mozzarella and mascarpone, gouda and goat’s cheese, feta and fresh quark – I love them all. And while it may not be great for my waistline or as environmentally pure as organic lentils, at least I can eat it knowing […]

Foodie Underground: Dealing With Our Packaged Food Addiction

ColumnWant to change the world? Stop eating packaged food. A block and a half from my apartment there is a Safeway. For the last few years it has been a dingy place with dark aisles and dusty shelves, the kind of grocery store where you might just see an unmentionable […]

Make Your Own Salad Dressing: 7 Tasty Vinaigrettes

I’ve never understood why anyone would buy ready-made salad dressing. Salad dressing is incredibly easy to make and most likely, you already have the ingredients in your cupboards. I highly recommend learning a few simple salad dressings as a way to not only continue your efforts to reduce buying processed food, […]

Foodie Underground on Tour: Telluride, Colorado

ColumnFoodie Underground checks out what’s hot in Telluride, Colorado. Welcome to a new feature of Foodie Undergound: Foodie Underground on Tour. Being a Portland resident, I’m constantly in the organic/raw/food truck bubble. But writing about home gets old quickly, and if you’re a food lover, you know that one of […]

Foodspotting Friday: Crazy for Citrus

10 photos to inspire your citrus consumption this winter.  Come the holiday season, I always have a box of satsumas. Yes, satsumas. Not mandarins or tangerines; satsumas. Because they’re easy to peel, seedless and perfect for holiday laziness. Plus the box they come in is perfect for eco-friendly wrapping of […]

Foodie Underground: Pop Up Cuisine

For foodies, the last year has seen an enormous rise in the street food trend, bringing quick, authentic and diverse food to the masses. For fashionistas, it’s been pop-up shops, taking advantage of unused retail space and allowing for unique shopping experiences that can focus on more local and sustainable […]

The Green Plate: News from The Food World

ColumnNews worth eating. Once a month, The Green Plate will harvest the most interesting, biggest, weirdest, and puzzling recent news stories on food politics, the food industry, eating trends, and edible discoveries from around the web, and share them with you. In this, our first installment, learn how Whole Foods […]

Foodie Underground: Fresh Cheese 101

ColumnTurns out, making your own cheese is easier than you can imagine. Before you start reading the rest of this column, maybe I should clarify what kind of foodie I am. Yes, I like to cook. Yes, I like to throw dinner parties. Yes, I spend a large part of […]

Rethinking Fish Oil: 4 Facts About Your Favorite Supplement

Is fish oil really beneficial, safe and environmentally friendly? Depending upon whom you ask, fish oil is both wonder supplement and health menace. It protects against heart disease, but it can contain mercury. It’s linked to lower risk of breast cancer and diabetes, but it can be contaminated with PCBs. […]

Foodspotting Friday: Sweet Potato Fry Frenzy

Food porn in the way of sweet potato fries. In Foodspotting Friday we like to bring you some of the best of the best in food photos from our favorite app, Foodspotting. Yeah, yeah, we’re completely and utterly food porn obsessed, but you’re right here with us reading this post, […]

Foodie Underground: Bing’s New Portland Food Cart Finder

Food carts. If you’re not up to speed on the latest trend in food movements you’ve been living in a cave; a very dark one. Food carts are everywhere, and they’re bringing rise to some of the coolest in local, sustainable creations by some of the most up and coming […]

Sex by Numbers: French Women Don’t Get Fat

ColumnWhat six lifestyle choices endow the much-celebrated French women with their ageless beauty, trim figures, and je ne sais quoi? French Women Don’t Get Fat is both a truism and the eponymous title of Mireille Guiliano’s lifestyle tome, which catapulted to number one on The New York Times bestseller list, has been […]

Foodie Underground: When Ramen Is Still Ramen

ColumnCan a bowl of comfort food really be called a “craze?” I was walking down the street with a friend in Brooklyn, ogling the multitude of good-looking restaurants and resisting the urge to take a photo of every single one of them.

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Don’t Deny this Strawberry its Life’s Purpose [Video]

That purpose: to be enjoyed and eaten. The video below is a cute and, honestly, kind of sad representation of what happens when we leave food in our fridge. Let’s not deny strawberries their life purpose — or their apparent love for limes. Related on EcoSalon What’s So Wrong With […]

We Need Something Sweet to Eat, Stat [Video]

Ever felt like cutting into your food to mutilate it before you consume it? Me too. I used to carve my bread and vegetables before I ate. My friends would call me a “food cutter.” Well, it appears that there is at least one other person who likes to cut […]

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to spread some love and cheer this year, so what better way to give gifts than to ensure that they don’t destroy our precious resources in the process? It’s important to consider the environment and the animals while out shopping for our loved ones, which is why we’ve […]

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