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Foodie Underground: Can I Have a Kale Smoothie With That?

ColumnNormalizing food consciousness. “What is that?” I was pulling out ingredients for dinner from the refrigerator and my friend was visibly squirming looking at the quart glass bottle of green sludge that was on the first shelf. “It’s just a kale smoothie.” She looked at me and rolled her eyes. […]

13 Tips to Avoid Exposure to Toxins in Common Foods

Various shelves throughout every aisle of your grocery store are stocked with wolves in sheep’s clothing. Colorful packaging, appetizing pictures and nutrition claims hide the truth: unhealthy chemicals are lurking in many these seemingly harmless foods. Here are some tips to help you steer clear of hidden toxins that masquerade […]

20 Unusual Uses for Baking Soda

Baking soda is a lazy housekeeper’s best friend. If I said that my home is sparkling clean thanks to my addiction to white powder, would you haul me off to rehab? No need, because the powder I’m talking about is cheap, natural and totally legal. Sit back and file your […]

The Friday 5, Vol. 26

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. Optimistic cities are filled with better neighbors, community members and friends. We’re packing our virtual bags to go on a tour of the best and maybe we’ll even find you. In the 10 Best American Cities for Optimists, Shelter Editor K. Emily Bond […]

5 Kitchen Items You Didn’t Know You Could Eat

If you’re not getting enough roughage in your diet, you probably didn’t consider devouring on the paper plate underneath your sandwich. There are a few serving utensils, however, that don’t just look good enough to eat, they actually are edible.

From the Vault: Welcome, Spring!

Spring has sprung. Are you ready for the season of sunshine and optimism? The natural world is unfurling and coming alive – and we invite you to celebrate the season of renewal and boisterous good health with a springtime selection from our archives.

4 Different News Stories, 4 Different Answers: The Truth About GMOs

Confused about GMOs? You’re probably not alone. There’s a war of words going on, and as with any war, there’s plenty of propaganda and hyperbole to go around. Are GMOs a dangerous, unproven technology or the only way to feed the world? What have you been reading? As an illustration, […]

Foodie Underground: Top 10 Oddest Food and Foodie Blogs

ColumnThanks to the internet, there’s a blog for every kind of food, no matter how weird. The only thing more important to a foodie than a kitchen is the internet. How else are you going to showcase all of your favorite food porn shots that you take at dinner every […]

EcoSalon and Bar Agricole Announce an Earth Day Party

EventAn Earth Day party hosted by EcoSalon and SF’s Bar Agricole. For greenies and foodies alike in San Francisco, one of the best things to come out of 2010 was the launch of Bar Agricole, the gorgeous modern tavern in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. The all-star founding cast includes legendary […]

The Friday 5: Acquiring Edition

The top stories of the week at EcoSalon. All that cash spent on campaigning against clean energy – and it’s a lot. Here are 8 things we could buy with all that money. We can’t stop pinning other people’s design discoveries (and more) to our boards on Pinterest, the latest […]

For Pirates Like Us, Charleston Ho!

Something just feels right about eating fresh fish in a pirate costume. For weeks, my friends and I had been planning a pirate-themed party, and last weekend we pulled it together: Eye patches, hats, sashes, plastic swords. Oh yes, and ten fully-grown adults calling each other Cap’n and saying things […]

Foodie Underground: The Brine Bubble

It was a warm and humid afternoon, and all I wanted was an iced coffee. Being from the Northwest, I’m used to drive-through coffee shops in even the most podunk of towns, but now I was in the heart of the Louisiana Bayou, and there wasn’t any type of coffee […]

Foodie Underground: The Bike-Thru

The drive-thru: an iconic institution fueled by the American spirit to hit the open road. But in this day and age, drive-thrus have become synonymous with unhealthy lifestyle habits, both because of the food they serve and the mode of transportation used to get there. But what if the food […]

Easy Tips for Using the Last of Summer’s Produce

Fun ways to ensure a waste-free harvest season. It’s a sad fact that nearly 50% of the food we grow goes to waste. Some of that is wasted in the fields, after harvest, and some in distribution. Out of the food that actually makes it to the store, we, as […]

My Bottle Is Sexier Than Yours

The best reusable water bottles, and they’re sexy, too. Water. We all need it on a daily basis. Having a sleek bottle to encase and deliver your hydration is not only desirable, but logical. Why argue with logic? Simply give in and take your pick. I have gathered the best […]

7 Steps to Successful Semi-Vegetarianism

Call it flexitarianism, conscious meat consumption, or low meat eating, lots of people are saving the flesh for special occasions and adopting a veg-centric diet. If you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan for the planet, but you really like meat and think you’ll miss it, or you’re worried […]

Make Something Out of Nothing: Two Stone Soups

One of my favorite MKF Fisher books is How to Cook a Wolf. The wolf reference is to hunger. Real hunger. Wolf scratching at the door hunger. It’s about knowing how to feed yourself when it’s cold and dark and the wolf is outside waiting to pounce. It’s about not […]

Ecosalon Recipes: Oatmeal Harvest Cookies

I recently read somewhere that chocolate chip cookies are the top cookies in America. Now, I used to be in the “It’s not a cookie unless it’s a chocolate chip cookie” camp, but I’ve come around. Oatmeal cookies are so much healthier and they have such a nice combination of […]

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Don’t Deny this Strawberry its Life’s Purpose [Video]

That purpose: to be enjoyed and eaten. The video below is a cute and, honestly, kind of sad representation of what happens when we leave food in our fridge. Let’s not deny strawberries their life purpose — or their apparent love for limes. Related on EcoSalon What’s So Wrong With […]

We Need Something Sweet to Eat, Stat [Video]

Ever felt like cutting into your food to mutilate it before you consume it? Me too. I used to carve my bread and vegetables before I ate. My friends would call me a “food cutter.” Well, it appears that there is at least one other person who likes to cut […]

The Ultimate Cruelty-Free Holiday Gift Guide

It’s time to spread some love and cheer this year, so what better way to give gifts than to ensure that they don’t destroy our precious resources in the process? It’s important to consider the environment and the animals while out shopping for our loved ones, which is why we’ve […]

5 Perfectly Ugly Sweater Holiday Party Ideas

It’s that time of year again and an ugly sweater holiday party is the perfect excuse to parade around in your gaudiest getup, sip spiked punch, and play games like a boss. So take a second and have a peek at some of our best ideas for your upcoming event […]

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Don’t Deny this Strawberry its Life’s Purpose [Video]

That purpose: to be enjoyed and eaten. The video below is a cute and, honestly, kind of sad representation of what happens when we leave food in our fridge. Let’s not deny strawberries their life purpose — or their apparent love for limes. Related on EcoSalon What’s So Wrong With […]