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If You Can't Beat Them, Eat Them?

Camel: it’s what’s for dinner? Fraid so, mate. Aussies are being told that tossing camel steaks on the barbie can reduce global warming and save the fragile ecosystems and water resources of the desert where the wild herd is out of control. The Desert Knowledge Cooperative Research Center released a […]

Must Watch Animation: How We Effed Up the Earth [Video]

Seriously, this Steve Cutts video about man’s impact on the earth will leave you speechless. And hopefully motivated as heck to be more mindful.  Find Jill on Twitter @jillettinger Related on EcoSalon Jon Stewart on the Charlie Hebdo Attack: Watch It [Video] The Politically Correct Christmas Video You Have to […]

Volcanoes: The Disruption of Eruption

Northern Europe’s air traffic is at a near-total standstill after windblown ash from Iceland’s Eyjafjallajökull volcano spread across Scandinavia and the north of the U.K. While posing little environmental threat in the long term, this silica-rich ash could melt into liquid glass inside aircraft engines, clogging and even stopping them […]

The Friday 5: Say What? Edition

The best of the week at EcoSalon, hand-quoted for your perusing pleasure. “What to make of news that the Saudis are building a women-only industrial city in the Eastern Province of Hofuf – with similar plans for four more cities elsewhere?” “It is the greatest scam in history. I am […]

Soaring or Bobbing: Which Is Greener?

Last year Virgin Atlantic ran a Boeing 747-400 from London to Amsterdam using an aviation fuel mix containing coconut oil biofuel. Undoubtedly a triumph of technical engineering, it was also labeled “high-altitude greenwash” by environmentalists. The problem was a familiar one. “If Virgin would power its entire fleet with biofuel, […]

Coffee Rust Means Coffee Beans are Screwed, Thanks Climate Change

Coffee beans are having a rough go in Central America, on account of a fungus called “Coffee Rust” that’s fueled by climate change.  If you drank a cup of coffee this morning, you’re not alone. Globally, we drink 1.6 billion cups of coffee a day. Coffee is the second most sought […]

Daryl Hannah’s Top 5 Ways To Stop Global Warming

Want a concrete plant to stop global warming? Just ask Daryl Hannah. Actress and outspoken environmentalist, Daryl Hannah, recently weighed in on the Wall Street Journal’s blog The Experts in response to the question: “What – if anything – should we do about [global warming]?” The actress laid out five areas of focus. First up […]

Top 10 Global Warming Denier Arguments Debunked: Part 1

Snow in the South, ice gain in Antarctica and scientists seemingly fudging climate data: is the global warming debate over? Definitely. But skeptics aren’t on the winning side. Global warming deniers have gleefully seized on recent scandals and misinterpreted data to bolster their collection of arguments, but there are these […]

Better Health and Greener Living: Mark Bittman on Food Matters

Did you know that global livestock production is responsible for more greenhouse gases than transportation? According to Mark Bittman, eating less meat could have a greater affect on the environment than reducing the mileage we put on our cars! As the Food Revolution’s grumblings grow louder, more practical guides to […]

Global Warming, No Burps About It

Could breeding burpless sheep help a country reduce its greenhouse gas emissions? According to an article in the Herald Sun, Australian scientists at the Sheep Co-operative Research Center are planning on finding out. They are in the process of testing 700 sheep with 20 different genetic lines in the hope […]

Death Rate of Forests Doubles, Scientists Find

Imagine if the death rate in your neighborhood doubled. You’d notice. Scientists are concerned by the ominous results of a 50-year study of forests in the Western United States that finds the tree death rate has doubled since 1991. But why? For once, loggers aren’t to blame. This isn’t industry. […]

Australia’s Shrinking Birds

Australian citizens might not be shrinking but its birds sure are. That’s the word from an Australian National University and CSIRO study which measured eight bird species found in Australia’s southeast and compared them to the size of museum specimens from a century ago. Their findings show that each bird […]

The Climate Wizard Maps the Future

Anyone wanting to know how global warming will affect their community in the future now has a new interactive tool, The Climate Wizard, at her fingertips. Developed by The Nature Conservancy, the University of Washington and the University of Southern Mississippi, the Climate Wizard provides visitors with quick and easy access […]

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Is There Actually Good News on Greenhouse Gas Emissions?

One of the biggest hindrances to staving off global climate change is getting the world’s biggest emitters to agree to take action. China is the world’s second biggest emitter due to its dependance on dirty coal and the astonishing double digit industrial growth that the nation has experienced in the […]

Global Warming’s Latest Victim: Medicinal Plants

Traditional medicinal plants have been used for centuries to treat local communities. From herbal and tribal medicine to the Science of Ayuveda, nearly 80 percent of the world depends on medicinal plants. And even if you think it’s some sort of pseudo science, understand that pharmaceutical drugs use these plants as direct […]

Elephants are Basically Dinosaurs: Habitat Loss, Poaching and Global Warming are Killing Our Favorite Animals

Habitat loss, poaching and global warming are spelling doom for creatures all across the globe. Imagine telling your children tales of great beasts that once roamed the earth. Big, fantastic looking creatures with incredible features beyond belief. No, you wouldn’t necessarily be talking about dinosaurs. You could be describing elephants, […]

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