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heARTbeat: Gideon Mendel Documents Drowning Worlds

ColumnPointing his gaze where others might look away. Gideon Mendel‘s mix of photojournalism and art creates projects ranging from documenting the lives of AIDS orphans in Mozambique, to profiling eight African women who each address the eight world leaders attending the G8 summit about key issues of poverty, health and development […]

heARTbeat: An Installation of Art in Nature in France’s Loire Valley

Column“What is art? Nature concentrated.” – Balzac The relationship between nature and art can be inextricable, though rarely do we get to experience fully realized installations from multiple artists whose united approach is taking a specific space, working with it, and letting it unfold organically for a significant period of […]

heARTbeat: Shawn Huckins Tweets Over 18th Century Paintings

ColumnAre we LOLing our way to cultural bankruptcy? Shawn Huckins‘s work reminds us that painting takes time. By appropriating 18th century American artworks juxtaposed with instant messaging lingo, Twitter language and urban slang, Huckins presents the idea that perhaps we have little patience for the simplicity of correct spelling, appropriate […]

HeARTbeat: Debbie Smyth’s Pin and Thread Drawings

Art inspiration to feed our creative hearts. Editor’s note: This is the first installment of Dominique Pacheco’s new weekly art column at EcoSalon, HeARTbeat, offering a glimpse of artistic inspiration from artists around the globe. Debbie Smyth is a British textile designer who transforms two dimensional sketches into 3-D works, […]

heARTbeat: Janet Echelman Creates Public Contemplative Experiences

ColumnJanet Echelman is interested in heightening our awareness of the present moment. Janet Echelman’s large scale aerial installations suggest we reach inward as they inspire us to look up, reminding me of a few lines from an Allen Ginsberg poem. Live in the physical world moment to moment I must […]

heARTbeat: Ana Teresa Fernandez & Her Art of Gender Politics

ColumnIn Ana Teresa Fernandez’s world, a woman in a black cocktail dress and heels is expected to do it all. “As a young girl in Mexico, I learned at an early age about the double standard imposed on women and their sexuality,” explains Ana Teresa Fernandez. “‘Los hombres quieren a una […]

HeARTbeat: Suzanne Tick’s Recycled Weavings

Suzanne Tick’s weavings are made from discarded materials. At first sight, Suzanne Tick‘s weavings might leave you questioning what exactly it is you are looking at. There is an inherent balance and loveliness to her work, though the material reveals itself slowly. The ethereal quality of thin metal doesn’t immediately give […]

heARTbeat: Ruslan Khasanov Creates Typography from Sunlight

ColumnThe sun shines brightly through this experimental type. Russian designer, Ruslan Khasanov‘s approach to typography is inspired. His use of over 5000 photographs of ink spots dissolving in water to achieve a system of type that disappeared over the course of reading hinted at the ephemeral nature of his art. With […]

heARTbeat: Derek Weisberg Uses Clay to Sculpt Emotions

Column“With clay there is no separation between the artist and the material.” -Derek Weisberg Derek Weisberg is a sculptor who uses clay to create works of art that are emotional and psychological self-portraits. When his mother passed away, Weisberg began to include themes of death, afterlife, spirituality and the metaphysical […]

heARTbeat: Jenine Shereos Weaves Leaves From Human Hair

ColumnThe significance of our locks. Throughout history, humans have imbued hair with meaning. Take for instance a superstitious Picasso who is said to have kept all his hair cuttings (and nails) to protect him from witchcraft. In an era when women were still property, Victorians’ long tresses could increase a […]

heARTbeat: Ruth Asawa’s Wire Sculptures for the Ages

February 12th was Ruth Asawa Day in San Francisco and reminded writer Dominique Pacheco of the times she spent with the creative force of nature. “Art is for everybody,” Ruth Asawa says. It’s a statement that personifies the Ruth Asawa I knew in the 80s and 90s in San Francisco. In those […]

Heartbeat: Hanif Kureshi Wants to Save an Artful Tradition

A designer aims to save a dying art form with the very tools that are creating its demise. Ever notice that a certain quality of cultural evolution can sometimes evolve past things of value because of the human “need” for faster, cheaper, more accessible goods and services? The backlash created […]

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heARTbeat: 21 Balançoires = 21 Musical Chairs

Column“We believe in participation – empowering people to have a place in the stories that are told around them. We research new ways to interact and tell stories.” – Daily tous les jours The senses are tricky. One whiff of an ingredient in our favorite meal, or the sound of […]

heARTbeat: Nina Boesch’s MetroCard Collages

ColumnFilm, fashion, novels, poems and songs have all sung the praises of the Big Apple. These collages are ballads in the same vein. Being the singularly iconic city that New York is, she has received love letters in the form of art of every kind. Now German-born and New York-based […]

heARTbeat: 88,000 Photos = Two Years Worth of Sky

ColumnEven after all this time the sun never says to the earth, “You owe Me.” Look what happens with a love like that, it lights the whole sky. As summer gasps its last hot breaths, it may make one nostalgic for gazing up to the heavens on a warm night, […]

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