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Yes Means Yes Means What? – Miley, Rihanna and Me: HyperKulture

Recent Twittersphere flare-ups featuring Rashida Jones and Sinéad O’Conner “slut-shaming” pop-culture irritant Miley Cyrus and others for their fleshy outbursts drew swift backlash from some members of the feminist community and bitter online battles among women. What’s a man to make of all this? Growing up in a liberal family […]

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Do People Blow Your Mind? You Just Might Be a Humanist: HyperKulture

Some people experience overwhelming awe in church, some on magnificent mountaintops, some in elegant equations. But some of us tend to get “it” when witnessing stunning examples of our human footprint. If that sounds like you, you just might be a humanist—something with very down-to-earth implications.   “I was blown […]

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