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The Insider’s Guide to Life: Blast from the Past

ColumnThe Blue Angels and the Blue Asses who love them. I’ll say it: I hate the Blue Angels. I don’t hate the pilots, especially since one in 10 dies in these shows.¬†Their skill is impressive, but so is ibuprofen’s power to eliminate the headache I had all weekend. What I […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Friends with Benefits

ColumnDefining friendship online. “We need a new word for friend.” This, from a web-savvy colleague who is one of the seventeen remaining people on the planet not to be grasped by the far-reaching fingers of the Facebook people garden, after I mentioned a study finding people have twice as many […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Best Lived Awake

ColumnYou care because you’re awake. When it comes to Big Issues and Serious Problems and Matters of Cultural Import, I’m more what you’d call crust than cupcake. So in sitting down to bang out a fresh column, the opportunities for righteous ranting were everywhere I looked. For example, last Thursday […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Paper Trail

ColumnOne woman’s junk is another woman’s junk. Junk mail never used to be one of my issues. We had other problems in my old Pacific Palisades, Calif. neighborhood, like the ambitious woman who tried to steal everyone’s identities one summer. (This was an exceptionally educational experience, getting to learn all […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: My People, Your People

ColumnOn finding your family. I will never forget the day in first grade when we watched The Sword in the Stone. If you’ve seen the classic cartoon, you’ll remember the scene when Merlin turns Wart into a squirrel and a she-squirrel falls hopelessly in love with him. The poor kid […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Pet Sounds

ColumnPets and landlords should mix. Discuss. A neighbor in my building has adopted a new golden retriever puppy, and it can yelp with the best of them. With my front door facing the lobby stairway, it seems I can’t go an hour without hearing a bark or a floppy tumble […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: The New Chic

ColumnWhat defines the new chic? Grit and glimmer in conscious measure. Over dinner recently, a colleague and I abandoned a hot and heavy discussion about the political zeitgeist for something decidedly more dessert-appropriate: women. The End of Men, the death of the the Death of Marriage myth, Lady Gaga, gay […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: But Wait, There’s More!

ColumnThe masochism of spring cleaning. Was it Ma Ingalls of Little House on the Prairie lore who invented spring cleaning? My own mother kept a very clean house, or rather, we helped her keep a very clean house, especially when winter turned to spring. Suddenly it was all about gutters […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: Lower Your Birds

ColumnWhen trolls invade real life. Last week, I answered my cell phone while pulling up to a stop sign in my car. I will be the second or third to admit using your cell phone while driving is irresponsible; that’s why I don’t do it. I use a hands-free set. […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: On Writing Good

ColumnThis could be your reader. She deserves better. Did you hear a funny sound or see smoke trickling out of your computer last week? That was the sound of lady website XOJane blowing up the internet by publishing a post by said site’s health editor on how using birth control […]

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The Insider’s Guide to Life: The Cult

Column“Do you know where you’re going to? Do you like the things that life is showing you?” – Diana Ross After four luxuriously stupid days off – an epoch for an editor, really – wherein I spent much time, energy and money hurling myself down snowy mountainsides doing what other […]

The Insider’s Guide to Life: If These Oms Could Talk

ColumnThe precious practice. As a girl, I once read a book where the main character would frown with great purpose every time she saw a smiley face sign. I can’t recall the book, but you know the sign: those cheery yellow faces that blithely instruct you with just one word. […]

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