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Video: An Ode to Summer

VideoAn ode to a season that’s full of opportunity. We’re still celebrating the long days of summer, and this video from Kinfolk Magazine encompasses everything that’s beautiful about the season. An Ode to Summer from Kinfolk on Vimeo.

20 Inspiring Quotes for Starting Fresh

Inspiring quotes for fresh starts and new beginnings.  A new year brings a blank slate, the chance to begin again. But really, every day provides us the opportunity for a fresh start. Here are 20 inspiring quotes intended to do just that. 1. And now let us welcome the new […]

An Ode to the Father Daughter Bond

A look at what it means to be a father’s daughter.  I recently spent a few days on a road trip with my father. Dad and daughter road trips aren’t really common when you’re in your late twenties. In fact, to my knowledge, they’re not really that common at all. […]

7 Board Games For The Video Game Fatigued

Hasbro? More like has been. BIS Publishers, the Dutch version of Rizzoli, is giving Monopoly game-maker Hasbro a run for its pastel-hued money. Purveyors of prestigious tomes on graphic design, fashion, architecture, product design and advertising, the indie company has also made many star turns in gaming – the old […]

NYFW: CROP by David Peck Takes on Literature and Place

Designer David Peck shows the many colors of his Spring/Summer 2013 collection. Fashion, David Peck makes clear, is more than just the clothes we wear. With his eponymous CROP by David Peck Spring/Summer 2013 collection, Peck shows that fashion is both transformative and character defining. (Translation: You are what you […]

The Power of Individuals: MoveShake Launches to Tell Stories of Change

Telling the stories of movers and shakers around the world and inspiring action for positive change.  What happens when you commit your life to making real change? Ask Julio Solis, a sea turtle conservationist in Puerto San Carlos, Baja California, Mexico. In his youth, Julio poached sea turtles until a life-changing mentor shifted his perspective […]

An Almost Secular Approach to Worship & Design in Finland

A solemn structure makes the case for a post-secular kind of design, and worship. Several months back, The New York Times reported on a man named Tony Carnes who has taken on the Herculean task of mapping out all of New York City’s houses of worship. “Mr. Carnes is in […]

The Way of Seekers

QuoteDaily quotes at EcoSalon. “May your trails be crooked, winding, lonesome, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view. May your mountains rise into and above the clouds.” – Edward Abbey Image: visualpanic  

The Heart of Art: Garden of Eden

SeriesIt’s what happens when lush plants become wall decor. EcoSalon was at the most recent Art Basel Miami Beach, and caught a glimpse of Doug Aitken’s Sex. A terrarium bursting with exotic flora representing a veritable Garden of Eden, this piece leaves plenty to the imagination. Just don’t tell that […]

25 Wicked Halloween Mantles

Your mantle is calling for your decorating prowess. If you’re in proud ownership of a mantle this holiday season, Halloween is the perfect time to kick off your decorating prowess. A well-plumed mantle can set the holiday tone for the entire house. Get your mantle right and you might not […]

The Green Appointed House: 15 Ways to Decorate With Plants

Decorate your home with plants and invite the green to clean and add outdoorsy charm to your indoors. Plants are wondrous creatures, especially for our homes, after all, they remove indoor air pollutants and they smell nice. A spider plant can make all the difference in the world, insomuch that […]

What Do You Call Yourself?

Titles are everything. Are you… girlfriend, or lover? husband, or partner? teacher, or trainer? leader, or director? decorator, or designer? advisor, or counselor? blogger, or writer? crafter, or artist?

21 Apps for Inspiring & Optimizing Your Home

From home renovations to inspiration, here are twenty apps for beautifying your shelter. The Apple app library’s treasure trove of design and interior related offerings is endless. It’s rather like delving into Aladdin’s Cave of Wonders, except it will cost you $.99 on up. Before your device’s memory becomes a […]

39 Rejuvenating Quotes About Springtime

Ecosalon’s favorite inspirational quotes on spring. 1. I love spring anywhere, but if I could choose I would always greet it in a garden.  -Ruth Stout 2. The cool wind blew in my face and all at once I felt as if I had shed dullness from myself. Before me […]

On the Home Front: Military Chic

Sustainable design inspired by an unsustainable war. EcoSalon writer Stephanie Rogers outlined the myriad public works a month of war funding could pay for, including wind energy, high-speed rail, Superfund cleanup and an end to hunger in the United States. Earlier this week, the New York Times released a poll with […]

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7 Alternative New Year’s Resolutions Because YOLO!

Make New Year’s resolutions that matter because you only live once. With the new year approaching, you may be tempted to give into making lame New Year’s resolutions. Don’t do it. Losing weight, becoming more organized, and saving more money are just overrated. These are the kind of resolutions that […]

11 Quote Art Prints to Fill Your Walls With Quotivation

These quote art prints belong in your home because, as a wise man once said, “quotes are the absolute tippy tops.” Okay, it was me. But hear me out. These artifacts of human truth and experience often enter our lives at exactly the time we need them, and breed motivation, […]

5 Inspirational Books for 2014

It’s already close to the middle of 2014 and you’re in need of some mid-year inspiration. Here are 5 inspirational books that will give you the extra nudge you need to boost your mood and your outlook. Enjoy!

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