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Would You Go a Week Without Makeup?

My personal makeup regime goes something like this: wash face, apply toner, and apply sunscreen. If it’s daytime, I’m done. If it’s nighttime, I’ll go for some lipstick and mascara, possibly cover up if I’m feeling all fancy-like. Nine times out of 10, I’m likely to walk out of the […]

Let There Be Gel! Great Product for Your Eco Curls

Curls can be hard to maintain. For those of us without naturally curly hair, it seems that sustaining waves requires ingredients powerful enough to launch the Space Shuttle into orbit. In other words, really, really strong. I have locks that might as well have been permanently ironed at birth. Any […]

5 Green Beauty Elixirs for Cold and Flu Season

Prepare yourself for cold and flu season with these immune boosting products. Many people may watch Mad Men for the human-interest stories, intense character arcs, and glimpses of history. I watch for the women’s gloves. Gloves to this germaphobe means never having to open another public bathroom door with my […]

Sexy Vixen 101: Smoky Eye Makeup Tips from a Pro

Lately, I’ve been talking to a lot of makeup artists. Why? I’m getting married in a few weeks and would just as soon dump an entire tube of makeup down my dress than attempt to apply it myself. And while I’m talking to these artists, I’m getting the same question […]

“A Full Moon Causes Labor” and Other Freaky Fun Pregnancy Myths

Pregnancy seems strange. Yes, I know it is natural/beautiful/necessary for our continued existence. But even our most goddess-embracing sisters have to admit that it’s a little freaky to have a human being grow inside of you – even if it is whispered in the dark of night, under a rock, […]

Moroccan Oil: Ultimate Beauty Elixir or No?

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were wandering through a book release party when we came upon the lovely makeup ladies of Josie Maran Cosmetics. They were offering up complimentary makeovers. Already a fan of the eco-conscious cosmetic line and all things “free,” I quickly hopped into a […]

Brazilian Blowouts: Pretty Toxic, Actually

Recently, a vortex opened up in the space-time continuum as it was announced that Jennifer Aniston was voted by “60 Minutes” and Vanity Fair to be the most eligible single woman in the world. Nothing against Ms. Jen – my theory is that the vortex happened because she was in […]

The Gold Guide To A Safe Summer Glow

6 best products for a healthy self tan. Many of us want a bronzed look, but achieving a safe summer glow can be tricky. We want to look gently kissed by the sun, not smacked in the face by a metallic tangerine. So check out our favorite products this season […]

7 Best Products to Spring Clean Your Skin

SeriesBeauty and the Green. After long months of cold temperatures, low humidity, and heated air blasting our skins, we can be left with a dull, dry, scaly anti-sheen complete with rough patches on our knees, elbows and feet. It’s time for a good spring cleaning on our skin, and we’ve […]

7 Foods for Eating Your Way to Healthy, Radiant Skin

You are what you eat – or so we’ve heard over and over again until it makes us want to run out and eat a Big Mac. But there’s a reason celebrities like Angelina Jolie or Gwyneth Paltrow seem to obsess over their macrobiotic-vegan-fermenty things. (All in that order, most […]

The Feminist Polygamist Revealed

I recently met a woman in her own kind of polygamist relationship. Since she asked not to be identified, let’s call her Jean. Jean is not married – not in the legal or even spiritual sense. That status is carefully reserved for her boyfriend’s wife, who is aware of Jean’s […]

Crazy for Cuticles? Get a Mango Home Manicure from JR Watkins

Getting truly natural nails is a chore. Between the ingredients in nail polish and remover, we’re putting some serious chemicals on our cuticles. (Sure, we could just leave them alone, but what’s the fun in that?) And don’t even get us started on the dangers of manicure drying lamps and […]

5 Foolproof Cold and Flu Remedies You Can Make Yourself

At the moment, I am battling the worst cold I’ve had in years. Yes, it is so bad that I have dragged myself out of bed to work, hoping that it will distract me from the constant sneezing, headache, and a nose that feels like it should be tied off. […]

What Does Our Hair Say About Our Health?

Short hair, long hair, thin hair, strong hair. What is it about hair that gets us rhyming like Dr. Seuss? For one, it’s a body part that has us spending billions of dollars on its maintenance. But there’s a world beyond the products we buy to wash, condition, strength, soften, […]

8 Ways to Survive High Heel Hell

We are anti-comfort shoe here at EcoSalon. Okay, so maybe we’re a wee bit sensitive about the Birkenstock-crunchy-hippie-girl stereotype that is burned into our corneas, often tainting our dreams with wide-splayed toes and collapsed arches. (You think?) But really, it’s because there are some killer eco-options out there for elegant […]

Suzi Amis Cameron Offers Young Designers a Shot At Oscar Walk

With the Academy Awards taking place on February 27, Suzi Amis Cameron, wife of legendary Oscar award-winning producer, director, and writer James Cameron, is calling all designers 18 and over with $75 in their pocket to think about creating a dress for her Red Carpet, Green Dress competition. Not just […]

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Top 5 Reasons to See ‘12 Years A Slave’

Critics and audiences are buzzing about Fox Searchlight’s “12 Years a Slave,” which opens October 18th. Here are five reasons why you should see it. “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners will be […]

The 7 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

It’s a golden age of television, and these are the 7 of the best TV shows to prove it. I love TV. I also enjoy NPR, macrobiotic teas, and Instragramming the ingredients on natural beauty products. By all accounts, shouldn’t my TV stand now be a planter for my indoor […]

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