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Adventures in Sugar Hair Removal

Only the bravest of us greenies go without hair removal. Sure, there’s some who can weave their armpit hair, and we applaud that. But the rest of us aren’t unknown to razors or organic shaving creams. (And for our best natural picks for creams and razors, click here.) And that […]

Dry Shampoo Saves the Day

Some of us like to shower. And some of us have long hair. This often leaves us with a dire dilemma. How long is too long to get all the shampoo out? How much water does it take to get clean hair? It’s enough to make you hang up your […]

A Fragrance without the Fragrance: Organic Perfume Review

Do you sprint through department stores? I do, and it’s always through the makeup section. I have bad allergies and walking through rows and rows of fragrances is akin to demons waving perfumed-drenched pitchforks at me. Fragrance means an instant headache, sniffling nose, and a possible asthma attack. To me, […]

Now Soy Sauce Causes Cancer?

Recently, a colleague sent me a link with the words “what, soy sauce causes cancer now?” emblazoned across the email. I could sense her frustration through the keyboard. What next, the very air we breathe causes cancer? (Actually, in my city, it does.) Sometimes it seems like we have to […]

Pretty Versus Smart: Can’t a Woman Be Both?

If you are a woman, you are generally first judged by your looks. And in other news, kittens are cute, babies are cuddly, and the sun sets in the west no matter how many cocktails you had at happy hour. Are we standing on our box of sarcasm right now, […]

Let There Be Gel! Great Product for Your Eco Curls

Curls can be hard to maintain. For those of us without naturally curly hair, it seems that sustaining waves requires ingredients powerful enough to launch the Space Shuttle into orbit. In other words, really, really strong. I have locks that might as well have been permanently ironed at birth. Any […]

Global Green Parties for Oscar

Last Wednesday night was cold and rainy in Los Angeles, but the streets of Hollywood were green. Crowded outside the legendary Avalon Hollywood, the green glitterati walked the artificial green grass carpet to party the night away at the 7th Annual Global Green Pre-Oscar bash. Together with a host committee […]

3 Anti-Aging Secrets Straight Out Of Hollywood

You can lie, sue, and Spanx all in the name of youth in Hollywood. We age. It’s a normal part of life for all women, like getting your period or slowly turning into a person who refuses to wear high heels. But if you live and work in Hollywood, it’s […]

Women on Film: How To Tell a Guy You Like Him

Barbara Stanwyck instructs us on how to properly court a man. For two solid decades I dated. Sometimes I had a boyfriend for a few years, other times, I just saw someone for a couple months. This version of boyfriend once meant a peeing-off-my balcony-drunk man because he thought it […]

10 Benefits of Sunshine

Some lesser-known benefits of safely sitting in the sun. I’m walking on sunshine, and don’t it feel good? Or so say the lyrics of peppy 1980s ditty by Katrina and the Waves. Turns out, awesome 80s pop music got it right. I live in sunny Southern California, but I spend […]

20 Fresh Beauty Tips

Fall is all about crisp air, changing colors, and possibly the cutest organic pencil leg jeans this side of “Am I thin enough to pull it off?” (The answer is “yes” and “you go, sexy green mama!”) But what about the rest of our green beauty regime? We spoke with […]

The 8 Conscious Lessons of Contagion

Will you survive a pandemic? Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion opened last weekend to reviews written by the glow of a thousand hand-sanitizer chemicals. This medical thriller tells the story of a lethal pandemic sweeping the globe as the medical community fights for a cure. Meanwhile, everyone else fights for truth, justice, […]

Our Top Picks for Your Spring Makeup Bag

Don’t get caught this spring without some new beauty essentials to keep your look fresh. Mystikol Eye Liner by Jane Iredale ($20.00) Bright, super-saturated colors are on trend for spring, and we’ve filled our makeup bags with the all-natural best. Not a makeup artist and want expertly-lined eyes? Not a […]

10 Best Reasons to Turn 30

In 2009 alone, 4.2 million Americans turned 30. And while some of the latest additions to the fourth decade of living may not be happy to be there, others are diving into their 30s with optimism. When I turned 30, I threw a party at a bar that no longer […]

Women on Film: How Not to Care Like Melissa McCarthy

Megan, of the movie Bridesmaids, remembers the joy of just being yourself. If you work from home, you often make interesting style choices. One choice could be a negligee tucked into yoga pants capped off by a plaid wool shawl purchased in 1991 Edinburgh (where it was terribly stylish at […]

Wash Your Face Without Water

So you’re green. You care about trees. Yet you care about your complexion. I get it! I’ll pick through my trash sorting plastic from tin from things drenched in rancid goo – but I’m not going to go to bed without washing my face. Maybe it’s residual trauma from too […]

25 (Possible) Reasons You Are (Still) Single

Real-life quotes explaining why we are alone. Advice-givers are crafty in their visage. They lure you into a state of complicity by appearing as kindly parental figures who just want you to succeed in life. But the moment you lean in to hear their advice, they morph into their deadly […]

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Top 5 Reasons to See ‘12 Years A Slave’

Critics and audiences are buzzing about Fox Searchlight’s “12 Years a Slave,” which opens October 18th. Here are five reasons why you should see it. “I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia, sons of former slaves and sons of former slave owners will be […]

The 7 Best TV Shows to Binge Watch

It’s a golden age of television, and these are the 7 of the best TV shows to prove it. I love TV. I also enjoy NPR, macrobiotic teas, and Instragramming the ingredients on natural beauty products. By all accounts, shouldn’t my TV stand now be a planter for my indoor […]

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