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The Versatile Tuft

With their luxurious ambiance and versatile allure, tufts are back! James Merrell has dotted his photographic portfolio with inspired spaces adorned with elegant upholstery tufts. I am completely involved in a reverie about a charismatic blue tufted sofa; this image has captured its likeness perfectly. By the way, Mr. Merrell’s […]

Design Is on the Menu

The only thing I love more than design is food. It only seems natural that my heart flutters with pitters and patters when I stumble across a restaurant where the delicious design rivals the elegant menu. Tartinery is one such place; this clever little space, and source of French bistro food, […]

Luscious Lushlee

One hundred and twenty bicycles mounted on the external facade of a New York City building is just one of the lovely things that will take your breath away at Lushlee, a luscious little place of beauty created by Ange May. Ms. May has created a space in the blogosphere […]

Gorgeous Geodesic-Dome Pods (Seriously!)

I have an unusual relationship with winter. I love it and I hate it. Freezing fingers, frosted windshields, and walking the dog in temperatures below freezing are the antonym to my definition of pleasure. But crisp air hovering above a pristine dusting of fresh, powdery snow and frosted pine cones […]

Cork Oak Wonders

I have to admit, I love cork – and not just because the source (the Cork Oak tree) bears an uncanny resemblance to my last name. I love the texture, color, and possibilities this humble material offers. I love that a porous material with contrasting rich earthy substance and negative […]

Handpicked: eTTa designs

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week we are graced with the presence of Rachel Winokur, […]

A Gleaming Globe of Light-Emitting Diodes

One of the 2011 shelter trends is for light-emitting diodes and bare filaments to take the stage. These two trends will both have a powerful presence this year. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are an efficient and effective source of light. Most bulbs have a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which adds up […]

The Essential Manifesto

Say it with me, “Oh, la la.” This is the Buenos Aires studio and office of Lula Aldunate, founder of Lulaland. Last week’s vision of salt soaked pine still has me (literally) pining for a studio; somewhere to create, imagine, escape, and hang a manifesto. Yes, a manifesto – like […]

Not Fickle, Just in Love

With time, things change. Not too long ago, I shared my (once) beloved interior – the home of Liza Giles. Ms. Giles’ home is still lovely, but no longer holds the title of my favorite. I’m not fickle, and I don’t use the word favorite frequently. Meet my new love – […]

Pulp? Or No Pulp?

Remember when pulp was just an optional serving of fruit flesh in your morning glass of orange juice? Now it’s an optional serving of cellulose fibers at your dining table. Designer Debbie Wijskamp uses recycled newspaper to make delicate pulp objects and robust furniture. Yes, furniture. Each piece varies slightly […]

Lustables: Watercolor Dinnerware

Setting the spring-ready table. Wouldn’t it be whimsical to eat off these pieces of Watercolor Petal Dinnerware ($14 – 24) from Anthropologie? New Orleans artist Shelley Hesse has painted these bone china beauties with saturated wonder. Editor’s note: We are proud to bring you original columns and feature editorials at […]

Visual Poetry: Dickinson

“Delight becomes pictorial When viewed through pain.” Emily Dickinson (Excerpt from Delight Becomes Pictorial) Image: Graphics Pixie Editor’s note: Look for “visual poetry” in the mix here at EcoSalon every Saturday.

Upcycled Spirits

Here are two clever ways to incorporate upcycled wine bottles into your home. The Wine Sphere Chandelier from Wildflower Organics is a delicate glass globe dangling from heavy gauge wire. The Antiqued Mercury Demijohn Wine Bottles from Mothology add a bit of gleam and glamor to any space. Looking for […]

Details, Details, Details!

This Swedish home has a great foundation and floods of natural light. Pristine white walls and light wooden floors ensure the streams of sunlight are bounced around the space. The all white finishes provide a great blank canvas, and the home owner has painted it beautifully.

Delicious Dichotomies

Stylist Pippa Holt has a gorgeous mansion flat in central London full of delicious dichotomies. Influences from her Australian roots sit next to evidence of her current London life. Intricate black and white wallpaper exists just one wall over from generous, simple graphic rugs.

Birds In Your Dining Room

In case you want a bird in your dining room this Thanksgiving, but not on your table – check out these ostrich lovelies from the distant (and more glamorous) cousin of the gobbler. The Fiela Feather Light by Haldane Martin is a vision of spherical feathers to float over your […]

Gift Guide-A-Palooza

Still struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and not-so-loved ones (like the gum popping girl in the cubicle next to yours)?  That’s completely ridiculous.  The sheer volume of (amazing) gift guides overwhelming ‘blogland’ should be enough brilliant inspiration to finish your list and check it twice. […]

Places & Spaces: Paperbark Camp

Paperbark Camp is a glamping destination where you can truly bond with nature. Paperbark Camp is the tangible fantasy of Irena and Jeremy Hutchings. The couple has a long history of traveling, camping, and dreaming. After experiencing the enchantment of an African safari, they couldn’t stop imagining a safari experience […]

Two Dimensional Ostriches

If a repetitive pattern of ostriches gracefully speckled across living room walls intrigues you, then the allure and appeal of unique items, perfect graphics, and pops of color will certainly charm you. Ostrich wallpaper, elegant photography of shiny gold heels, mild yellow chevron fabric, and genuine design all reside in […]

Delicious Dichotomies

Stylist Pippa Holt has a gorgeous mansion flat in central London full of delicious dichotomies. Influences from her Australian roots sit next to evidence of her current London life. Intricate black and white wallpaper exists just one wall over from generous, simple graphic rugs.

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Lustables: Blocked Paisley Bedding

Organic cotton blocked paisley duvet cover. This Blocked Paisley Duvet Cover ($89) isn’t simply bedding, it’s a place to nestle your dreams. The pretty weave of 100% organic cotton is a repetitive graphic wonder. Look for Lustables daily at EcoSalon. 100% gorgeous green finds, and never sponsored. Submit your favorite […]

Follow the LEED

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) explained. LEED is an acronym that has taken hold of the sustainable building movement and become integrated in many industries beyond. If you have any interest in green building, you have stumbled across the ubiquitous acronym a handful of times – enough to […]

Lustables: Hickory Vase

Stunning BDJ Craftworks Hickory Vase. Variegated wood whittled from a solid hickory block – it’s so good. This Hickory Vase ($60), by BDJ Craftworks (available at Spartan), has a removable glass insert for pragmatic usage and easy cleaning. This is one vessel you can be proud to put on a […]

Garden Variety

Garden gear to kick-start spring. It’s time to don your gardening gloves and mingle among the ravishes of plucking, pulling, weeding, fertilizing, and planting- Are you ready for it? If not, here’s a gathering of garden muses to inspire your green thumb including a fair trade hat with a wide […]

Bulb Naked

The Plumen 001 is a gorgeous compact florescent light bulb. There are a handful of adverbs that swirl around the presence of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), efficient, effective, energy saving, eco friendly, functional and economical, But gorgeous rarely comes to mind – until now. The Plumen 001 light bulb […]

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