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6 Things You Didn’t Know About Water

Water: we bathe in it, wash with it, drink it, swim in it, and package it in ways destined to help kill the planet. Most of us even know it takes two hydrogen and one oxygen molecules to create water, but there’s lots more to the stuff that covers the […]

Pulp? Or No Pulp?

Remember when pulp was just an optional serving of fruit flesh in your morning glass of orange juice? Now it’s an optional serving of cellulose fibers at your dining table. Designer Debbie Wijskamp uses recycled newspaper to make delicate pulp objects and robust furniture. Yes, furniture. Each piece varies slightly […]

Lustables: Thunder Tote

Kate Bush’s lyrics on a lusty black tote. Lyrics from Kate Bush’s song Running Up That Hill (A Deal with God) makes a lusty black Thunder in Our Hearts Tote ($20). The conversation-sparking line is hand-printed on a cotton tote for you to carry here, there, and everywhere. Look for […]

Parisian Androgyny Offers Sexy Design Details

Soak in the androgynous details of this space. Does your interior have a sexual identity? Lounging in Paris, is an interior with a perfect mixture of masculine strength and feminine daintiness. The harmless over-generalization of sexual characteristics is rampant within the walls of this Paris flat, home to fashion designer […]

Two Dimensional Ostriches

If a repetitive pattern of ostriches gracefully speckled across living room walls intrigues you, then the allure and appeal of unique items, perfect graphics, and pops of color will certainly charm you. Ostrich wallpaper, elegant photography of shiny gold heels, mild yellow chevron fabric, and genuine design all reside in […]

Colorful Caprice

Yesterday we kicked off the New Year with a fresh start and a clean slate of Scandinavian modernism. This week we will be serving up handfuls of home tours full of style and charisma. Today we’ll supply heaps of color with a side of optimism and eclecticism. This is the […]

Handpicked: Art De Vivre & Interieurs

Each week here at EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week we are graced with the presence of Francine Gardner, […]

Design for Mankind

Design for Mankind is a daily design blog from writer Erin Loechner. Ms. Loechner promises to be “always quirky, never reverent.” There are handfuls of reasons to swoon for this blog, I’ll give you my top three. 1: There is something enticing about a designer who is also a writer, […]

Places & Spaces: Paperbark Camp

Paperbark Camp is a glamping destination where you can truly bond with nature. Paperbark Camp is the tangible fantasy of Irena and Jeremy Hutchings. The couple has a long history of traveling, camping, and dreaming. After experiencing the enchantment of an African safari, they couldn’t stop imagining a safari experience […]

Patterns of Parallelograms

Pattern, pattern, pattern. Each year a handful of patterns take hold and coat our pillows, wallpaper, fabrics, notebooks, rugs, and more. Last year we were amused by chevrons, transfixed by Ikat, and enthralled with imperial trellis. It may be time to study geometry again or at least brush up on […]

Hindsight Is 20/20

This week at EcoSalon we welcomed the brand new, shiny year with a week of charismatic home tours. To wrap up the inspiration, here’s a look back at five of my favorite home tours from 2010. 1. Blissfully Arranged Chaos 2. Not Fickle, Just in Love 3. Sex in a […]

Forecast Sunshine

As the long days of summer filter light through your windows, take the opportunity to amplify the golden rays through your space with a well placed mirror (or two, or three). Hang a mirror directly opposite a window to reflect sunlight through the room, resulting in a lighter, brighter, larger space […]

Natural Beauty

The alluring appeal of tropical nature is enthralling. Straight from the pages of one of my favorite glossy muses, the May/June issue of Australia Vogue Living offers this piece of paradise in a ten page spread. Here’s an edited taste of the original article written by Susan Westwood. All the elements […]

Gold Chairs and Bond Girls

Confession. I don’t always buy organic (gasps abound). But today I found something organic that was literally irresistible; it looked fresher, toxins were nowhere in sight, and it certainly left a delicious flavor on my taste buds. I am talking about the supple and fresh Organic Interior Design. Kelly LaPlante is the genius […]

Hand-Printed Loveliness

This duet of Lace Fans Fabric Pillows (in Olive) from Ink & Spindle stole my heart. It was love at first sight. Nothing freshens a space as quickly (or as inexpensively) as a handful of throw pillows – a pop of color or a rich texture can instantly add life. I immediately […]

Slumber Designs

Slumber Designs is a place of sweet dreams. Jen is the creative mind behind this creative blog bursting with consistently lovable posts. I swoon for the daily quotes. If you really love inspirational words, don’t miss Jen’s other blog, Bits of Truth (I am yet to meet a bad day that […]

South African Allure

Genius. Pure, simple, and genius. Haldane Martin has spread his creative genius all over his Cape Town, South Africa home. The foundation of Haldane’s alluring interiors is soft neutral color, using white and/or light grey paint to coat his walls, floors, and ceilings. Bold, vivid colors infuse pure drama into select vignettes; […]

Talk Is Cheap, Modular Is Not

Talk is cheap, and 2010 was full of inexpensive shameful words and labels. As the green movement took hold and stepped into mainstream economic awareness, there was more than an offensive amount of greenwashing (we have already taken to our soapbox about this issue). Greenwashing was everywhere. Everything and every […]

Gift Guide-A-Palooza

Still struggling to find the perfect gift for your loved ones and not-so-loved ones (like the gum popping girl in the cubicle next to yours)?  That’s completely ridiculous.  The sheer volume of (amazing) gift guides overwhelming ‘blogland’ should be enough brilliant inspiration to finish your list and check it twice. […]

The Year of Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia has had many years of renowned recognition – and 2011 will be no exception. This year will be skeletal, as in obsessed with framework. Design, specifically furniture and accessory design, will be stripped down to wire framework. Living Etc. predicts the wire frame will be a 2011 shelter […]

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Lustables: Blocked Paisley Bedding

Organic cotton blocked paisley duvet cover. This Blocked Paisley Duvet Cover ($89) isn’t simply bedding, it’s a place to nestle your dreams. The pretty weave of 100% organic cotton is a repetitive graphic wonder. Look for Lustables daily at EcoSalon. 100% gorgeous green finds, and never sponsored. Submit your favorite […]

Follow the LEED

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) explained. LEED is an acronym that has taken hold of the sustainable building movement and become integrated in many industries beyond. If you have any interest in green building, you have stumbled across the ubiquitous acronym a handful of times – enough to […]

Lustables: Hickory Vase

Stunning BDJ Craftworks Hickory Vase. Variegated wood whittled from a solid hickory block – it’s so good. This Hickory Vase ($60), by BDJ Craftworks (available at Spartan), has a removable glass insert for pragmatic usage and easy cleaning. This is one vessel you can be proud to put on a […]

Garden Variety

Garden gear to kick-start spring. It’s time to don your gardening gloves and mingle among the ravishes of plucking, pulling, weeding, fertilizing, and planting- Are you ready for it? If not, here’s a gathering of garden muses to inspire your green thumb including a fair trade hat with a wide […]

Bulb Naked

The Plumen 001 is a gorgeous compact florescent light bulb. There are a handful of adverbs that swirl around the presence of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), efficient, effective, energy saving, eco friendly, functional and economical, But gorgeous rarely comes to mind – until now. The Plumen 001 light bulb […]

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