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Stop the Press – Wait, Don’t

Michelle Adams started a little shelter publication that forever changed the method of design inspiration delivery; Lonny took root, followed by an explosion of online real estate housing shelter magazines. Last week I shared my thoughts about shelter trends for the eleventh year of the new millennium. Online magazines made […]

A Place to Rest Your Blooms

There are bursts of color extending from delicate stems this time of year. Case in point: Hydrangeas and dahlias are displaying their bountiful intricate blooms. My favorite vessels require only a blossom or two. The Recycled Glass Balloon Vases (starting at $39) by VivaTerra are “˜perfectly imperfect.’ And the Stem Vase by Ferm Living […]

Mano a Mano

NanaKi Bonfils, Josephine Aquama Hoffmeyer, and Rosario Parrinello founded Made a Mano with “the ambition to create a collection of tiles, countertops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques – revealing a sure sense of beauty and style.”

Standards & Soapboxes

Welcome to the Post-Green Movement. Yes, I said Post-Green. Kelly LaPlante’s new publication, Standard, capitalizes on her mantra, “Green is a standard, not a style.” Ms. LaPlante’s premier issue boasts these words in her first editorial letter, “We don’t give brownie points for things that should be standard, here in […]

The Year of Harry Bertoia

Harry Bertoia has had many years of renowned recognition – and 2011 will be no exception. This year will be skeletal, as in obsessed with framework. Design, specifically furniture and accessory design, will be stripped down to wire framework. Living Etc. predicts the wire frame will be a 2011 shelter […]

Visual Poetry: Carter

“A perfectly kept house is the sign of a misspent life.” Mary Randolph Carter Image: JMI (Styled by Christine Rudolph) Editor’s note: We are proud to bring you original columns and feature editorials at EcoSalon on a daily basis. But sometimes, nothing’s more pleasurable than admiring a beautiful image paired […]

Hotel Basico Por Favor

Sure, the name means basic, but basic it is not. Hotel Basico in Playa del Carmen, Mexico is a property beautifully convoluted with basic, local materials. Here’s a quantified list of Hotel Basico’s intricacies (notice the relative weights of sand and plastic, not all hotels can boast this impressive ratio).

Art Is in the Dirt

Art is in the dirt. Literally. Artistic duo Christoph Brach & Daniera ter Haar are creating gorgeous artwork by digging in the dirt and playing with mother nature’s spoils – vegetables. Raw Color is a creative cooperation exploring the natural wonder of vegetables through visual research. In the image above (from the […]

Bright Lights, Heavy Casing

A gathering of gorgeous concrete lighting. Since the era of the Roman Empire, concrete has been romancing our built environment by way of sidewalks and skyscrapers. Any urbanite is all too familiar with concrete jungles, but here’s a dose of unexpected concrete, formed and porous, suspended from a ceiling near […]

Chromatic Theology: White

Dive into a pool of untainted color (white) as the Chromatic Theology series continues. Each post in this series explores an individual hue, but the characteristics of the topic color can be translated into tints and shades. Keep in mind that the effects and emotions we discuss are most prominent […]

Lustables: Nonjetable Light

Nonjetable designed a ceiling pendant to outshine the competition. Wool yarn meets birch structure. Style meets sustainability. Nonjetable meets Kids Love Design. This Ceiling Pendant designed by Nonjetable (€290 at Kids Love Design) is hand finished for a unique product that casts intricate shadows. Editor’s note: We are proud to […]

Hysterical Algebra & Glossy Musings

The 365 days of 2010 are seeping through the hourglass and fading into the past. The last week of the year is universally begging for comic relief. The knitted sweaters laced with holiday propaganda, stale fruit cakes, and handfuls of extra pounds nestling in from the excess of sugar cookies […]

Lost In the Woods

Every now and then I stumble into (okay, accidentally “˜click’ into) a store that I love. I mean, really love. Today I will share one of these rare little shops with you; a delectable petite boutique in New York – Canvas. Felt, ceramics, glass, textiles, and wooden delights begging to […]

Ten Tips for the Laziest Environmentalist

Ten easy swaps to make your cleaning green. Sometimes I am a lazy environmentalist. For example, I don’t compost – it just seems like a lot of work (gasp, I know). With spring in full swing (remember our no fail spring cleaning tips?) it’s time to ensure our cleaning products […]

Gorgeous Geodesic-Dome Pods (Seriously!)

I have an unusual relationship with winter. I love it and I hate it. Freezing fingers, frosted windshields, and walking the dog in temperatures below freezing are the antonym to my definition of pleasure. But crisp air hovering above a pristine dusting of fresh, powdery snow and frosted pine cones […]

Mr. Morris Would Be Proud

The wise William Morris once said, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Mr. Morris graced the world with his presence and the industry with his designs many years ago (1834 – 1896) but his sentiments still ring true […]

Handpicked: Greige & My Sparrow

Each week here on EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal. This week we are graced with the presence of Christina Fluegge, […]

Natural Beauty

The alluring appeal of tropical nature is enthralling. Straight from the pages of one of my favorite glossy muses, the May/June issue of Australia Vogue Living offers this piece of paradise in a ten page spread. Here’s an edited taste of the original article written by Susan Westwood. All the elements […]

Places & Spaces: Paperbark Camp

Paperbark Camp is a glamping destination where you can truly bond with nature. Paperbark Camp is the tangible fantasy of Irena and Jeremy Hutchings. The couple has a long history of traveling, camping, and dreaming. After experiencing the enchantment of an African safari, they couldn’t stop imagining a safari experience […]

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Lustables: Blocked Paisley Bedding

Organic cotton blocked paisley duvet cover. This Blocked Paisley Duvet Cover ($89) isn’t simply bedding, it’s a place to nestle your dreams. The pretty weave of 100% organic cotton is a repetitive graphic wonder. Look for Lustables daily at EcoSalon. 100% gorgeous green finds, and never sponsored. Submit your favorite […]

Follow the LEED

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) explained. LEED is an acronym that has taken hold of the sustainable building movement and become integrated in many industries beyond. If you have any interest in green building, you have stumbled across the ubiquitous acronym a handful of times – enough to […]

Lustables: Hickory Vase

Stunning BDJ Craftworks Hickory Vase. Variegated wood whittled from a solid hickory block – it’s so good. This Hickory Vase ($60), by BDJ Craftworks (available at Spartan), has a removable glass insert for pragmatic usage and easy cleaning. This is one vessel you can be proud to put on a […]

Garden Variety

Garden gear to kick-start spring. It’s time to don your gardening gloves and mingle among the ravishes of plucking, pulling, weeding, fertilizing, and planting- Are you ready for it? If not, here’s a gathering of garden muses to inspire your green thumb including a fair trade hat with a wide […]

Bulb Naked

The Plumen 001 is a gorgeous compact florescent light bulb. There are a handful of adverbs that swirl around the presence of compact florescent light bulbs (CFLs), efficient, effective, energy saving, eco friendly, functional and economical, But gorgeous rarely comes to mind – until now. The Plumen 001 light bulb […]

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