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5 Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

The flu is already spreading like a Malibu wildfire in my Bay Area community with dozens of kids out the first few weeks of school and contaminated parents unable to play nurse. It’s going to happen, no way of avoiding it all together, but there are some simple steps to […]

The Story of Cap & Trade Video Begs Us to Get Real

“Get real! This is the biggest crisis humanity has faced,” warns Annie Leonard in her latest environmental education video, The Story of Cap & Trade. It is getting mixed reviews as the dust settles since its recent release. A follow up to her widely popular animated eco tutorial, The Story […]

Spot On Eco Carpet Cleaning

The sad truth is the carpets that hold up best to traffic are the ones coated with toxins. And we don’t want those in a place where humans dwell. If you do have a healthy wool carpet in your home, you can still clean it without harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene […]

Met Home Is Where the Heart Was

Metropolitan Home is being put to bed for good. I suffered reflux trying to digest the death of Gourmet, one of four Condé Nast publications closed recently. I didn’t sample the food bible much but felt nostalgic about it as an American institution. I only picked up Modern Bride a […]

Where Have All the Towers Gone?

Here is another good argument for prefab versus towers. In southwest Florida, a 32-story, 200-unit condo building has a single tenant, the Vangelakos family of New Jersey, which purchased their $430,000 unit four years ago in the midst of the Fort Myers housing explosion. According to a report by the […]

Flash in the Pantry: 8 Ways to Make Storing Less Boring!

Who says the pantry has to be a catch-all black hole for prolonging that shelf life? That’s what high school lockers are for! It’s time to take stock in our most commonly used household storage nook, and make it as inviting as a vintage general store (with a modern green […]

1st Dibs on Camelot Chic But Hardly Deal of the Century

My partner in Sixties vintage couture crime, artist Joan Davis, called me the other day and said I had to check out Torso Vintages, an ultra cool used couture outlet in San Francisco’s Union Square. In town just a few days to pedal her flower-powered paintings, Joan had immediately sensed […]

7 Reasons Not to Diss a Career In Dog Walking

More alpha men and women seem to be answering the call of the wild, signing on as leader of the pack for several hours each day. For herders able to command six-to-ten furry friends at a time in a neighborhood park or at the beach, dog walking can rake in […]

Say No! 10 Tips for Healthy and Happy Ways to Set Boundaries

Do you unwittingly dish about your love troubles with your mom when her inquiring mind wants to know? Do you divulge your style sources to your BFF even though she is never a satisfied customer and will complain endlessly about the results? Do you agree to schedule dates and appointments that […]

By the Book

You’ve decided to up your game and green your urban nest. Before phoning that $150-an-hour architect who erected your sister’s efficient rectangular hillside dwelling, pick up this third revised source book, ecoDesign, from Chronicle Books. Inside, you’ll find more than 700 everyday consumer products, resourced by environmental educator and consultant, […]

Eco Retailer to Donate Up to $10,000 to Haiti Artisans

In his State of the Union address, President Obama praised the millions of Americans who are helping strangers in Haiti with quake relief efforts that extend from high profile celebrity telethons to boxes of first aid supplies. Our sister company, eco-retailer VivaTerra, has joined in the effort by donating up […]

Asia: Desperately Seeking Sustainability

Desperate times in Asia call for desperate green measures to achieve clean air (pollution is proving a major killer), pure water (so long, mountain glaciers) and enough food to meet the crushing demand. Witness frantic and frenetic China where a massive industrial build up has come at the expense of […]

A Braised New World

How the crockpot resurgence contributes to the American slow down. My crockpot – the SUV space hog of the kitchen counter – is my new enabler in the quest to take time to smell the roses, not to mention the aromatic free-range bird melding with organic onions and homegrown herbs […]

Bikram Challenged: I Smell a Mat

Strike a pose? Sure. Unleash enough sweat to fill a small Dough Boy? Hey, if it reduces that fleshy upper thigh mass, I’m in. Tolerate a melange of putrid stench for 90-minutes? Hmm. That’s where this ever blossoming lotus needs to draw the line. I recently returned to heated yoga […]

Harvard Graduates to Greener Energy System

The first ever large rooftop solar power system is ready to run at Harvard University after a year of construction. It is expected to generate enough energy to power 83 homes per year and offset 367 metric tons of carbon dioxide every year. And like many consumers, the university sought […]

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10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives. We continue to seek leaders among movers and shakers capable of making a difference. Who is out there, we ask, in these bleak times to govern, protect and prosper? Here is […]

The Packaging of Our Lives

 Why must everything come in packaging that’s seemingly ready-made for nuclear meltdown? The clamshell isn’t finished, but perhaps it has met its match in the flesh-eating Pyranna, a wrap rage coping tool with teeth to cut ridiculously over-packaged goods. Evidently, manufacturers are more focused on anti-theft and cost saving plastic […]

7 Lessons from Canada’s Environmental Pragmatism

In two words? Canada executes. Having just returned from extraordinary Vancouver, I can appreciate how its greenness extends beyond the pristine meadows of Stanley Park to thrive in the souls of its dwellers who witness their slightly higher taxes at work in the form of a well-maintained, pothole-free environs. It’s […]

10 Fashion Finds for The Sophisticated Urban Man

A celebration of men’s urban street wear. Fashion for the urban man’s newfangled eclecticism is defined by shortcut tailoring of preppy classics paired with offbeat hats, bespoke and on-trend sneakers, designer shades and the accessory fixture that has witnessed high speed travel from Paris this summer – the essential neck […]

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