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The Gulf, One Year Later

One year after an explosion that triggered the worst oil spill in history, EcoSalon examines the continuing impact. “Nine months have passed since the blowout and the rest of the nation has returned to business as usual, but I can assure you that many in the Gulf have not,” wrote […]

Will Green Salons Nail the Problem of Dangerous Exposure?

In the growing sea of walk-in nail salons, green alternatives are few and far between, but there is still something to celebrate in the mounting crusade for chemical-free cosmetics. Among the newest bars on the block in the Bay Area: Nova Nail Spa in San Francisco and Isabella Nail Bar in […]

Have Pillow, Will Travel

“I never stay in a hotel room that isn’t nicer than my own bedroom,” Bay Area designer Stephen Shubel once told me. In other words, the designer would never stand for rough and scratchy linens, a skimpy polyester blanket or a lumpy old pillow on his rented bed, and neither […]

Organic Booze: The Proof Is in the Footing

You care deeply about your carbon footprint, your sanity, your cocktails. So when you saddle up to the bar at your favorite watering hole for that much needed Friday libation, why settle for anything less than organic spirits and liquors? The new bottles on the block are making inroads into […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – In Your Thumb?

Everyone knows it is bad news when thumbs are playing tiny keyboards behind the wheel, but other societal pains are now surfacing from chronic texting – namely carpal tunnel syndrome in teens. Ouch! That compulsion to get a rush from staying connected could prove an addiction more risky than good […]

When Composting Goes to the Dogs

Dog gone it, not again! My gluttonous pug – not satisfied with a veggie burger chew toy – has gone bin diving in my compost bucket and recycling bags. These receptacles for reusable waste are placed securely under the sink and not so securely beside the other trash cans in the […]

Redecorating? Color Tricks to Make the Most Out of Your Rooms

According to the Color Matters website, color can suppress your appetite, affect taste and smell and calm football players before a big game. But we know you are drawn to shades that make you happy by elevating and enhancing the spaces you dwell in daily. Before you check out more […]

Sparking a Plug-In Car Culture

Electricity is in the air as we face a spike at the pumps. But what about the static? The issue of range anxiety is far from trivial when you might be traveling over 140 miles to get to where you’re going. Sure, you’re saving some 700 gallons of gas per […]

Sharing Family Garb Is Good Savings (if You Can Stand the Loan)

My lovely, celebrity-style dressing room is a spare bedroom I stole in the house, a spare that once housed a maple crib, green nursing glider and armoire of precious, spit-up stained Baby Gap dresses on mini-hangers. Today, it’s my own little retail Mecca (organic, of course). But I do allow […]

What the Male Midlife Crisis Looks Like in 2010

You call it a crisis. He calls it a quest. As euphemisms go, his term is a far more romantic description of the turmoil surrounding the transitional phase. Don’t be fooled. When you are in the thick of it, the only tangible aspect of his so-called quest is the one […]

Valentine’s for the Blue and Broken Hearted

Virginia Wolf said a good man is hard to find – but a good valentine is even harder, at least when it comes to expressing pain, disappointment and heartbreak. I’ve been on the hunt for several years now, perusing shelf after shelf of red-foiled, sappy cards starring personified rodents bearing […]

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10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives. We continue to seek leaders among movers and shakers capable of making a difference. Who is out there, we ask, in these bleak times to govern, protect and prosper? Here is […]

The Packaging of Our Lives

 Why must everything come in packaging that’s seemingly ready-made for nuclear meltdown? The clamshell isn’t finished, but perhaps it has met its match in the flesh-eating Pyranna, a wrap rage coping tool with teeth to cut ridiculously over-packaged goods. Evidently, manufacturers are more focused on anti-theft and cost saving plastic […]

7 Lessons from Canada’s Environmental Pragmatism

In two words? Canada executes. Having just returned from extraordinary Vancouver, I can appreciate how its greenness extends beyond the pristine meadows of Stanley Park to thrive in the souls of its dwellers who witness their slightly higher taxes at work in the form of a well-maintained, pothole-free environs. It’s […]

10 Fashion Finds for The Sophisticated Urban Man

A celebration of men’s urban street wear. Fashion for the urban man’s newfangled eclecticism is defined by shortcut tailoring of preppy classics paired with offbeat hats, bespoke and on-trend sneakers, designer shades and the accessory fixture that has witnessed high speed travel from Paris this summer – the essential neck […]

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