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Bubble Trouble: Recycled Flutes Paired with Tasty Bruts

Be the host with the most eco savoir faire. Follow our lead and pair organic bubbly with born-again vessels for celebrating the spirit of reusing and recycling. Your green guests will drink to that! Of course, mine will drink to anything. Cheers to Monaco Champagne Flutes made from the top […]

Oscars 2010: the Eco Message Grows

There’s nothing like the big screen to bring home the message of green, namely that our home is in peril. Or, as Michael Ruppert forecasts in Collapse (2009), on the brink of total ruin. Then again, even the small screen can make a dent with viewers if the message is […]

Nu? Eco Ketubas, Kippots, Bagels and Wine for Repairing the World

Jewish is going greenish. It’s a phenomenon I like to call Oy-Soy, the marriage of ethical Jewish values with eco alternatives – everything from the artifacts that help color our heritage to a back-to-nature approach to living more sustainably. I guess it’s all in line with the goals of tikkun […]

Perks and Pitfalls of Telecommuting

The soup got torched, again. Zesty flavored whence removed from the can, the now smoky-flavored Trader Joe O’s went to school, anyway, in a pink thermos in the tin Blow Pop novelty lunch box. This, after a cursory taste test confirmed the impossible: She wouldn’t know the difference. Never mind that […]

5 Energy-Hungry Products We Should Ditch

They’re convenient, cheap and widely perceived as necessary, but products such as frozen meals and bottled water can leave you cold when you think of the waste. We are spending way too much manufacturing products we either don’t need or shouldn’t buy, because of the damage they do or the […]

Lodgings for the Green Fan of Hollywood Glam

A short walking distance (yes people do walk occasionally at their own peril in L.A.) from the Hollywood sign, Mann Chinese Theater and Griffith Park, the Hollywood Pensione is a green boutique lodge housed in a 1915 Craftsman dwelling. Can Hollywood glamor be paired with good eco ethics? Naturally. They […]

When It Makes Sense to Toss Good Table Scraps

To be or not to be – compost worthy? That is the question Hamlet might pose if the play were written in 2010 and his so-called “sea of troubles”  meant environmental destruction such as the Gulf spill, coral devastation or floating plastic islands. In a time of waste not, we […]

Genius in a Bottle

Color me hydrated! Yes, these appealing fruit shades enlivening the sleek water bottles are part of KOR Water’s new Thirst for Givingâ„¢  program. Each color is tied to a different non-profit identified by KOR as part of this environmental mission – and clever marketing campaign. KOR will donate 1% of […]

Ag-Caustic! Battling Toxic Compost Giveaways in San Francisco

At first, it seems extremely eco-friendly, the biannual Compost Giveaway Events every fall and spring in San Francisco hosted by the city’s Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC). Residents are offered free compost to produce soil for community and school gardens and local backyards. It’s the green and organic thing to do. […]

10 Things We Just Can’t Give Up for Green

I’m not married to an SUV and don’t recognize the sound of a garbage disposal any longer. Still, there are some impure, clumsy little things that are hard to totally relinquish in my quest to qualify as a steward of the planet.  You might recognize some of these attachments as […]

Say No! 10 Tips for Healthy and Happy Ways to Set Boundaries

Do you unwittingly dish about your love troubles with your mom when her inquiring mind wants to know? Do you divulge your style sources to your BFF even though she is never a satisfied customer and will complain endlessly about the results? Do you agree to schedule dates and appointments that […]

Cool Card Trick for Avoiding Plastic Gift Giving

Keep plastic out of the landfill with a clever gift card alternative. Plastic gift cards: those little irresistible envelope stuffers are everywhere – markets, book shops, warehouse stores. Thousands are being printed up for Father’s Day, alone. Add that batch to the 1.6 billion cards made and shipped across the […]

WiFi for One

You corner a tight table for one – for you and who else? Your loyal laptop or other wireless device, of course. If you haven’t noticed, the Neoprene sleeve is emerging as the new evening bag for an increasing number of singles. Yep, the gadget that has evolved into a […]

5 Convenient Places to Pick Up Healthy Cosmetics

It’s a goal of the green movement: Everyday access to healthier elements we can incorporate into our lives. Health and beauty is no exception, and you are officially out of excuses for not buying alternative pure and natural products over poison-filled cosmetics when you have the chance. Here’s the glowing skinny […]

My Tweet Tooth Needs a Twix

I admit it, I have cravings. Not just for dark chocolate, but for tweets. It starts when I wake up and notice I need a Twitter fix – or a twix. Getting tweeted is now more important to me than my mother complementing my shoes – pretty shoes with bows […]

A Bento a Day

Besides being impossibly adorable, this painted enamel adaptation of the Asian field worker’s tacked lunch box is the ideal container for a dieter on the go. I received one as a gift from my boss over a cup of Joe and a lesson on social networking. She said, “Here, take […]

Paper Girl Has Jewelry News: Bead All About It!

Melina Szapiro isn’t restricting her letterpress plates to stationery.  She is using them to create a new line of recycled paper jewelry, called Palomaria, consisting of paper moon trinkets dangling from chains in sumptuous shades she brushes on to add a delightful patina. It is being sold at an Etsy […]

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10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives. We continue to seek leaders among movers and shakers capable of making a difference. Who is out there, we ask, in these bleak times to govern, protect and prosper? Here is […]

The Packaging of Our Lives

 Why must everything come in packaging that’s seemingly ready-made for nuclear meltdown? The clamshell isn’t finished, but perhaps it has met its match in the flesh-eating Pyranna, a wrap rage coping tool with teeth to cut ridiculously over-packaged goods. Evidently, manufacturers are more focused on anti-theft and cost saving plastic […]

7 Lessons from Canada’s Environmental Pragmatism

In two words? Canada executes. Having just returned from extraordinary Vancouver, I can appreciate how its greenness extends beyond the pristine meadows of Stanley Park to thrive in the souls of its dwellers who witness their slightly higher taxes at work in the form of a well-maintained, pothole-free environs. It’s […]

10 Fashion Finds for The Sophisticated Urban Man

A celebration of men’s urban street wear. Fashion for the urban man’s newfangled eclecticism is defined by shortcut tailoring of preppy classics paired with offbeat hats, bespoke and on-trend sneakers, designer shades and the accessory fixture that has witnessed high speed travel from Paris this summer – the essential neck […]

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