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Taming of the Screw: Will the Planet Mourn Sustainable Cork?

Put a cork in it! That’s the old school way of bottling wine, one that benefited our environment in a variety of ways. But synthetic corks and screw tops were introduced so that getting to that yummy grape was more convenient, and to prevent the wine from spoiling. Some three […]

Flagging Down a 2010 Tax Credit

It’s always a good time to install solar panels, buy an Energy Star rated appliance or swap your clunker for a hybrid. But we all know Federal and state tax credits and grants make it easier to get the gain without the pain. “Solar systems typically run $20,00 to $30,000 […]

America’s Favorite Weed Hits the Road

Ford and Ohio State are developing dandelion roots as a potential source of rubber. Synthetic car plastics will eventually be blowing in the wind like those yellow heads of dandelions, the herbaceous perennial foliage that grows in lawns and alongside highways. Does thinking about it make you want to sneeze? […]

Will Green Salons Nail the Problem of Dangerous Exposure?

In the growing sea of walk-in nail salons, green alternatives are few and far between, but there is still something to celebrate in the mounting crusade for chemical-free cosmetics. Among the newest bars on the block in the Bay Area: Nova Nail Spa in San Francisco and Isabella Nail Bar in […]

Trophies Still Roam the Restaurant Range, But I’m Not Game

It’s my annual winter visit home in L.A. and we’re braving the dreaded dead heads, again. Yes,  several of my family’s favorite restaurants are decorated – and disgraced – with massive, wild animal trophies on their walls. Trophies, indeed. Now don’t get me wrong. My people aren’t hunters, just valley […]

1st Dibs on Camelot Chic But Hardly Deal of the Century

My partner in Sixties vintage couture crime, artist Joan Davis, called me the other day and said I had to check out Torso Vintages, an ultra cool used couture outlet in San Francisco’s Union Square. In town just a few days to pedal her flower-powered paintings, Joan had immediately sensed […]

10 Signs You’re Morphing Into Your Mother

He calls you “Cherie” as you channel the attitude of your mom, deriding the kids for not picking up their mess and complaining how canned salmon doesn’t taste as good as it used to. You hate him for it, but wonder if you are, indeed, morphing into the woman who […]

Green Shaven

Dude! You’re clean shaven but are you green shaven? Yes, the eco marketing of all consumer goods has reached the scratchy male whisker. Despite the notion that the greenest face is the hairiest one, not all men like sporting facial fur and not all females like going into-the-wild to make […]

How Green Was My Valley

My parents moved from Nebraska to Hollywood in the fifties, having heard the land game was booming in the San Fernando Valley. My developer father built us a home on a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Woodland Hills. The valley was still rife with small farms, ranches, undisturbed orange groves […]

The Skinny on Green Models: Size 10 Still a Cut Below?

Is a fuller figure feasible in the world of haute hemp? It’s a question that has been nagging at me ever since seeing Bahar Shahpar’s last few ready-to-wear collections. Sure, leggy is cool, but can’t Shahpar offer up vegans with more meat on their bones? The eco fashion pioneer has […]

A Screen Inside a Magazine to Lure Readers

Read all about it! Entertainment Weekly has published the first video advert with built-in speakers to get the attention of readers conditioned to respond to screens. A report by the BBC explains the screen is built into a wafer-thin, cardboard insert and contains an ad for Pepsi Max, as well […]

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10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives. We continue to seek leaders among movers and shakers capable of making a difference. Who is out there, we ask, in these bleak times to govern, protect and prosper? Here is […]

The Packaging of Our Lives

 Why must everything come in packaging that’s seemingly ready-made for nuclear meltdown? The clamshell isn’t finished, but perhaps it has met its match in the flesh-eating Pyranna, a wrap rage coping tool with teeth to cut ridiculously over-packaged goods. Evidently, manufacturers are more focused on anti-theft and cost saving plastic […]

7 Lessons from Canada’s Environmental Pragmatism

In two words? Canada executes. Having just returned from extraordinary Vancouver, I can appreciate how its greenness extends beyond the pristine meadows of Stanley Park to thrive in the souls of its dwellers who witness their slightly higher taxes at work in the form of a well-maintained, pothole-free environs. It’s […]

10 Fashion Finds for The Sophisticated Urban Man

A celebration of men’s urban street wear. Fashion for the urban man’s newfangled eclecticism is defined by shortcut tailoring of preppy classics paired with offbeat hats, bespoke and on-trend sneakers, designer shades and the accessory fixture that has witnessed high speed travel from Paris this summer – the essential neck […]

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