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The Goldberg Variations: A Love Letter to My Ex

I am the first to admit that I am, at best, a mediocre environmentalist. My crimes against the planet are too long to list, but even the highlight reel makes me cringe: I take really long hot showers, for the simple and idiotic reason that I’m so busy daydreaming I forget to turn off the […]

2 Double Duty Cleaners Go Beyond Dish Washing

I don’t know what it looks like under your kitchen sink, but mine is jammed-packed with recycling bins, garbage bags, cleaning supplies and old plastic grocery bags, waiting to be reused. It’s one of those spots in the house that could never be big enough. That’s why the new double […]

Better Living Through Publicists: Total Betch Edition

A behind-the-screen look at the consistently ridiculous inbox of a writer. Ever wonder how Star knows which celebrities partied at which Vegas nightclub? Thank a publicist. Ever ponder how an editor knew about an exciting new product launch? Thank a publicist. Yes, publicists are always ready to helpfully suggest story […]

From Zappa to The Wire, Baltimore Emerges As A Green City

Baltimore burns its gritty bra and embraces an eco-revolution. The gut reaction to hearing that Baltimore’s tourism nickname is “charm city,” for many is “Really, hon?” Charming isn’t necessarily the first adjective used to describe the gritty hometown of Jada Pinkett Smith, Frank Zappa, the Orioles, and the Ravens. Popular […]

Letter to the Editor: Flowery Feminists

In response to Sex Still Sells – Sells What, Exactly?: I’m fascinated by the varying opinions that Renewable Girls has inspired, but your article really was the only attempt on any side to peel more than one layer off the onion. Believe it or not we are passionate about the […]

The Sexual Politics of Dinner

After two decades of making dinner, I am finally ready to cook like a man. The day my father died was the day my mother officially stopped cooking. From that point on, she might scramble an egg or make a tuna fish sandwich, but she would never again prepare what […]

The Goldberg Variations: Market Fluctuations

I wouldn’t describe myself as a world traveler, but still – I have visited the Louvre, the White House and the Tower of London. I have driven to the top of a volcano on Maui and walked with my children down the Champs Elysee. And yet, one of my favorite […]

The Friday 5: From This Into That Edition

The power of transformation, this week at EcoSalon. This week, we loved seeing how… Kale (described by Organic Authority as “the new beef” because of its rich nutritional value) can be turned into crunchy, tasty kale chips. Heather Ross can turn print design into an entirely new philosophy on DIY […]

The Green Drill

I’ll be honest. The last thing I think of when I have to go to the dentist is how green they are. I’m more concerned about whether I need fillings and if so, how much it will hurt, both physically and to the cheque book. Still, it’s nice to know […]

Reduce Your Child’s Carbon Bumprint

In a perfect world, all parents would use cloth diapers and reusable baby wipes to greatly reduce the footprint their baby’s bottom leaves on the planet during the diapering stage. But in reality, one-time-use baby wipes are a staple in every parent’s bag of tricks. Used for wiping up messy […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 25

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. We like being single but we also like companionship. In Abigail Wick’s weekly column Sex By Numbers, she tackles the topic: Can I Stay Single But Commit To One Man? Wick decides to address the issue penning it as an open letter to […]

Teachers Teach, Parents Parent, But Leave Huck Finn Alone

Even when the writer isn’t Mark Twain, changing someone’s words is tricky business. I’ve always said the best editors are the ones who are so subtle that you can’t tell what they change in your copy, and yet your piece is better. So, when considering the new version of “The Adventures of […]

We Aren’t the World

I am in Geneva, Switzerland as an advisor to the United Nations campaign Safe Planet, a program under the umbrella of the Basel, Stockholm, and Rotterdam Conventions on pollutants in the environment. The aim is to educate the global community on the hazardous chemicals that persist in our environment and affect […]

Mind the (Technology) Gap

Let’s be honest: By the year 2010 I think most of us were hoping that when it came to public transportation, any time we spent out of our sleek, gleaming national monorail system would be occupied by getting fitted for solar-powered tandem jet packs. Instead, Americans from Maine to Hawaii […]

You Can Be Too Clean

Chemical cleaners remind me of elementary school. Way back when dinosaurs roamed the earth alongside Ms. Pac Man, the harsh smell of bleach and whatever that green gravel they sprinkled around could knock this third-grader onto her dungarees. Now it turns out, that cleaner might be responsible for my years […]

You’re Putting My Recycled TV Where?!

New research by scientists at the University of York has uncovered a way of recycling a key ingredient in LCD television and transforming it into a substance suitable for…medical use. Apparently this key ingredient – polyvinyl-alcohol (PVA) – has a number of handy uses. It  can be used in the […]

Why Buddha Is Man’s New Best Friend

An in-depth look at the trend of American men following a modern Buddhist path to serenity – while women flock to churches. What’s going on? “Life is bigger than you,” sang R.E.M. in Losing My Religion, a title that rings more true now than ever when it comes to men […]

We Heart Our Readers: Christine of ecouturiere.etsy

Editor’s Note: Thanks to you, we are feeling the love. To show our gratitude, we are profiling some of our most cherished readers who often stop by to see what we have cooking on the site. Please make them feel welcome by saying hello! Name: Christine M. Vivian Location: Goose […]

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5 Earth Day Activities to Turn Into Annual Traditions

Earth Day is here once again, but it can often feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to the plethora of Earth Day activities. So instead of just winging it, we’ve provided you with some surefire ways to get a real annual Earth Day tradition underway like all the other […]

Kindred Black: A Sustainable Approach to the Luxury Lifestyle

According to owners Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis, Kindred Black is your destination for luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced, and ethically manufactured. In addition to unique and one-of-a-kind home goods, the online retailer also sells new and vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and apothecary products. Today we’re going […]

Contemporary Art That Beautifully Raises Awareness

It can be beautiful, strange, intriguing, riveting, and emotionally moving – or a combination thereof. And sometimes contemporary art is the perfect medium for spreading awareness about the environmentally and socially conscious messages the masses need to hear. Below we’ve chosen four artists to feature who have dedicated their life’s […]

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5 Earth Day Activities to Turn Into Annual Traditions

Earth Day is here once again, but it can often feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to the plethora of Earth Day activities. So instead of just winging it, we’ve provided you with some surefire ways to get a real annual Earth Day tradition underway like all the other […]