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When Composting Goes to the Dogs

Dog gone it, not again! My gluttonous pug – not satisfied with a veggie burger chew toy – has gone bin diving in my compost bucket and recycling bags. These receptacles for reusable waste are placed securely under the sink and not so securely beside the other trash cans in the […]

Around the Web Wednesday

Here are some links we liked and recommend for your Wednesday lunch break! Bored of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? Check out these refreshing options. – Apartment Therapy Did you know that breathing is a proven stress reliever? – NPR We owe a lot to the cow, so […]

10 (More) Easy Tips for Going Green

We’re halfway through 2009 – how are your greening efforts going? By now, you’ve switched to energy efficient lighting, kicked disposable water bottles to the curb, bought a reusable shopping tote and you’re hungry for more. Here’s some extra eco wisdom to make this year your greenest (and most bank-account-friendly) […]

10 Things We Don’t Actually Need

Shopping is an adrenaline rush. How else to explain the talking ceramic cat you had to have, or the face cream that you bought because it was guaranteed to return your skin to the hue it had in the womb? Sure, the Great Recession has shifted Americans’ shopping habits, but […]

Around the Web Wednesday

Here are some links we liked and recommend for your Wednesday lunch break! It’s about time – new food pyramid creations! – Good Find out which is greener – a real or fake Christmas tree – The Daily Green Why is the media freaking out about successful women? – Jezebel […]

Hung Up on Cell Phones

Once, for a short period of time, I had The Man by the balls. And when I say “The Man,” I mean The Man – a corporate giant who keeps us down, corners us and our pocketbooks, gives us no choice, frustrates us at every turn and manufactures, along with […]

Austin: Texas’ Most Sustainable Oasis

As one of the most sustainable cities in the U.S., it’s not hard to fall in love with Austin. There is one reason I’d consider leaving the Big Apple for the Lonestar State, and that reason is Austin. Anyone who’s been to the state capital has experienced the progressive and […]

Jesus Is an Environmentalist

What I know about Jesus is based solely on what I’ve heard and what I’ve read. My opinions on the man come from hearsay along with some good books, so to speak, that paint a fairly clear picture of his times and culture, if not of Him Himself. Unfortunately, when […]

The 10 Least Green Government Subsidies

Urban sprawl, pollution, over-consumption, deforestation…like it or not, U.S. taxpayers are still paying for all of these things to occur in America and beyond. Despite recent investments in green jobs and technology, an array of government subsidies pay big dirty industries like oil, coal and factory farms to destroy the environment […]

9 Reasons to Ditch the Bottle Once and for All

Bottled water is everywhere. Supermarkets, gas stations, even vending machines offer it, but there are compelling reasons to kick the bottle habit for good. « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 » Cost: A single bottle of water generally runs about one to two dollars. In some […]

Introducing: Between the Lines

ColumnConscious life, hear me roar. You see me on the streets of the city, a tall, dark-haired woman you guess to be in her thirties. That’s thanks to lots of organic creams and copious amounts of ingested water; I have just turned 41. In fact, I hear it all the […]

Self Service Bikes in the City of Lights

Recently, I spent a three-day layover in Paris on my way home from a good-will trip to Kenya. Yes, life is rough. It was my first time in Paris, and I fell in love immediately. Everywhere I looked, I found another reason why it’s the place I will one day […]

The 20 Most Influential Women in Green

They’re building national parks, protecting endangered species, revealing environmental injustice and making crucial decisions that will affect the future of our planet. Or, maybe they’re just making it cool to be vegan. But in all their varied contributions, these 20 women – from global environmental leaders to community activists – […]

Big Pharma One of Our Biggest Polluters

A new study has found that the American health care sector accounts for 8 percent of the country’s carbon dioxide emissions. The study, conducted by University of Chicago researchers and published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, measured how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases the health […]

Encouraging City Growth: Urban Farming Grows Up

When I first started hearing the term “urban farming,” I’d think about either my grandparents’ stories about war-time “victory gardens” or of some crumbling dystopian city full of hungry citizens doing whatever they could to endure society’s epic demise. The former image was one of coming together for the cause, growing cukes […]

Everest: Conservation in the Death Zone

“Mountains are not fair or unfair – they are just dangerous.” – Reinhold Messner Mount Everest, our planet’s highest mountain, has never been welcoming. Its aptly-named “death zone” (the height where the air is too thin to breathe) and has been claiming lives for the last half-century, including during the 1996 disaster […]

Urgent Joy. And One Mighty Powerful Question.

Here’s a mighty powerful question: What’s it going to take? We usually mutter that question in dire circumstances. Worst case scenarios. Rock-bottom situations. What’s it going to take for you to wake up? What’s it going to take for me to stop? What’s it going to take for them to […]

How Green Was My Valley

My parents moved from Nebraska to Hollywood in the fifties, having heard the land game was booming in the San Fernando Valley. My developer father built us a home on a cul-de-sac in the suburb of Woodland Hills. The valley was still rife with small farms, ranches, undisturbed orange groves […]

Elena Kagan, Climate Realist

Grist has an in-depth analysis of not-gay Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan’s environmental record. It’s pretty good! Of course, with a coalition of five unified conservatives on the bench she will probably face some resistance along the way, but that’s not her fault, is it? Here’s the dirt on Earth-hating […]

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Abuse and Exploitation Rampant in the Modeling Industry

Young, naive, and unsuspecting women are lured into the trade, the underbelly of fashion, with broken promises that eventually lead to shattered dreams, and oftentimes shattered lives. Welcome to the modeling industry. Glossy magazine covers, fat checks, bright lights, big dreams, notoriety, and fame. There’s a good chance we’ve all […]

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4 Vegan Lifestyle Leaders: Influential People You Should Know

A vegan lifestyle often goes beyond abstaining from certain foods. For many, like the four individuals below, it becomes a chance to spread awareness about animal, social, and environmental issues through the use of their talent and individuality. Veganism is essentially defined as a person who does not consume any […]