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A Solar-Powered Crime Wave in Napa Valley

Many Napa Valley wineries are going green these days. They focus on organic and biodynamic practices. They build eco-efficient wineries. And they favor solar-powered energy. But lately, that’s become a bit of problem. Turns out they aren’t the only ones keen on solar. Many Napa Valley wineries are being targeted […]

‘Green Coal’ Company LoraxAg Names Itself After Seuss Character

First there was “clean coal”, now there’s “green coal” – though neither would gain the approval of the Lorax. But that hasn’t stopped a Massachusetts coal startup from calling themselves “LoraxAg“, after the beloved Dr. Seuss character. The coal-gasification company plans to make farm fertilizer from high-sulfur coal, which currently […]

Ford Revamps Fleet for the Plug-In Revolution

Ford hopes to electrify consumers as they look to plug-ins over the pump. It’s hard to compete with Chevrolet and those sexy new ads for the $32,780 Volt voiced by George Clooney. But Ford argues the game plan isn’t really about competition, but rather cooperation when it comes to its […]

Carnival of the Green #203!

Welcome to Carnival of the Green #203! We’re excited to be your hosts. What is this Carnival, you ask? Al Tepper and Nick Aster cooked up the Carnival of the Green years ago over a few beers, and since 2006 it’s been hosted by our pals at Treehugger. Popping up […]

An Inconvenient Roof: Al Gore’s Controversial Lodgings

From the Hill… I just couldn’t let this one go by. And it pains me to bring it up. But let’s talk about a few inconvenient truths. Who’d have thought that President Bill Clinton was the eco-friendly “bad boy” of the Clinton-Gore administration? He made intimate phone calls to his […]

The Friday 5, Vol. 18

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. Conscious Dying: The Right To Choose is a sensitive examination of physician-assisted suicide. Libby Lowe writes: “Jack Kevorkian’s recent death brought back a flood of memories for me. He was my grandmother’s hero. While she was admittedly—and quite proudly—a touch twisted, I happen […]

Do You Know 48 Things About Sustainable Living?

Victoria Klein is a green mover and shaker who knows just about all there is to know about going green – and in her new book 48 Things To Know About Sustainable Living, she proves that. Written as an open introduction to an audience just ready to start getting greened […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 20

Great stories from EcoSalon you may have missed this week. In San Francisco’s Fashion Incubator At Macy’s Heralds New Designers, fashion writer Rowena Ritchie notes that over the years there have been numerous efforts to breathe life into San Francisco’s struggling fashion scene, “so it was a thrilling day for […]

10 Green Things You Can Do with Your iPhone

Now that you know all about the Top 10 Green iPhone Apps, here are some creative ways to be eco-friendly with your iPhone. Instead of writing down your grocery list and wasting paper, record a voice memo. Look up directions to a vegan restaurant and treat one of your pals […]

Sealing the Deal

I just returned from a seaside vacation, where the leisure-time activities included swimming, hiking, and being environmentally incorrect. On the very first day at our rented seashore home, I unpacked the cooler we had brought to the beach – and without even thinking about it I began to toss empty Diet […]

The Friday 5: Waste Not, Want Not Edition

In a perfect world, we would use everything we have. David Quilty, founder of The Good Human, recently wrote a story on being an ‘eco-sinner’. He writes: “We drive cars, we eat unsustainable food, we shop at big box stores, we use computers, we watch TV. Many of the eco-sins […]

World of Difference Contest

World of Difference is a 501(c)3 organization that gives African children and chance by helping communities build schools and train teachers, as well as assisting them with supplies needed to provide a proper education. Each year this 100 percent volunteer organization leads expeditions to the slums of East Africa to build […]

Scenes from the Spill #10

“Above, an oil-soaked pelican on June 3 at East Grand Terre Island, La. An Associated Press photographer captured gruesome images of a number of birds soaked in oil from the spill.” via Newsweek Photograph: Charlie Riedel / AP Editor’s note: we will be posting an image from the Gulf oil […]

A Glossary of Car Terms to Recharge Your Thinking

Must-know terms for switching gears from gas and emissions to alternative vehicles. Don’t get left behind while the future charges forward. We’ve created a definitive list to charge your knowledge of electric as the auto industry gears up for a hybrid vehicle forecast filled with plug-in and battery options. Here’s […]

The Newsier Sex

The Dalai Lama says it’s the Western woman who will change the world for the better. How is the Western woman faring? If Mama ain’t happy, Mama Earth may never be happy either, and right now, Mama’s calling hypocrisy. This week in lady news, the Vatican equates ordination of women […]

Send Your Green Message on a Stamp

If you’re sending correspondence through the mail these days, why not design your own stamps to promote your green message? Many sites, including Zazzle.com, allow you to either select from their designs or customize your own using photos or images downloaded from your computer. If you decide to make stamps […]

Third Wave Green: A Cold Hard Look at 10 Sacred Cows

The Third Wave Green concept we’ve introduced at EcoSalon means taking a hard look at the environmental movement’s sacred truths and considering whether or not they exclude diversity of thought and, most important, hold up to scrutiny. Not always an easy or comfortable task. Deconstruction – or probing an argument’s veracity by exposing […]

Feed Plants with Your Breakfast Scraps

If you’re looking for an easy, effective and eco-friendly way to fertilize your garden, look no further than what’s left after you eat breakfast. Eggshells and coffee grounds are two natural ways to help your garden grow. After you crack open an egg in the morning, wash and dry the […]

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5 Earth Day Activities to Turn Into Annual Traditions

Earth Day is here once again, but it can often feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to the plethora of Earth Day activities. So instead of just winging it, we’ve provided you with some surefire ways to get a real annual Earth Day tradition underway like all the other […]

Kindred Black: A Sustainable Approach to the Luxury Lifestyle

According to owners Alice Wells and Jennifer Francis, Kindred Black is your destination for luxury lifestyle goods that are eco-responsible, craftsman produced, and ethically manufactured. In addition to unique and one-of-a-kind home goods, the online retailer also sells new and vintage clothing, jewelry, accessories, and apothecary products. Today we’re going […]

Contemporary Art That Beautifully Raises Awareness

It can be beautiful, strange, intriguing, riveting, and emotionally moving – or a combination thereof. And sometimes contemporary art is the perfect medium for spreading awareness about the environmentally and socially conscious messages the masses need to hear. Below we’ve chosen four artists to feature who have dedicated their life’s […]

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5 Earth Day Activities to Turn Into Annual Traditions

Earth Day is here once again, but it can often feel like there’s no rhyme or reason to the plethora of Earth Day activities. So instead of just winging it, we’ve provided you with some surefire ways to get a real annual Earth Day tradition underway like all the other […]