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Pucker Up for the Best Organic Lip Balms

What’s not to love about lip balm? In fact, a girl’s love affair with lip balm often starts very young. You were probably given a clear Chap Stick to soothe your dry lips, and naturally you pretended it was bright red lipstick. Regardless, you got used to the feeling of […]

My Greens? Not So Green.

I am one of those people who is extremely suggestible, bordering on hopelessly gullible. If I read something or hear it in passing, there is an excellent chance that it will take root in my head and I will believe it forever. To this day, I firmly believe that green […]

Spaced Out Green Worries for Future-Trippers

The space-obsessed were treated to a Foursquare check-in from the wild black yonder last week from NASA astronaut and International Space Station Commander Doug Wheelock. For his efforts, he was told: “You are now 220 miles above Earth traveling at 17,500 mph and unlocked the NASA Explorer Badge! Show this […]

Avatar Retold Through Facebook

A favorite eco-themed movie reimagined through Facebook. We live in a new age where information bytes fly at us in mini-packages and photos flash like fireflies across our screens. Naturally, we decided to run the plot of one of our favorite eco-movies through a Facebook filter. James Cameron is currently […]

All I Want for My Birthday Is Less Awareness

Honey appreciation? Alpaca fur gratitude? Tinnitus awareness? Start Googling and you’ll soon find every month is everything month. Dearest, It’s September, my birthday month, provenance of the astrological Virgin (oh, hilarity), inaugural back-to-school bane of parents everywhere, potential promise of a sliver of summer in San Francisco, most likely the […]

Around the Web Wednesday

Here are some links we liked and recommend for your Wednesday lunch break! Bored of the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters? Check out these refreshing options. – Apartment Therapy Did you know that breathing is a proven stress reliever? – NPR We owe a lot to the cow, so […]

Pampering Your New Pup Made Easy

Just rescued a new puppy from the animal shelter? Now what? If you’re not prepared, your apartment could quickly turn into a disaster with your little furry destroyer running the show. Here are five eco-friendly puppy products that will help keep your new pet happy and save your favorite shoes […]

Ready Oar Not: Rowing Offers Leg Up for Sea Worthy Gals

Not every gal is game for the hand sores, muscle aches and exhaustion that come with rowing your boat fiercely down the stream. You also have to be a whiz at time management, since crew cuts deeply into school and work schedules with its ridiculously early wake up calls to […]

10 Reasons Why the Planet Loves My Dog

This is the third in Luanne’s new lifestyle column, Life in the Green Lane. Read the inaugural column, “The Pros & Cons of Being Married to an Eco Man” and the follow-up, “Why Is it So Hard to Get My Mom to Go Green?”. My dog has fleece. And that’s […]

Alternative Medicine for Pets: What Doesn’t Work?

Veterinary medicine has come a long way from the shoot-“˜em-when-they’re-sick days. Now, when your dog or cat is ill, you can visit veterinary specialists like oncologists, dermatologists, and even dentists. In addition to these advances, there are alternative treatments available for your furry friend. Jessica Vogelsang, DVM (otherwise known as […]

10 Eco-Friendly Dog Beds for Hounds Who Like to Lounge

The dog days of summer are just around the corner and we’ve rounded up ten great, green dog beds for your hound to lounge away the hot afternoons. There’s something for every pooch – from no frills futons to prissy perches – nap time in the canine world never looked […]

Sea Dragon Day 3: Plastic Dreams

Still, poor weather persists. Isn’t it supposed to be the onset of summer? Last night on watch, Marcus, Chelsea, Mike and Anna experienced heaving seas, sideways rain and wind gusts over 30 knots. By the time Bonnie, Rich, Mary, Max and I got on watch, conditions had eased a bit, […]

When Composting Goes to the Dogs

Dog gone it, not again! My gluttonous pug – not satisfied with a veggie burger chew toy – has gone bin diving in my compost bucket and recycling bags. These receptacles for reusable waste are placed securely under the sink and not so securely beside the other trash cans in the […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 25

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. We like being single but we also like companionship. In Abigail Wick’s weekly column Sex By Numbers, she tackles the topic: Can I Stay Single But Commit To One Man? Wick decides to address the issue penning it as an open letter to […]

Carnival of the Green #203!

Welcome to Carnival of the Green #203! We’re excited to be your hosts. What is this Carnival, you ask? Al Tepper and Nick Aster cooked up the Carnival of the Green years ago over a few beers, and since 2006 it’s been hosted by our pals at Treehugger. Popping up […]

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Social Media Activism Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies

Social media activism can be done anywhere.

You might not think that a social media platform would be the place where women go to reclaim their bodies. But that’s just what the following women did.

Mashable recently published a great article detailing the stories of three women who harnessed the power of social media activism to claim their identity by discussing their bodies. Each woman’s story is incredibly moving but totally different:

6 Recycling Benefits That Put Your Lame Excuses to Shame

Recycling benefits everything and everyone. Here, 6 common myths to throw away. Like, right now. Maybe you started off with a passionate mission to recycle and do your part for the environment, but it’s since fallen by the wayside with an apathetic “thud.” Or maybe you’re one of the many […]

Trust Your Gut: Using Intuition for Good Health

Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet. ~Unknown We are programmed, here in the West, to run to our physician whenever we aren’t feeling well. Of course, there are times this is warranted. But many times our gut is trying to tell us something. […]

Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story [Video]

Jemima Kirke, of HBO’s “Girls” recently shared her abortion story with the Center for Reproductive Rights. Kirke’s story is similar to many women’s abortion stories as it was very difficult for her to afford the procedure. As she said: It wasn’t totally unavailable, and that’s the tricky part — there […]

Big Tobacco Sues FDA Over Labeling Requirements

Does big tobacco have a legal leg to stand on with labeling requirements? On Tuesday, big tobacco filed suit against FDA over tobacco product labeling, claiming that the agency had overstepped its authority. The lawsuit is in response to a guidance issued in March which requires that tobacco companies submit […]

A Little Bit of ’70s Home Decor that Goes a Long Way

70s home decor, wallpaper

In the past few months, we’ve reported quite frequently that the 70s are back in a big way. While we’ve given you plenty of tips to master personal 70s inspired looks, we’ve yet to give you some fab 70s inspired ideas for the home. Well, that time has come, readers.

The Real Reason Men Who Clean the House Have Less Sex

Science says men who clean the house have less sex. Here’s why science can suck it. Back in the day—okay, 2013—a study came out that said men who do more chores around the house have less sex than husbands who don’t clean the house as much. (Can I meet the […]

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The Boreal Forest of Canada Gets a Second Chance at Life

“It is difficult to realize how great a part of all that is cheerful and delightful in the recollections of our own life is associated with trees.” – Wilson Flagg, Naturalist There’s a sadly familiar pattern that comes with environmental news stories about the world’s great forests. “Here’s why they’re […]

10 Benefits of Sunshine

Some lesser-known benefits of safely sitting in the sun. I’m walking on sunshine, and don’t it feel good? Or so say the lyrics of peppy 1980s ditty by Katrina and the Waves. Turns out, awesome 80s pop music got it right. I live in sunny Southern California, but I spend […]

12 Pesticidal Plants for Safe DIY Lawn and Garden Care

Sure, you could spray your front yard with a generous bath of toxic chemicals. Tasty! Or, you could simply enhance your collection of greenery with plants that serve that exact purpose, naturally. In fact, some even lure beneficial insects to make a meal out of the pests that feed on […]

Warning: Female Vocalists Have Too Much Plastic Packaging

The album title is Fearless but the message is be flawless. So what if you can sing. Are you drop-dead gorgeous, model thin and loved by the camera? When young female vocalists are over-styled to sell, something serious gets lost in the packaging: Raw talent. I remember back in the […]