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Green Shaven

Dude! You’re clean shaven but are you green shaven? Yes, the eco marketing of all consumer goods has reached the scratchy male whisker. Despite the notion that the greenest face is the hairiest one, not all men like sporting facial fur and not all females like going into-the-wild to make […]

Fiji’s Bottled Water Wars

Like a water fight in an online school cafeteria, Fiji Water and Mother Jones Magazine have begun a volley of facts and fascinating accusations back and forth at each. What’s the deal with these water wars, you ask? As Mother Jones’ muckraking Anna Lenzer debunks Fiji Water’s self-proclaimed “green” status, […]

Blazing Trails: What 5 Pioneering Cities Have Banned

Change, whether good or bad, supported or maligned, always begins the same way: with one person, one idea, and one moment of courage. Many people find change suspect because the outcome is unknown; there are too many unforeseeable consequences. They naysay new ideas about old ways of thinking, not realizing […]

10 Tips for Bringing Home Your New Shelter Dog

Adopting a shelter dog can be a hugely rewarding experience. But it also takes a lot of preparation and patience. Though you may want to start spoiling and snuggling your new pup right away, he may take a little time to adjust. Get yourself and your home organized to welcome […]

10 Men With the Capacity to Change the World

A look at 10 powerful men who have grown to become better people who in turn, better our lives. We continue to seek leaders among movers and shakers capable of making a difference. Who is out there, we ask, in these bleak times to govern, protect and prosper? Here is […]

Oprah: Friend or Foe?

Said Slate writer Arthur Allen as he was about to criticize Oprah Winfrey, “Chastising a celebrity is an exercise in futility. You feel like a kitten being held by the scruff of its neck, scrabbling wildly in the air without drawing blood.” The man has a point. What other celebrity […]

2009, the Year the Lawn Died

Are lawns going the way of the Noughties? First Lady Michelle Obama replaced part of the White House lawn with an organic vegetable garden, and it seems the rest of the country is poised to follow suit – edible front yards have been called the biggest gardening trend of 2010. […]

Alternative Medicine for Pets: Treatments That Work

Yesterday we looked at alternative therapies that are the veterinary equivalent to snake oil. Today, let’s consider a few that are scientifically proven. According to our expert, Dr. V, “There are some practitioners who solely do alternative treatments, though in my experience the majority of veterinarians use them as a […]

Bookmark This! Digital Dozen Earth Day Links

Forgive the cliché, but every day is Earth Day around EcoSalon. We’re still getting a lot out of April 22nd, though. It’s not just benefit concerts and vegan Iron Chefs! There’s a bevy of activity online around Earth Day, though the movement started 40 years ago when the predecessor to […]

A Handy Reference Guide to the 20 Greenest Materials

True, we are still living in a material world, but cotton grown with pesticides is no longer the fabric of our lives. The green movement is making huge strides replacing toxins and waste in the marketplace with organic fibers like bamboo and hemp, as well as good old corn starch, […]

Bike Share Programs You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Green travel isn’t just about buying carbon offsets and choosing resorts that serve local, organic fare, it’s about crafting an itinerary that’s built around more sustainable options. That’s especially true when it comes to transportation. Buzzing around a city and racking up cab fare certainly isn’t the most environmentally friendly […]

IKEA Digs Deep for Energy Efficiency

Every time I pass a Best Buy, Wal-Mart or Target, I can almost see a pulsing blue aura hovering around the mammoth plex; or rather, an anti-halo that screams: “This facility couldn’t give a rat’s ass what it eats. Enjoy your rolling blackouts this season.” And inside, I hear the […]

Friday Five, Vol. 8

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. For some women, skirts inspire feelings of love mixed with hate. EcoSalon West Coast fashion correspondent Rowena Ritchie writes in Skirting The Issues, “Hemlines are the litmus test of fashion history as a cultural study.” Do you agree? If you’re like most people, […]

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4 Vegan Lifestyle Leaders: Influential People You Should Know

A vegan lifestyle often goes beyond abstaining from certain foods. For many, like the four individuals below, it becomes a chance to spread awareness about animal, social, and environmental issues through the use of their talent and individuality. Veganism is essentially defined as a person who does not consume any […]