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On Trend: 5 Black and Blue Styles for Spring

ColumnBlack and blue is one of the hottest color combinations right now. Here’s how to wear it this spring. We’ve talked about black and white earlier, but another of the hottest color combinations right now is black and blue. Mixing these two hues, previously considered a big fashion no-no, will […]

On Trend: Top Ten Wearable Trends for Spring

ColumnFor a true fashion lover, seeing the explosion of new trends that come down the runways at fashion weeks around the world each season is exhilarating. Making sense of new fashion trends can be quite daunting, and something that looks great on a runway model may not exactly be ideal […]

On Trend: Five Trench Coats for Spring

Trench coats never go out of style. We’ve picked out five to wear this spring. The trench coat is one of those classics that never really goes out of style. This spring, however, it’s a very on trend garment that you can wear with anything from cropped jeans to a […]

‘Normcore’ is the New Style Trend Pissing People Off: On Trend

Normcore has gone viral. But wait, what exactly is it?! Trending hashtags and viral articles have birthed talk of a new style: “Normcore.” Normcore, defined as “approachable fashion,” is sprouting in the streets of SoHo and toting Seinfeld and Louis CK as style icons. The exploding conversation around bland, detail-free […]

DIY: 10 Pretty Little Clutches

Ten pretty little clutches that you can easily make at home. The clutch is, without a doubt, this fall’s it-bag. Instead of dropping major dough on one, revamp one that you already have or make one yourself from scratch. Here are ten of our favorite DIY clutch projects, some which […]

Personality Pops with Patterned Pants: On Trend

After the recent call: Ladies, Please Burn Your Black Pants, we thought we would show our support. “They’re boring and sad, and they make you look boring and sad, too,” says fashion writer Emma Rosenblum of the aforementioned trousers. We agree, the poly-blend black work pant is out dated and lacks […]

On Trend: Nautical Stripes

Classic and timeless, nautical stripes signal the arrival of warm summer days. It seems like every year, when summer rolls around, stripes in all shapes and forms reappear. Maybe this is because of the summery nautical vibe they inspire or simply because they are timeless and never go out of […]

Vegan Shoes and Handbags: On Trend

Welcome to a new type of luxury. On trend vegan handbags and shoes are a(n animal) friendly reminder that you don’t have to sacrifice style to live a compassionate and conscious lifestyle. Here are 5 great brands trailblazing vegan fashion to carry your belongings and walk you forward.

Bold and Beautiful Jewelry Trends for Fall: On Trend

Fall jewelry trends this year are all about statement pieces and bold and beautiful embellishment. Check out our top 6 picks from our favorite brands. Fall 2014 Jewelry Trends 1. Tarsis Necklace by Akola Project Tribal necklaces are big this season, and Akola Project’s Tarsis necklace (pictured above) from the Horn […]

Raven + Lily: Empowering Women Through Design

Bohemian chic jewelry from a socially responsible brand dedicated to empowering women through design and sustainable economic opportunities. Founded by Kirsten Dickerson, a former set and wardrobe stylist, and Sophia Lin, who made a name for herself in graphic design, Raven + Lily is a humanitarian, fairtrade and eco-friendly line […]

8 Best Made In America Jeans Brands: On Trend

Ever since the art of American blue jeans sprang up in San Francisco during the gold rush of 1849, blue jeans have stood as a solid symbol of American contemporary style, freedom, and quality. This week’s On Trend features 8 of the absolute best made in America blue jeans companies. Each brand has its own […]

7 Sexy (And Sustainable) Swimsuits for Summer

It’s nearly time for Beach 2012. If covering up slightly is your cup of tea, we’ve found seven sexy, sustainable one-pieces for you to take to the beach this summer. A few weeks ago we found seven sexy bikinis for you to take to the beach this summer. If a […]

7 Summer Wedges

Seven sustainably savvy wedge heels, perfect for wearing to all those outdoor summer parties. Summer soirées are often held on lawns, which require that you choose your footwear wisely. Trust me, I’ve tried to wear pumps to BBQs, but those heels just sink right into the grass. Wedges are comfortable […]

Covering Up With Ethical and Organic Leggings: On Trend

You don’t have to pack away your dresses as fall approaches, just cover up those legs! Or throw on a bulky sweater and a pair of leggings and you’re out the door. Here are six of our favorite ethical and organic leggings that on trend for cooler weather (think patterns […]

7 Sexy and Sustainable Bikinis for Summer

Bikini season is almost here. We’ve found seven sexy, sustainable suits for you to take to the beach this summer. It happens every year, summer sneaks up on us yet again, and with it comes the arrival of bikini season. What this teeny tiny garment lacks in fabric, it definitely […]

9 Sizzling Summer Sandals

Nine sizzling (sustainable) summer sandals to add to your warm weather wardrobe. Comfortable footwear that is anything but boring. Sandals say summer more than any other shoe. A great pair of flat ones are a must-have in anyone’s warm weather wardrobe. This season, there’s a huge variety of sandals to […]

On Trend: Red Hot Fall

Forget the muted tones, embrace fall in all its splendor. It’s going to be a red hot fall, at least inside our closets. Red, in hues ranging from dark rust to neon-bright, is one of the hottest colors right now, and will also carry nicely into the spring. If you […]

On Trend: Eco-Nerd

 Embrace your inner geek with these sustainable duds and accessories. Most of us have come far enough in our lives to know that the nerds are really the cool ones. Embrace your own inner geek by stepping into fall wearing a hand-knit sweater vest, a recycled cotton backpack, high-waisted pleated […]

On Trend: Valentine Hearts

Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by dressing up in head-to-toe red, and adding in a sprinkle of hearts and roses. However you feel about Valentine’s Day this year —  giddy writing love letters or turning up the volume on that breakup-tunes mixtape — it gives us a chance to […]

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Stylish Socks and Loafers for Fall: On Trend

Step up your stems this fall with the perfect combination of stylish socks and loafers for a charming yet quirky look. Check out our favorite picks of this fall fashion trend in the September edition of On Trend! 1. Johannesburg Loafers by Kaanas These simple but stylish loafers from Kaanas […]

Retro Chic Fashion for Fall: On Trend

Retro chic influences popped up all over the place on Fall 2015 runways, so reveal in the vintage trends of suede, bell bottoms, chelsea boots and flowing dresses this coming season. 1. Faux Suede A-Line Mini Skirt by Hinge This super cute, vegan mini skirt looks like something Twiggy would […]

Earth Day Fashion Guide: On Trend

Check out our Earth Day Fashion Guide, full of our trendy top picks from the environmentally conscious and active online shop EcoHabitude! Known as the ethical marketplace, EcoHabitude aims to create more transparency in the online green marketplace, and has created the EcoTag system that indicates which ethical and environmental […]

The Plain White Tee: On Trend

The freshest, easiest and simplest trend for spring 2015 is the crisp and clean white tee. This plain garment can work wonders by sprucing up a casual denim look or bring a bit of street style edge to a dressier look. Check out our 7 favorite plain white tees in […]

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