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Our Love of Olive Oil May Destroy the Mediterranean

Olive oil has won the world over with its beneficial, heart healthy monounsaturated fat and distinct flavor. But in order to meet with the huge demand for this wondrous oil, some pretty aggressive agricultural practices are destroying Mediterranean ecosystems. Parts of Italy, Greece, Spain and Portugal are being densely packed […]

Battle of the Summer Shine: Natural Blotting Papers Step In

Since it is summer time, many of us carefully apply our makeup, step outside, and then have it instantly melt in a Joker mask of heat and humidity. Sure, there may be worse problems in the world, but we’re also allowed to be annoyed when our forehead’s oil slick gets […]

Alice Waters: Activist Angel or Foodie Fascist?

Poor Alice has been getting beaten up regularly these days, particularly after her recent appearance on 60 minutes. On the show, she came off as quite out of touch with how normal people live. In essence, she said that she chooses to spend more money on good food and, well, […]

Getting Started with Safe, Organic Cosmetics

You’re pretty vigilant about what you put inside of your body – but how about what you put on it? Sales of natural and organic cosmetics are soaring, and with good reason. In addition to companies using sustainable ingredients and biodegradable packaging, they’ve rid their products of endocrine disrupters and […]

PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle

When it comes to treating myself well, let’s just say it’s taken time, but I now consider myself an expert in the art of self-care. My focus covers the insides and outsides; spirit and body; brain and brawn. I take time to read, practice yoga, run, laugh, love, take naps, […]

How Not to Eat Your Moisturizer

You know when you see a candle shaped like a cupcake – and you’re debating just how chewy and gross wax might taste because now you want to eat a cupcake? If so, then you will relate to my current dilemma. At the recommendation of Primrose Organics Salon in Los […]

Coming Soon to the USA: hessnatur Organic Fashion

My American friends living in Germany always comment on how noticeably green the country is; there’s recycling everywhere, organic food is a significant part of the food market, and everybody participates in environmental responsibility as a matter of course. Now hessnatur, one of Germany’s most highly regarded organic and sustainable […]

NYFW: John Patrick ORGANIC Keeps Clean Lines in Focus

Clean lines, menswear inspired and conscious of the body’s every movement. John Patrick debuted his Unplugged, Authentic Spring/Summer 2013 Collection during New York Fashion Week beneath vaulted glass ceilings. The bright sun from above filled the crisp white space and set a tone of purity for this ORGANIC collection. In […]

'Organic Fashion for Sinners Everywhere'

So states the playful tagline of a hot eco fashion house. Eco designer Twice Shy pays homage to the world’s first fashion icons: Adam and Eve. Likely feeling quite shy indeed, clad only in those fig leaves, these two iconic muses set the stage for a model of sustainable fashion. […]

Kombucha Beer: Catch a Fermented Buzz!

Kombucha, a fermented tea drink with probiotic properties, has become very popular over the past few years. Regular kombucha only has trace amounts of alcohol, but what happens if you up the ante? One couple is finding out. Called Unity Vibration Triple Goddess, it’s a marriage of fresh-brewed kombucha, organic hops, and […]

Gifts That Give Back: 20 We Love

Who’s on your gift list? This year, spread the holiday spirit of giving beyond your family, friends and coworkers to people, animals and places in need. With these green gift ideas, your money can go towards preserving the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, bringing food to Darfur refugees, helping struggling artisans […]

The Economics of Cotton

You don’t have to be an economist to want to understand the economics of “the fabric of our lives.” Case in point: The recent ban on cotton exports by the Indian government has piqued my curiosity. I wanted to understand whether this ban would have an impact not only on […]

Best Organic Sunscreens for Your Face

There’s a lot of sunscreen out there, and there’s very little about it that makes sense. Between the sunscreens and the sun blocks, the UVA and the UBV, it’s easier to become more confused than a tourist during Mardi Gras. How confused is that? Let’s just say it involves a […]

EcoSalon Organic Chocolate Explosion

A unique selection of chocolates arrived at headquarters today, ordered by my sweetie (thanks, Brian). It’s not Valentine’s Day; they were just a treat for the end of a busy week at the blog.* We also had a birthday girl in the house, so with the afternoon’s dark and fudgy […]

Watermelon Battles High Blood Pressure

Remember how much fun it was to shoot watermelon pits out of your mouth as a kid? Who knew then that you were also building up an arsenal of amino acids to fight pre-hypertension, a precursor to cardiovascular disease. Sweet, low-calorie, high in fiber, and nutrient rich watermelon (which is […]

Instant Chic: the Scarf

I love using small accessories to create a look that is pulled together and chic. Something as simple as a scarf can elevate your style, add feminine charm, and is a cinch to do. This organic scarf from Edun is made with love, but also sends a mindful message with […]

Fall Color? Still Seeing Purple!

The color purple ruled last fall and it’s still raining plums, eggplants and violets in the interior world. From chairs to carpets, pillows and bedding, the deep wine country shade is being harvested in cool pads everywhere. Here are some ripe picks from the groovy grape file: Fruitful Folds: Designer […]

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5 Food Subscription Boxes That are Far From Boring

Food subscription boxes you’ll want to take a bite out of.  If you like discovering new foods, there’s no shortage of options, especially when you get those new foods delivered straight to your door. But this isn’t just about getting tasty food without having to leave the house, it’s about supporting cool food businesses […]

The Fair Trade & Fabulous Fall Box is Here

The EcoSalon Fair Trade and Fabulous Fall Box is here!  Embrace fall’s cooler weather and shorter days with EcoSalon’s Fair Trade and Fabulous Fall Box. Trust me, you do not want to miss this one. As Senior Editor of EcoSalon, I see a lot of amazing products. But the eleven brands I have […]

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