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Welcome Back! Embrace Change and Believe in You

Happy New Year! Welcome back and get ready for a rockin’ 2013! We are thrilled that Organic Authority, LLC (the same company that publishes OrganicAuthority.com) has officially acquired EcoSalon.com. We are gushing with all of the support and love we’ve received during this transition. We are excited to pick up […]

EcoSalon Organic Chocolate Explosion

A unique selection of chocolates arrived at headquarters today, ordered by my sweetie (thanks, Brian). It’s not Valentine’s Day; they were just a treat for the end of a busy week at the blog.* We also had a birthday girl in the house, so with the afternoon’s dark and fudgy […]

10 Eco- Chic New Year’s Eve Decorations and Party Ideas

If you’re a conscientious party planner, then we’ve got some simple and swanky New Year’s Eve decorations and party ideas that can be carried out from the comfort of your home – and you don’t have to skip the alcohol or noise makers.  With a minimal amount of elbow grease […]

Best Eco Sunscreens for Your Beachy Body

So Memorial Day came and went, and we were left looking over our skin to see if we got any color over the weekend”¦despite six different organic sunscreens we continually slathered on our bods”¦between hiding under an umbrella and dodging into the sunlight like a crazy person. Wait, you didn’t […]

Living in the Eternal Nau

Jeans are the eternal American fashion emblem of sustainability. Above all, they’re durable. Over time, denim has become the paradoxical icon of leisure and work, adventure, simplicity and relaxed sophistication. The Nau design collective is taking a multi-layered approach to innovation in the denim world. With a company credo to […]

The Pros & Cons of Being Married to an Eco Man

How do I love thee? Let me count the watts! And so it goes when betrothed to a well-meaning eco sentinel, a man on a mission to recognize the dangers and combat the plagues of global warming. Don’t get me wrong; I’m very committed to a greener lifestyle. I write […]

What’s the Story?

Everyone loves a good story. In fact, I’m a sucker for one. As a young girl, I’d squeeze in next to my dad and the huge armrest of his brown and orange plaid recliner (yes, it was the 70s) in eager anticipation of the next chapter of “Alice in Wonderland”. […]

Seasonal Living: Awaken the Neglected Space

This month I’ve been sharing my tips for a seasonal makeover of your home. As you refresh your space for spring, don’t forget that the easiest room to perk up is the bathroom.  No matter how tiny yours may be, the simplest changes can have big impact. Often neglected, updating […]

Green Bookshelf: Epitaph for a Peach

Have you read the classics? I’m not talking Plato and Socrates or even Proust, but the classics of green and sustainable living. One of the most beautiful classics of the organic, local and Slow Food movement is the award-winning Epitaph for a Peach: Four Seasons on my Family Farm, by […]

Collars, Bows, and Belts: Stay Warm in Style

If you haven’t already done so, now’s a good time to find that fall/winter coat before the perma freeze sets in. If you’re anything like me, you shudder at the thought of a boring peacoat and are always looking for something just slightly more interesting. Well, we called for it […]

The Lust List: 10 Susty Spring Things We Love

A well contained prefab home that would elevate my life; a robin’s egg blue clutch; a pair of ethical Frye boots to kick up my heels around town. Yes, I’m jonesing for these pretty and practical pleasures as I venture outdoors after a long winter’s rest from buying. I’m in […]

Deal of the Week: Kelly B Ruffle Vest

Another look from one of our favorite eco-designers, Kelly B, this ruffle vest is great for late afternoon when the fog rolls in. Puffy vests are too sporty for my taste, making this a great pick if you’re looking for something a bit more refined and feminine. Made from organic […]

La Vie en Rose

Feeling luxurious as you slip under the covers shouldn’t be reserved only for cuddling up next to a sweetheart. So, I indulge myself regardless of occasion. (I’ve always had a small obsession with sleepwear and lingerie. Even if it’s only me, I like to dress up for bedtime.) Sometimes I […]

Green Propaganda and Our Confederacy of Dunces

Often when you see images of the earth, recycle signs and other eco-slogans on t-shirts, you just assume the t-shirt itself is made from sustainable materials, right? Rarely. In fact, next time you’re out, take a look at the tag and you’ll see that most are made from conventional cottons […]

Salts From the North

Salts Organic Clothing of Canada is chill, chic and sports a distinctly modern West Coast streetwear flair. The line is entirely North America-manufactured and is created in an expanding repertoire of our favorite eco-textiles including hemp, soy, bamboo and tencel, a smoothly draping fabric made of wood pulp cellulose. I […]

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Breaking Gender Barriers: Ethical Menswear for Everyone

Androgynous, gender-fluid, gender-neutral, and gender bending are just a few of the ways the latest menswear fashion trends are being described. And whether it’s a way of life for you, or you’re simply experimenting with a new style, these designers have made it their mission to create something for everyone, […]

9 Vegan Handbags to Take Your Spring Look From Drab to Fab

Whether you live exclusively cruelty-free or don’t hold that as a priority, the beauty of these vegan handbags is in more than just the way they look – everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, can enjoy carrying one (or two or three) of these around town. With spring in full bloom […]

The Top 10 Spring Colors You Should Be Wearing Now

The top ten spring colors for 2016 are as hot as the temperatures are rising. We’ve got the lowdown on Pantone’s eight additional picks for the season and where to score the pieces that will have you looking stylish all season long. For some seriously good color inspiration, check out […]

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