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Beauty Review: Best Winter Body Moisturizers

Winter can be rough, and nowhere is it rougher than on your skin.  It’s cold, it’s dry, and you’re more concerned with keeping your legs warm than silky smooth. When you’re rushing out of the warm shower and hurrying to get into your clothes, it can be hard to take […]

10 Things We Just Can’t Give Up for Green

I’m not married to an SUV and don’t recognize the sound of a garbage disposal any longer. Still, there are some impure, clumsy little things that are hard to totally relinquish in my quest to qualify as a steward of the planet.  You might recognize some of these attachments as […]

5 Natural Ways to Fight the Flu

The flu is already spreading like a Malibu wildfire in my Bay Area community with dozens of kids out the first few weeks of school and contaminated parents unable to play nurse. It’s going to happen, no way of avoiding it all together, but there are some simple steps to […]

Deal of the Week: Stewart + Brown Apron Dress

We all need a summer dress that will keep us cool while we get down and dirty. This apron dress by Stewart + Brown is made of organic cotton canvas surplus that would have otherwise been discarded. The design was inspired by Japanese gardening and woodworking aprons, making it the […]

'Natural' Blondes Do Have More Fun

The old saying about blondes has been tempting you for years, so you did it – you dyed your hair. You went from chocolate brown to goldenrod and were nearly asphyxiated along the way. All those chemicals smeared onto your head, left sitting there, soaking into your scalp for hours. […]

Born to Be Wild

Looking for adventure, head out on the highway – the Steppenwolf lyrics started racing through my mind when I set my eyes on this Mustang T-shirt by Loomstate. I was instantly transported into a fantasy of flying down the open road like a true speed demon. Fun and adventurous, designer […]

Lay Lady Lay

Gone are the days when organic bedroom textiles meant white or cream solids from an allergy store. The stuff is in full bloom as we embark on spring design. It’s full of knit, felts, clean cottons, bamboo, hemp and other eco weaves. Pure plus chic? Finally, something I can truly […]

Watermelon Battles High Blood Pressure

Remember how much fun it was to shoot watermelon pits out of your mouth as a kid? Who knew then that you were also building up an arsenal of amino acids to fight pre-hypertension, a precursor to cardiovascular disease. Sweet, low-calorie, high in fiber, and nutrient rich watermelon (which is […]

High Definition: Curbing Makeup Repeats

ColumnWhen it comes to makeup, figure out what the difference is between want and need. During economic depressions and recessions, the one thing that doesn’t slow in sales very much is lipstick. It’s an easy purchase; a luxury item that is relatively cheap and can brighten your mood quick. If […]

A Little Aussie Action

Some like it hot, and to me, that means anything from Oz. Since traveling there a year ago, I’ve come to believe that the beauty, the sun, and the gorgeous scenery actually breed creative brilliance. I was both inspired and intimidated by the extreme style going on all over the […]

The Economics of Cotton

You don’t have to be an economist to want to understand the economics of “the fabric of our lives.” Case in point: The recent ban on cotton exports by the Indian government has piqued my curiosity. I wanted to understand whether this ban would have an impact not only on […]

Rag & Bone Revealed

Rugged. Raw. Savage. These were the words that came to mind when I first discovered Rag & Bone. The brand sounded like something horrifying you’d find if you took a wrong turn into a biker bar or seedy tattoo parlor. My natural curiosity led me to do my homework safely […]

10 Reasons Why the Planet Loves My Dog

This is the third in Luanne’s new lifestyle column, Life in the Green Lane. Read the inaugural column, “The Pros & Cons of Being Married to an Eco Man” and the follow-up, “Why Is it So Hard to Get My Mom to Go Green?”. My dog has fleece. And that’s […]

EcoSalon and Bar Agricole Announce an Earth Day Party

EventAn Earth Day party hosted by EcoSalon and SF’s Bar Agricole. For greenies and foodies alike in San Francisco, one of the best things to come out of 2010 was the launch of Bar Agricole, the gorgeous modern tavern in San Francisco’s SOMA neighborhood. The all-star founding cast includes legendary […]

Eco Chic or Eco Fashion Victim. . .You Decide!

Everyone has a little spirit, a little edge, a little punk. And we all have that secret dress or pair of shoes that waits many seasons or even years to see the light of day. The punk-inspired creations of eco designer Moly Kulte might be just the pieces to keep […]

Amy Butler Exotic Organic Towel Giveaway

I remember remodeling my master bath and thinking – wow, I need to hang some new towels on the bars over the tub to accent this very personalized home spa of mine. Where were you, Amy, when I needed you and those coral damask print terries? Well, you’re here now, […]

Shady Business: Stylish, Sustainable Sun Hats

Even without “help” from global warming, the sun can be hard on skin. I love the beach and the summer rays – and I have, on more than one occasion, been sunburned to a brilliant shade of lobster red. These days I’ve learned to avoid extreme exposure, but the risk […]

The Best Graphic, Organic T-Shirts

Favorite t-shirts from designers around the world. T-shirts. They tell the world what we think, offer up artistic canvases, and make people laugh when they pass us by. We have drawers full of them, our favorites worn beyond repair, each one imbued with a story that makes us love them […]

5 Chic Pieces of Convertible Clothing for Every Wardrobe

Whether you’re a jetsetter, enjoy owning versatile pieces, or simply prefer to keep your wardrobe to a minimum, convertible clothing is a wonderful addition to nearly every wardrobe – and it’s even better for the environment than you might think. Multi-purpose clothing means fewer pieces, which means the possibility of […]

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Breaking Gender Barriers: Ethical Menswear for Everyone

Androgynous, gender-fluid, gender-neutral, and gender bending are just a few of the ways the latest menswear fashion trends are being described. And whether it’s a way of life for you, or you’re simply experimenting with a new style, these designers have made it their mission to create something for everyone, […]

9 Vegan Handbags to Take Your Spring Look From Drab to Fab

Whether you live exclusively cruelty-free or don’t hold that as a priority, the beauty of these vegan handbags is in more than just the way they look – everyone, regardless of your lifestyle, can enjoy carrying one (or two or three) of these around town. With spring in full bloom […]

The Top 10 Spring Colors You Should Be Wearing Now

The top ten spring colors for 2016 are as hot as the temperatures are rising. We’ve got the lowdown on Pantone’s eight additional picks for the season and where to score the pieces that will have you looking stylish all season long. For some seriously good color inspiration, check out […]

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