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Tested and True Product for When Our Hair Looks Like Hay

You should never have to apologize to your hair. Even if you’re soaking in gobs of sea salt, sun and chlorine, your hair will understand. After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy your outdoor-sy time after six months of snow, sleet and rain? Should you be guilt-free about dipping your […]

Sex by Numbers: No-Dieting Tips for Trimming 10 Pounds

ColumnSkip the weight loss centers and the elliptical machines, there are other fun ways to drop unwanted pounds. Last spring, I set sail from the States to Europe, where I’m now a legal resident. In the intervening months since my arrival, I’ve shed a handy ten pounds – without even […]

20 Fresh Beauty Tips

Fall is all about crisp air, changing colors, and possibly the cutest organic pencil leg jeans this side of “Am I thin enough to pull it off?” (The answer is “yes” and “you go, sexy green mama!”) But what about the rest of our green beauty regime? We spoke with […]

Five of the Best Natural and Organic Eyeliners

Eyeliners are the essential beauty tool, above cheek stain, lipstick and concealer. Okay, some might argue this point, but to a person who has sparse eyelashes and pale skin (hello!), the eyeliner can be, yes, essential. You can use them to change the shape of your eye, and you can […]

Yes Means Yes Means What? – Miley, Rihanna and Me: HyperKulture

Recent Twittersphere flare-ups featuring Rashida Jones and Sinéad O’Conner “slut-shaming” pop-culture irritant Miley Cyrus and others for their fleshy outbursts drew swift backlash from some members of the feminist community and bitter online battles among women. What’s a man to make of all this? Growing up in a liberal family […]

10 Best Reasons to Turn 30

In 2009 alone, 4.2 million Americans turned 30. And while some of the latest additions to the fourth decade of living may not be happy to be there, others are diving into their 30s with optimism. When I turned 30, I threw a party at a bar that no longer […]

Moroccan Oil: Ultimate Beauty Elixir or No?

A few weeks ago, a friend and I were wandering through a book release party when we came upon the lovely makeup ladies of Josie Maran Cosmetics. They were offering up complimentary makeovers. Already a fan of the eco-conscious cosmetic line and all things “free,” I quickly hopped into a […]

Sex by Numbers: Hot German Men in Cold Northern Climes

ColumnFour Northern European men offer insight into their culture’s subtle approach to love and loyalty. Stereotypes, however coarse and insensitive, can nonetheless serve as useful indicators about a culture’s biases and predilections. For instance, it’s not exactly going out on a limb to generalize that Mediterranean men are exhibitionists of […]

6 Yoga Poses to Help You Chill Out and Wind Down

Work stressing you out? Or maybe you just want to chill out and wind down after a long day? Yoga can alleviate stress and help you chill out and wind down. If you’ve never practiced yoga don’t be shy! Here are some great yoga poses for beginners from Michael Taylor […]

Protecting Your Hair and Scalp From the Sun

Tell me if you relate. You’re outside frolicking in the sun (swimming, reading, secretly stalking your cute neighbor who pretends not to notice you walk by his house three times a day) and you think “Darn it, I should have brought a hat.” Sure, you’ve already carefully spackled your skin […]

The Feminist Polygamist Revealed

I recently met a woman in her own kind of polygamist relationship. Since she asked not to be identified, let’s call her Jean. Jean is not married – not in the legal or even spiritual sense. That status is carefully reserved for her boyfriend’s wife, who is aware of Jean’s […]

Why Our Fantasy Lovers Don’t Exist

A hint: when someone who has self-identified for years as a singleton gets married, don’t ask her, at the wedding, if her Prince Charming has come. This will take her completely out of the moment, which is a good thing since her left foot has gone suspiciously numb from high […]

15 of Our Fave Beauty Products Under $15

Yes, we love our green beauty. What we don’t love? Paying $120 for a bottle of rose-infused night cream crafted by the organic-mittened kittens of Costa Rica. Seriously, doesn’t it seem like the latest biodynamic/organic/natural world can cost more than the price a Hollywood starlet pays to turn “jail” into […]

Toner: Why Do We Use It?

During my travels throughout the world of eco-beauty, I often get asked some interesting questions. Sometimes they are simple like “Can I eat my natural makeup?” (…No) Sometimes they are more complex like “Is this product native energy, fair trade, organic certified by USDA or just Ecocert or just the […]

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How to Orgasm Every Single Time

It’s not rocket science, but learning how to orgasm regularly, makes all the difference. Some of my most vivid memories of sex, especially early in my erotic life, are not of the satisfying post-coitus elated release, but their opposite. Rather, it was the myriad times when I was still learning […]

Getting the Sexual Satisfaction You Want: No More Shame

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, are you being honest about what you really want?  Ask most any sex therapist what the first question is that comes out of the mouth of a new client and it is most always this- “Am I normal? Is my partner normal? Is this […]

John Oliver: Sex Ed Teacher of the Year [Video]

I love me a good sex ed lecture. Surprisingly, one of the best I’ve recently heard was delivered by John Oliver. Go figure. Watch the video below to hear Oliver explain why sex ed is so bad. Related on EcoSalon How to Do Sex Education Right Sex by Numbers: An […]

Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson Get Sexy [Video]

Sex is complicated, you guys. And apparently, it’s pretty scientific, too. Bill Nye recently appeared on National Geographic’s StarTalk. In this clip, you can see him give the short version why all animals — including humans — have sex. Get the down and dirty (and gene-driven) facts by watching the […]

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