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Elle MacPherson’s Beauty Secret Is Endangered Rhino Horn?

Sometimes I wonder why I don’t just Google a celebrity of the day in the morning to get my daily news. Maybe if I just typed in “Lindsay Lohan” or “Angelina Jolie” each morning, I could skip my daily skim of MSNBC.com or NewYorkTimes.com and learn all I need to […]

Wash Your Face Without Water

So you’re green. You care about trees. Yet you care about your complexion. I get it! I’ll pick through my trash sorting plastic from tin from things drenched in rancid goo – but I’m not going to go to bed without washing my face. Maybe it’s residual trauma from too […]

Suzi Amis Cameron Offers Young Designers a Shot At Oscar Walk

With the Academy Awards taking place on February 27, Suzi Amis Cameron, wife of legendary Oscar award-winning producer, director, and writer James Cameron, is calling all designers 18 and over with $75 in their pocket to think about creating a dress for her Red Carpet, Green Dress competition. Not just […]

NYC’s Bold Blueprint for Building a Better, Greener Food System

Cities across the nation suffer from some of the same ills regarding poor quality food and inequitable distribution of healthy, fresh produce and other unprocessed foods. But New York City has a bold plan that could very well serve as a model for the rest of us. Communities in every […]

Sex Appeal

Don’t overthink it. “There is more to sex appeal than just measurements. I don’t need a bedroom to prove my womanliness. I can convey just as much sex appeal, picking apples off a tree or standing in the rain.” -Audrey Hepburn

When Candy Is Good for You: The Psychology of Sweets

In our post-Halloween sugar malaise, some of us might be cursing the bags of candy left in our cabinets. And yes, those bite-sized bits of chocolate, caramel and nougat (you can see where my head is), are perfect to satiate a craving. Or two. Or five. Because the real problem […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – In Your Thumb?

Everyone knows it is bad news when thumbs are playing tiny keyboards behind the wheel, but other societal pains are now surfacing from chronic texting – namely carpal tunnel syndrome in teens. Ouch! That compulsion to get a rush from staying connected could prove an addiction more risky than good […]

Sex by Numbers: What Makes You a Great Lover?

ColumnEcoSalon Columnist Abigail Wick interviews European ex-pats about the game they bring to the table. You know you have one. That go-to friend – maybe the gay friend living in the apartment next door or your wild and crazy partner-in-crime from your days at university who always lends a willing […]

10 Foods to Fight Breast Cancer

October was National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But just because leaves are largely fallen and pumpkins are patching up doesn’t mean that breast cancer awareness should wait another year. The Center for Disease Control shares that breast cancer is the most common kind of cancer in all women and the […]

20 Fresh Beauty Tips

Fall is all about crisp air, changing colors, and possibly the cutest organic pencil leg jeans this side of “Am I thin enough to pull it off?” (The answer is “yes” and “you go, sexy green mama!”) But what about the rest of our green beauty regime? We spoke with […]

Improve Your Sex Life and Beautify Your Skin with Chocolate?

Remember the teen years, when chocolate meant sugar meant zits meant caked-on cover-up? Get ready to laugh in chocolate’s face, (and then consume it wildly like some mythical monster out of Lord of the Rings.) Now chocolate (can be) good for us! Okay, perchance not in the way of Willy […]

Go Forth and Exfoliate! (With This Cool Natural Product)

Scrubs rock. You can moisturize, you can tone, and you can wash with as many gentle cleansers as you want. But if you really want to get into the elbows and grease parts of getting the gunk out of your face, you have to call in a scrub. Why? Because […]

Stressed? Try a Breath of Canned Air

Tight schedule with no time for an outdoor dose of fresh air? Not too worry. Bottled Air brings that breath of fresh air to you, leaving you the time to get your to-do list done. Yes, bottling fresh air is an actual thing. In the UK, a study found that […]

Presenting the Bloody Mask of Supple Skin

Some people think “eyes are the windows of the soul,” but I would argue that it is the skin. Think about it. If you sneak junk food that may or may not have originated from Golden Arches (no judgment, my fry-loving friend), it is likely to show up on your […]

5 Best Books for Green Beauty

Life is good for green beauty. We have boutiques for easy shopping and sites for learning more about eco products. But sometimes, it is nice to settle in with a good book to educate ourselves. (Especially with ones printed on recycled paper!) Luckily, there are a lot of fantastic books […]

Tom’s of Maine’s Natural Deodorant: To Stink or Not to Stink?

Not too long ago, I wrote about my favorite natural deodorants. I was lucky enough to test out the best of the natural and/or organic sprays, the roll-ons, and the sticks that the world has to offer. Some deodorants worked harder than an actress pretending she hasn’t injected her 40-something face […]

Do You Demand Pleasure Parity?: Sexual Healing

ColumnA recent piece in the New York Times called “In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns” really got my blood boiling. The premise is that college-aged women don’t get off on casual sex, while college-aged men always DO. I’m angry not just because my sisters are being deprived of pleasure and well-deserved orgasms, […]

The 5 Best Tips for Treating Sunburns

Sunburn is a scourge, a pox, and blight on humanity. Yeah, sure, it’s not Ebola or bubonic plague annoying, but many of us are familiar with that sinking 5 p.m feeling of “Oh man I knew I should have reapplied the sun block” when looking at our shoulders reddening up […]

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25 Awesome DIY Projects Made From Nature

Use nature to decorate your space with these gorgeous DIY projects. Spring is an amazing time of year to combine two of my favorite things–nature and DIY.  My husband and I like to take walks at the local nature reserve near our home. We also like to garden and spend […]

How to Not Sweat (or Stink) With Natural Deodorant

A healthy lifestyle, clean foods, nontoxic personal care products. These are all high on our list of must haves. Soaking wet pits are not. How to not sweat when making the switch to natural deodorants? You use organic cosmetics, nontoxic shampoo, natural body lotion. Have yet to make the change […]

Social Media Activism Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies

Social media activism can be done anywhere.

You might not think that a social media platform would be the place where women go to reclaim their bodies. But that’s just what the following women did.

Mashable recently published a great article detailing the stories of three women who harnessed the power of social media activism to claim their identity by discussing their bodies. Each woman’s story is incredibly moving but totally different:

6 Recycling Benefits That Put Your Lame Excuses to Shame

Recycling benefits everything and everyone. Here, 6 common myths to throw away. Like, right now. Maybe you started off with a passionate mission to recycle and do your part for the environment, but it’s since fallen by the wayside with an apathetic “thud.” Or maybe you’re one of the many […]

Trust Your Gut: Using Intuition for Good Health

Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet. ~Unknown We are programmed, here in the West, to run to our physician whenever we aren’t feeling well. Of course, there are times this is warranted. But many times our gut is trying to tell us something. […]

Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story [Video]

Jemima Kirke, of HBO’s “Girls” recently shared her abortion story with the Center for Reproductive Rights. Kirke’s story is similar to many women’s abortion stories as it was very difficult for her to afford the procedure. As she said: It wasn’t totally unavailable, and that’s the tricky part — there […]

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Redefining Cougar Women: Sexual Healing

 If you learned everything you know about “cougar women” from “The Graduate” or even “Sex and the City,” you’re still woefully ignorant about a very common dating scenario. There’s nothing predatory about older women dating younger men. The Mrs. Robinson myth is alive and well, despite major cultural shifts in […]