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7 Reasons Married Women Keep Their Last Names

The question to change or not to change a woman’s last name is a humanist issue more than a feminist one. If you are an American woman who decides to get married, you will likely change your name. In fact, three million American women do so every year, roughly encompassing […]

Your Body Image in Bed: Sexual Healing

ColumnI’ve often said that women should follow their lust the way Joseph Campbell wants us to “follow our bliss.” But if we’re obsessing about the (real or imagined) ripples on our thighs, how can we let the gorgeous ripple of orgasm take over? True pleasure requires one to let go, […]

Fidelity, Fertility and More, Revealed in Your Lover’s Face

What can you tell from other people’s faces? More than you think. There are plenty of dating books out there that tell you what to look for in a mate, but there is only one that will really key you into the physical qualities that could determine whether tonight’s dinner […]

Are Bad Hair Days All in Your Head?

I just got back from lunch with my boyfriend. Sitting over eggs and turkey bacon, I spent much of the time people watching – aka idly wondering if I could get away with an eggs, turkey bacon and cupcake lunch. Then I came home to see half my pony tail […]

10 Best Reasons to Turn 30

In 2009 alone, 4.2 million Americans turned 30. And while some of the latest additions to the fourth decade of living may not be happy to be there, others are diving into their 30s with optimism. When I turned 30, I threw a party at a bar that no longer […]

Dry Shampoo Saves the Day

Some of us like to shower. And some of us have long hair. This often leaves us with a dire dilemma. How long is too long to get all the shampoo out? How much water does it take to get clean hair? It’s enough to make you hang up your […]

The Love Letters Project #6: Robert Browning & Elizabeth Barrett

A love letter from Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Who better to write the world’s most memorable love letters than the world’s most famous writers? In the case of Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning, the love affair was between two of the most influential poets of the Victorian age… 

Barely Legal

New legislation is chipping away at a woman’s right to choose. In college, I took a class called “The History of Reproductive Rights.” Growing up in a liberal community – and with the kind of parents who agreed that a class called “The History of Reproductive Rights” was a solid […]

Let There Be Gel! Great Product for Your Eco Curls

Curls can be hard to maintain. For those of us without naturally curly hair, it seems that sustaining waves requires ingredients powerful enough to launch the Space Shuttle into orbit. In other words, really, really strong. I have locks that might as well have been permanently ironed at birth. Any […]

9 Out of 10 Women Agree: Bouquet Tosses Are Torture

It starts with a sinking feeling in your stomach. The feeling doesn’t care that you have a killer dress on, or that you’ve finally discovered high heels that aren’t permanently mutilating your feet. The feeling doesn’t care that you share a mutual love of Anne Sexton with only single groomsman. […]

Tom’s of Maine’s Natural Deodorant: To Stink or Not to Stink?

Not too long ago, I wrote about my favorite natural deodorants. I was lucky enough to test out the best of the natural and/or organic sprays, the roll-ons, and the sticks that the world has to offer. Some deodorants worked harder than an actress pretending she hasn’t injected her 40-something face […]

Start a Green Gratitude Journal to Improve Your Mental Health

The term “gratitude journal” has been casually bandied about ever since Oprah announced that is was part of her daily practice to sit down and list all of the things for which she is grateful. The concept of reflecting upon and writing down what we appreciate is one we’d all […]

When Are Men Too Old for a Baby?

Recently, an issue so-powerful-it-could-only-be-emailed was batted around the hallowed halls of EcoSalon. The issue was complex, kind of like asking 24-to-39-year-old women to name their favorite Jonas Brother. Sure, the middle one seems a bit cute, but is it really okay to have an opinion on the matter? And while […]

Sex by Numbers: Modern Day Romance and Breeding

ColumnHow do you maintain passion and pleasure in a romantic partnership, while at the same time navigating the ins and outs of parenting? As a weekly relationships columnist, I regularly receive love inquiries that range from the philosophical to the salacious. This week, my friend Rachel sent an intriguing letter, […]

5 Convenient Places to Pick Up Healthy Cosmetics

It’s a goal of the green movement: Everyday access to healthier elements we can incorporate into our lives. Health and beauty is no exception, and you are officially out of excuses for not buying alternative pure and natural products over poison-filled cosmetics when you have the chance. Here’s the glowing skinny […]

Tested and True Product for When Our Hair Looks Like Hay

You should never have to apologize to your hair. Even if you’re soaking in gobs of sea salt, sun and chlorine, your hair will understand. After all, don’t you deserve to enjoy your outdoor-sy time after six months of snow, sleet and rain? Should you be guilt-free about dipping your […]

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How to Orgasm Every Single Time

It’s not rocket science, but learning how to orgasm regularly, makes all the difference. Some of my most vivid memories of sex, especially early in my erotic life, are not of the satisfying post-coitus elated release, but their opposite. Rather, it was the myriad times when I was still learning […]

Getting the Sexual Satisfaction You Want: No More Shame

When it comes to sexual satisfaction, are you being honest about what you really want?  Ask most any sex therapist what the first question is that comes out of the mouth of a new client and it is most always this- “Am I normal? Is my partner normal? Is this […]

John Oliver: Sex Ed Teacher of the Year [Video]

I love me a good sex ed lecture. Surprisingly, one of the best I’ve recently heard was delivered by John Oliver. Go figure. Watch the video below to hear Oliver explain why sex ed is so bad. Related on EcoSalon How to Do Sex Education Right Sex by Numbers: An […]

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