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Healthy Sexuality in a Dangerous World: Sexual Healing

Lately, it seems like there are too many stories of women being battered, harassed, trolled, stalked and threatened, both online and off. It’s enough to make us feel like there is no such thing as safe space, especially when it comes to expressing and enjoying healthy sexuality. No matter what your actual […]

Polyamory & Cuckolding–Your Burning Questions Answered: Sexual Healing

ColumnGot a burning question for Stefanie, Ecosalon’s resident sex expert? Once a month, she’ll be doing a Sexual Healing Q & A in these pages, so whatever’s on your mind — bring it on. Today we discuss polyamory, fetishes, and what “normal” means. Email your questions to: stefanie at ecosalon […]

Slow Sex: Spring is for Shedding (Layers and Baggage)

As spring returns to the Northern Hemisphere, our bodies respond accordingly; we are mammals after all. The earth cracks open and green shoots emerge while we shed our sweaters and raise our winter-cracked faces to the sun, hoping for instant transformation. Think about your cat curled elegantly in a ray […]

Orgasmic Meditation and Pleasure as Practice (Part I): Sexual Healing

Do you meditate? Do you like to orgasm? Orgasmic Meditation or “OM” puts these two practices together like the ultimate Reese’s: you definitely want this pleasurable peanut butter in your chocolate. I’m about to explode everything you ever thought you knew about orgasm. In this column, we’ve talked about the […]

Your Body Image in Bed: Sexual Healing

ColumnI’ve often said that women should follow their lust the way Joseph Campbell wants us to “follow our bliss.” But if we’re obsessing about the (real or imagined) ripples on our thighs, how can we let the gorgeous ripple of orgasm take over? True pleasure requires one to let go, […]

Sex and Intimacy: What’s Love Got To Do With It? Sexual Healing

Intimacy is a word that we bandy about, but we rarely grapple with its more challenging implications. Intimacy is also the issue that lady mags tend to frame as the key to healthy relationships, and however true this is, not all of us are currently in a relationship. (And many […]

The Art of Receiving – Do You Deserve Pleasure?: Sexual Healing

ColumnAre you getting in the way of your own pleasure? Men often take pleasure for granted. Boys are taught that masturbation is an important, healthy part of puberty. They may hide in the bathroom, but society generally accepts that “boys will be boys.” For girls, self-pleasure is still a big no-no […]

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Redefining Cougar Women: Sexual Healing

 If you learned everything you know about “cougar women” from “The Graduate” or even “Sex and the City,” you’re still woefully ignorant about a very common dating scenario. There’s nothing predatory about older women dating younger men. The Mrs. Robinson myth is alive and well, despite major cultural shifts in […]

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