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What Do Women Really Want in ‘Being Wanted’? Sexual Healing

What do women really want? That is a question that has long been mired in confusion and even subterfuge. You can blame the usual suspects: porn, patriarchy, and patent disregard for women’s voices through many centuries. But the truth is that “wanting to be wanted” may be sabotaging your relationships […]

Do You Demand Pleasure Parity?: Sexual Healing

ColumnA recent piece in the New York Times called “In Hookups, Inequality Still Reigns” really got my blood boiling. The premise is that college-aged women don’t get off on casual sex, while college-aged men always DO. I’m angry not just because my sisters are being deprived of pleasure and well-deserved orgasms, […]

The G-spot: Fact or Fiction? Sexual Healing

ColumnLong the subject of breathless Cosmo articles, the G-spot continues to fascinate and confound men, women, and scientists everywhere. But is it real? And more importantly – why should you care? If you’ve wondered, and perhaps tried to locate your g-spot successfully (or to no avail), it’s time to stop […]

Are Your Sexual Fantasies “Normal”?: Sexual Healing

ColumnWe all have sexual fetishes, fantasies, and unspoken desires. Who decides whether they’re normal or not? “Normal” is  a strange, problematic term. It’s one thing when asking a doctor about a mole, but when contemplating your sexual desires and fetishes, “normal” is a non-starter.  If something you desire doesn’t fall into […]

Intro to Feminist Porn – Part II: Sexual Healing

In last week’s column I introduced you to the thriving (and surprising) feminist porn movement. Since then, we’ve witnessed a violent, gratuitous rape scene on “Game of Thrones” and were exposed to a repugnant stream of frat boy text messages rife with relentless misogyny. Just another day in the cesspool […]

How To Start Your Own Personal Sexual Revolution: Sexual Healing

Is a sexual  revolution in the air? Perhaps it’s the birds singing, the blossoms exploding into orgies of color, and the annual shedding and storing of our winter wardrobe. But this spring there’s something different – are you feeling an extra edge of rebellion and resistance? Whether it’s the potential […]

The Art of Receiving – Do You Deserve Pleasure?: Sexual Healing

ColumnAre you getting in the way of your own pleasure? Men often take pleasure for granted. Boys are taught that masturbation is an important, healthy part of puberty. They may hide in the bathroom, but society generally accepts that “boys will be boys.” For girls, self-pleasure is still a big no-no […]

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Redefining Cougar Women: Sexual Healing

 If you learned everything you know about “cougar women” from “The Graduate” or even “Sex and the City,” you’re still woefully ignorant about a very common dating scenario. There’s nothing predatory about older women dating younger men. The Mrs. Robinson myth is alive and well, despite major cultural shifts in […]

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