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Our 8 Favorite Sunday Brunch Recipes

Delicious brunch recipes from some of our favorite food blogs. For the past two months we’ve been running our Sunday Brunch series. We’re wrapping it up this weekend to leave room for a new series – keep an eye out for it next weekend – but we wanted to celebrate […]

Honey, Ginger Sparkling Lemonade with Rosemary

A sparkling dose of summer.  My friend Beda and I have an ongoing long distance food affair. Settled in a small town in Colorado, we send each other recipes on a regular basis, recommending new food books and asking for tips on what we should bring as a side to […]

Sunday Recipe: Beet Pesto

Move over basil. My mother is known for always having a couple of homemade spreads on hand. In fact, if we’re out of pesto to put on open faced sandwiches in the morning (we’re Swedish after all) she has been known to make a fresh batch at 6 a.m. Completely […]

Sunday Recipe: Eggplant-Zucchini Lasagna with Fontina

A vegetarian version of a dinner classic.  In need of some dinner inspiration? Today’s Sunday Recipe comes to us from Cara Eisenpress of Big Girls Small Kitchen, who makes this delicious vegetarian version of lasagna, perfect for serving to a family or at a gathering of friends.

Sunday Recipe: Fig and Coconut Walnut Cake

Have your gluten free walnut cake and eat it too. Packed with protein, omega 3s, and antioxidants, walnuts are an excellent source of energy. Their rich flavor also makes them perfect to bake with. And why wouldn’t you want to bake a cake entirely out of walnuts? Enter the Fig and Coconut Walnut […]

Sunday Recipe: Kale and Ginger Green Smoothie

Power charge your morning.  A friend joked recently that if you’re kale obsessed you could call yourself a “kalivore.” Call yourself what you want, but a kale smoothie is the perfect way to start the day. Drink this first thing, and you’re quickly energized. Yes, it’s bright green and you […]

Sunday Recipe: Salted Cherry Cardamom Chocolate Bark

You’ll never go back to a regular chocolate bar.  You’re having a chocolate craving. Resist the urge to down a box of cherry cordials and make this elegant yet simple chocolate bark instead. With dried cherries, a dash of sea salt, and some lemon zest, it’s the perfect after dinner […]

Sunday Brunch: Gluten Free Cinnamon Rolls

Whip up these delicious gluten-free versions of the traditional cinnamon roll.  Many of us have a Christmas morning tradition, and for one of our favorite food bloggers, Shauna James Ahern of Gluten Free Girl, it’s cinnamon rolls. These rolls happen to be 100% gluten free and are sure to please a […]

Sunday Recipe: Olive Oil and Polenta Cake

Because olive oil and sea salt are the perfect combination.  Everyone has to have a couple of go-to cake recipes. Because when it’s Sunday afternoon and you’ve spent all morning drinking coffee and reading The New York Times (you’re still impressed by this week’s Modern Love section, and weren’t Bill Cunningham’s […]

Sunday Brunch: French Chouquettes

French puffs of pastry for the breakfast averse. When it comes to food, we have a bit of a French obsession. Is there anything better than a cafe au lait and a pain aux raisins on a Sunday morning? Not a lot, but this recipe for choquettes from French Revolution […]

Sunday Brunch: Sour Cream Pecan Crumb Coffee Cakes

We know what you’ll be making for brunch today.  Welcome to Sunday Brunch, a new weekly series that’s bringing you inventive and delicious brunch recipes from our favorite food blogs around the web. Today, it’s Sour Cream Pecan Crumb Cake from Turntable Kitchen in the oven. And since Turntable Kitchen […]

Sunday Recipe: Anna’s Dutch Appeltaart with Cardamom

A trip to Amsterdam requires adventures in the kitchen upon return. I was destined to fall in love with the appeltaart. When I travel I have a tendency to fall for local foods. It may be the most basic of foods in that location, but when you’re an outsider, it’s […]

Sunday Brunch: Creamy Grits with Crispy Leeks

A delicious and creative brunch dish that’s perfect for the vegetarian crowd. Sometimes you need a new spin on culinary classic, and this recipe for Creamy Grits with Crispy Leeks happens to be vegetarian and gluten free, perfect for when you have tired of the bacon and bread combination that […]

Sunday Recipe: Tofu Scramble

A catchall recipe for everyone, tofu scramble just may become your go to Sunday brunch. “What’s for brunch?” It’s a common, lazy Sunday morning question in my home. When my boyfriend asks, I grin with a wink, and he knows what’s coming. Tofu scramble. There’s something about this recipe that […]

Sunday Recipe: Healthy Banana Bread

Banana bread revamped and loaded with essential fatty acids. When it comes to recipes, we all have a few go-to classics, many that we grew up on. Be it apple pie, banana bread or oatmeal cookies, these are our comfort foods. But a lot of the comforting concoctions stashed in […]

Sunday Recipe: Mixed Bean Salad

A fresh and hearty salad that’s easily packable for lunch.  I recently discovered food blog Happy Yolks, and it quickly made its way onto my list of favorites. With beautiful photography and believers in the value of good food, Happy Yolks embodies our own EcoSalon values about eating. As they […]

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Sunday Recipe: The Best Birthday Cake Ever

So decadent it could only be for celebrating a birthday.  Who ever said it was sad to make your own birthday cake was wrong. Here’s the thing about baking your own birthday cake: it ensures that you are in full control of what you are eating to celebrate your day. […]

Sunday Recipe: Swedish Apple Cake

Putting apple harvest to good use. When the first Gravenstein apples start to fall from our tree in late August, I pull out this recipe, Brita Nelsons Äppelkaka. I got it in 1970 from a friend (the cake’s namesake) when I still lived in Sweden. It is written with a […]

Sunday Recipe: How to Make Your Own Granola

Bringing new meaning to the term “granola girl.” Food tip of the week: never buy granola ever again. It’s one of the easiest things to make yourself, and because it stores well, you can make up a big batch and have enough for many breakfasts to come. The other great […]

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