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That Happened: Feminism According to Sheryl Sandberg

Column Until we remove the stigma around feminism and stop creating barriers between each other, we’re not going to achieve equality, no matter how far in we may lean. The first act of feminism I witnessed was mortifying. I was at my Brownie Fly-Up ceremony, the celebration of our troop […]

That Happened: Slut-Shaming

ColumnFrom Amanda Knox to a kindergarten girl’s short skirt, the message is clear: You should be ashamed. Last night I watched Chris Cuomo interview, if you can call it that, Amanda Knox on CNN. Throughout the interview, he interrogated her, called her a sexually perverse deviant, berated her for pausing to […]

Lindsay Lohan: That Happened

Why we really care whether or not Lindsay Lohan is sober. It’s easy to say we care about Lindsay Lohan and her sobriety because we hate to see the cutie from “The Parent Trap” movie remake struggling. We say we care because she was so loveable in “Mean Girls.” A […]

Really, Sexy Baby Voice? + Bustle Debuts: That Happened

ColumnWomen’s voices are being co-opted! Bustle —run by a man, written for ladies— and sexy baby voice. It’s been a while, but I’ve taken a lot of women’s studies classes. In many of them, we talked about women’s voices—the words we use, the manner in which we speak, who controls […]

Is NuvaRing Deadly? That Happened

Hormonal birth control, especially the pill, has been credited for liberating women. But are products like NuvaRing safe? While I never used NuvaRing, the product at the center of the most recent birth control controversy, like many women, I spent most of my adult (and teenage) life taking hormonal birth […]

Robin Thicke Keeps it Creepy: That Happened

Robin Thicke’s new video is the stalker jam we’ve all been waiting for. Everyone’s favorite creepy uncle Robin Thicke, who brought us “Blurred Lines,” the rape hit of summer 2013, is back with a new video. It’s disturbing in a whole new way. In February, Robin Thicke and his wife […]

Miley’s Twerk: That Happened

When it comes to how we talk about young women and sexuality, Miley’s twerk is the least of our problems. Miley Cyrus’ VMA performance took over the news cycle this week. There was outrage about slut-shaming—why was everyone disgusted by her but not by Robin Thicke? There was a gut […]

That Happened: Kaitlyn Hunt’s “Mistake”

But she’s a cheerleader! What to make of Kaitlyn Hunt. Three years ago, the people of the internet—and more importantly, the ACLU—rallied in support of a teen named Constance McMillen who wanted to take her girlfriend to the prom. Things ended well for Constance. Her school agreed to create a […]

The Government Shutdown Is About You: That Happened

ColumnThe government shutdown has a lot to do with your reproductive health. The effects of this week’s government shutdown are massive. Kids aren’t receiving access to cancer trials. The agency that certifies that organically labeled food is actually grown organically isn’t functioning. Have a civil liberty complaint? Hope it can […]

Trigger Warning: That Happened

Did a My Little Pony backpack trigger a bully? Did a trigger warning do anything to protect a victim of assault? A trigger warning usually comes in the form of a parenthetical in a headline or before the meat of a post, and will say something like: Trigger warning, this […]

Snip-Snip, the Stigma of Vasectomy: That Happened

In our society, pregnancy prevention is seen as women’s work. It’s time to talk about the big V: Vasectomy. If you’re eager to freak out the average American man, suggest he consider getting a vasectomy. Despite reports that about one out of five men over 35 have had a vasectomy, […]

Suicide and Storytelling: That Happened

When I was a junior in high school, two girls took their own lives. Twenty years later, I realize how writing about a friend’s suicide has shaped my outlook on storytelling. Twenty years ago this week, my mom was standing in the kitchen and asked me a simple question: Do […]

The Friend Babymoon: That Happened

The friend babymoon. A new thing we invented! I recently spent the weekend in Maine with three of my best friends, one of whom is pregnant. Without meaning to, we ended up on a friend babymoon. If that’s not a thing already, it should be. In addition to laughing until […]

The Maryville Rape: That Happened

It’s impossible not to remember the Steubenville rape when you read about the Maryville rape, but in this case, we hear from the girls. The Maryville rape case has many of the elements we’ve come to expect. Small town America. Football. Entitlement. Alcohol. Videos. Social media bullying. A teenage girl […]

Udonis Haslem’s Wedding Announcement: That Happened

ColumnNBA star Udonis Haslem’s wedding announcement in the New York Times adds to the cultural conversation about reproductive choice. In many ways, the New York Times story celebrating Udonis Haslem and Faith Rein’s wedding is pretty typical. Two kids with wildly different backgrounds meet in college. They start dating. Then, […]

Gay Stuff: That Happened

That Happened gets back to one of its core causes: gay stuff! This week in homophobia… Meet South Dakota State Rep. Steve Hickey — the leader in the campaign to educate people about the dangers of gay anal sex. Hickey wrote a letter to his local paper called, “A One […]

‘Lean In’ and the Work-Life Balance: That Happened

“Lean In” continues to divide women on issues related to work, privilege and balance. Is my decision to go freelance leaning in or leaning out? Sheryl Sandberg and the Lean In brand have suffered a few blows recently. Sandberg threw her big name behind Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, a congressional candidate who […]

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What Is Date Rape? That Happened

  What is date rape? It’s rape. If only that was all that needed to be said. I really feel like the question, “what is date rape?” was answered very effectively in a number of after school specials and very special episodes of TV shows back in the ‘80s and […]

‘The Fosters’ Takes on Late-Term Abortion: That Happened

ABC Family’s “The Fosters” tackles late-term abortion—and gets it right. A recent episode of “The Fosters” featuring a character getting a late-term abortion has me rethinking my regular viewing habits—unless “Stick It”,  the classic Missy Peregrym/Jeff Bridges movie about a non-conformist gymnast is on, you’ll rarely find me watching ABC […]

Women Against Feminism: That Happened

Women Against Feminism is proof that feminism has a branding problem. Back in the ‘60s, it was often assumed that if you identified as a feminist, you hated men, loved armpit hair and liked to sleep with the ladies. Fast forward to 2014 and the stereotypes are largely the same. […]

Carleigh’s Ass Rules: That Happened

What’s the best way to fight back against body-shaming bullies? Put your ass into it! The fastest way to make a girl feel bad is to make fun of her body. Forty-seven percent of girls in 5th-12th grade say they want to lose weight because of magazine pictures, according to […]

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