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Field to Flake: How Breakfast Cereal is Made

ColumnHow processed is it? While sleepily shaking your cereal flakes into a bowl, and absently pouring the milk over them, have you ever stopped to think, just before taking a big, slurpy bite, “How is this stuff made?” If you went ahead and took the time to find out, you’d […]

7 Steps to Successful Semi-Vegetarianism

Call it flexitarianism, conscious meat consumption, or low meat eating, lots of people are saving the flesh for special occasions and adopting a veg-centric diet. If you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan for the planet, but you really like meat and think you’ll miss it, or you’re worried […]

The Green Plate: Is Urban Farming the Next Green Cottage Industry?

ColumnAn urban farming legalization trend sweeps the country. Looking for a work-at-home green job? You might consider tilling the backyard and planting a few crops. No more fossil fuel burning commute, no need for professional attire purchased from sweatshop supporting retailers, no more disposable containers from the workaday desktop lunch, […]

What Starts with F, Ends with Uck? Our Love/Hate Affair with Food Trucks

We’d rather live near a taco truck, than a Taco Bell. Sure. And summer wouldn’t feel the same without the occasional Mr. Softee/Frosty Treats/ or Tactical Ice Cream Unit soft serve indulgence. But at some point this whole thing gets a little ridiculous. First there’s all those disposable plates and […]

Is a Farm Coming to a Strip Mall Near You?

Growing food closer to where we live, both in urban centers and suburban tracts, is going to become more important as oil prices rise. Right now, it’s an important step to providing access to healthy food for more people, making agriculture more sustainable and providing more opportunities for a younger […]

Taco Bell Sells Fake Meat. So What? Everybody’s Doing It

Food companies are like greedy cocaine dealers – cutting food with cheaper ingredients to increase profits. This is nothing new, and it’s not just happening with meat. But first, about that beef with Taco Bell’s “beef.” Vegetable proteins are cheaper than meat and that’s why they are used as extenders […]

Can Sustainable Restaurant Food Be Democratized?

You’ve heard the charge: “the sustainable food movement is elitist”¦eating local, organic, responsibly raised food is out of reach for the average person.” Though you could argue the truth of this statement, nowhere is this charge more applicable than in restaurants. If one has access to healthy fresh food in […]

Test Tube Steak: It’s What’s for Dinner

I can’t quite begin to imagine what the laboratory flesh created by scientists last month might taste like, but petri pork may be hitting the breakfast table sooner than you know. Nobody knows what it tastes like because the scientists who created this delicacy are not actually allowed to eat […]

The Ecology of Food

ColumnThe real danger of functional foods. You’re standing in the cereal, snack, drink, or dairy aisle and the packages are screaming their claims at you: “high fiber,” “low fat,” “contains probiotics,” “now with added soy protein.” Welcome to the world of functional foods—foods that claim to have health promoting or […]

Can You Be an Environmentalist and Still Eat Meat?

This is not a new question or a new debate, but perhaps for the first time, two non-meat eaters took different sides in the argument during a recent debate at Berkeley’s Brower Center. The conversation between vegetarian-rancher Nicolette Hahn Niman and “Mad Cowboy” Howard Lyman focused on the ethics of […]

Is the Urban Farming Movement Here to Stay?

Urban farming has the potential to help us take charge of the foods we eat, green our cities, build community, and increase food security for urban residents. Everyday, there’s articles about backyard chickens, bee keeping, or urban yard sharing. Clearly urban agriculture is at the top of the trend pile. […]

Cooking Up a New Way to Be Green

You may be a slave to the stove but you can also be a steward of the planet with new earth-friendly cookware developed by Ecolution. Day in, day out, we use the stove – and of course, our cookware – to heat our meals and cook our snacks. But a […]

10 Creative, Fun, Food Websites and Newsletters

I know your inbox is full and so is mine. Just when I think I can’t possibly read one more newsletter or look at one more food website, someone launches a new one that I can’t resist. For the information overloaded among us, here’s a curated list of our top […]

The Green Plate: Road Tripping Regional Eats

Column Unique foods from state to state. Last week, The Green Plate took us on a street food tour around the world. This week, we’re going to survey regional delicacies across the U.S. that rarely leave their regions. It’s not easy to find these culinary outposts because we (and our […]

Seasonal Produce Superstars

ColumnLearn how to prepare okra, eggplant, tomatillos, jicama, and nopales. Are you in a corn, tomato, and basil rut? Read on to learn how to choose, use, and enjoy some of summer’s most overlooked stars.

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Oil

Have you ever been confused about which vegetable oils are healthiest? Or which ones to use for what purposes? You’re not alone. Vegetable oils are a slippery minefield. We’ve read it all: Canola oil good. Canola oil bad. Expeller pressed or cold pressed? Refined or unrefined? With so many differing […]

The Green Plate: Eating Brooklyn – Top Picks from Locals

I thought my hometown of Oakland, CA (home to the Eat Real Festival and famous urban farmers like Novella Carpenter) was pretty food obsessed. Then I went to Brooklyn. It seems you can’t walk down a street in Brooklyn without stumbling over an artisan food purveyor or a fresh new […]

How to Eat: 14 Greatest Hits from The Green Plate

ColumnOur top columns on how to eat ethically. Whether you’re new to Ecosalon, or just beginning to navigate the choppy waters of ethical eating, you’ll find the following 14 links instructive in helping you eat (and live) both well and deliciously. 1. How to Cook Despite your best intentions, do […]

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25 Awesome DIY Projects Made From Nature

Use nature to decorate your space with these gorgeous DIY projects. Spring is an amazing time of year to combine two of my favorite things–nature and DIY.  My husband and I like to take walks at the local nature reserve near our home. We also like to garden and spend […]

How to Not Sweat (or Stink) With Natural Deodorant

A healthy lifestyle, clean foods, nontoxic personal care products. These are all high on our list of must haves. Soaking wet pits are not. How to not sweat when making the switch to natural deodorants? You use organic cosmetics, nontoxic shampoo, natural body lotion. Have yet to make the change […]

Social Media Activism Helps Women Reclaim Their Bodies

Social media activism can be done anywhere.

You might not think that a social media platform would be the place where women go to reclaim their bodies. But that’s just what the following women did.

Mashable recently published a great article detailing the stories of three women who harnessed the power of social media activism to claim their identity by discussing their bodies. Each woman’s story is incredibly moving but totally different:

6 Recycling Benefits That Put Your Lame Excuses to Shame

Recycling benefits everything and everyone. Here, 6 common myths to throw away. Like, right now. Maybe you started off with a passionate mission to recycle and do your part for the environment, but it’s since fallen by the wayside with an apathetic “thud.” Or maybe you’re one of the many […]

Trust Your Gut: Using Intuition for Good Health

Always trust your gut. It knows what your head hasn’t figured out yet. ~Unknown We are programmed, here in the West, to run to our physician whenever we aren’t feeling well. Of course, there are times this is warranted. But many times our gut is trying to tell us something. […]

Jemima Kirke Shares Her Abortion Story [Video]

Jemima Kirke, of HBO’s “Girls” recently shared her abortion story with the Center for Reproductive Rights. Kirke’s story is similar to many women’s abortion stories as it was very difficult for her to afford the procedure. As she said: It wasn’t totally unavailable, and that’s the tricky part — there […]

Big Tobacco Sues FDA Over Labeling Requirements

Does big tobacco have a legal leg to stand on with labeling requirements? On Tuesday, big tobacco filed suit against FDA over tobacco product labeling, claiming that the agency had overstepped its authority. The lawsuit is in response to a guidance issued in March which requires that tobacco companies submit […]

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The Green Plate: In Praise of the Fava Bean

ColumnFava beans are a seasonal superfood you should make time to enjoy. People who don’t like to spend time in the kitchen tend to think that fava beans were surely invented by some sort of cooking sadist. I have a farmer friend who grows them and she won’t even prep […]

Unethical Food Traditions: Stick a Fork in It

ColumnFrom tuna to turtles, some cultural food traditions create such egregious ethical and environmental consequences, they can never be justified. When is a cultural tradition a legitimate reason to continue to consume something that’s environmentally problematic? When is it just a convenient excuse to keep eating whatever we want or […]

The 10 Biggest Issues With the Global Food System: Part 1 of 2

If you ask food experts like Michael Pollan, Marian Nestle, Gary Nabhan, Vandana Shiva, and numerous other writers and scholars what the biggest problems in our global, industrialized food system are, you’ll end up with a lot to chew on. It’s difficult to separate the problems into discrete categories because […]

4 Different News Stories, 4 Different Answers: The Truth About GMOs

Confused about GMOs? You’re probably not alone. There’s a war of words going on, and as with any war, there’s plenty of propaganda and hyperbole to go around. Are GMOs a dangerous, unproven technology or the only way to feed the world? What have you been reading? As an illustration, […]

The Green Plate: Seasonal Superfoods

ColumnWhat to eat and when to eat it for better health and greater enjoyment. Most people know enough about nutrition to realize they are better off eating Daikon than donuts, and many have heard of “superfoods,” but beyond that very basic knowledge, how much do we know about which foods […]