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The Green Plate: Road Tripping Regional Eats

Column Unique foods from state to state. Last week, The Green Plate took us on a street food tour around the world. This week, we’re going to survey regional delicacies across the U.S. that rarely leave their regions. It’s not easy to find these culinary outposts because we (and our […]

10 Foods You Didn’t Know Were Processed

In the wake of Unprocessed October, you may have developed a taste for more simply-prepared fare. Problem is, you can’t trust your senses. Think that rolled oats are as untouched as food gets? Think again – and check out the rest of this list of 10 surprisingly processed foods! « […]

Can You Be an Environmentalist and Still Eat Meat?

This is not a new question or a new debate, but perhaps for the first time, two non-meat eaters took different sides in the argument during a recent debate at Berkeley’s Brower Center. The conversation between vegetarian-rancher Nicolette Hahn Niman and “Mad Cowboy” Howard Lyman focused on the ethics of […]

Eat Real Festival: Building Community 1 Street Food Cart at a Time

With a tag line, “putting the food back in fast,” snappy graphics and smart social marketing, the Eat Real Festival, a three-day community-based extravaganza in Oakland, Calif. set up exactly the right expectations. It promised to be a fun place to go, where good food would be served for affordable […]

The Green Plate: Down with Factory Chicken Flesh

What is it with people and their boneless, skinless chicken breasts? Especially the smug ones who think they are being so green and healthy by eating a low fat white meat? True, most chicken is lower in fat than beef or pork. But how nutritious, really, is our mass-produced, mass-market […]

How the Food Industry Influences What We Eat

I have a friend who refers to the Standard American Diet by the acronym SAD. This is an apt description indeed. Think about it. We have more colorfully packaged choices on the shelves of our supermarkets, more new flavors of cereal, crackers, and chips than we know what to do […]

Everything You Need to Know About Buying Oil

Have you ever been confused about which vegetable oils are healthiest? Or which ones to use for what purposes? You’re not alone. Vegetable oils are a slippery minefield. We’ve read it all: Canola oil good. Canola oil bad. Expeller pressed or cold pressed? Refined or unrefined? With so many differing […]

Eating Local and Organic By the Seasons

Okay, so you know how to shop the farmers’ market and you know that when you shop the farmers’ market, it’s easy to buy what’s local and in season because that’s what the farmers are selling. But most people still do the majority of their shopping in grocery stores. When […]

Seasonal Superfoods: Blueberries

ColumnIdeas for one of the best superfoods of summer. You may have heard that colorful fruits and vegetables are the most nutritious. It’s true. It’s because of the phytochemicals, or micronutrients, these foods contain. Phytochemicals include the famous disease-fighting compounds we hear about like antioxidants, flavenoids, and carotenoids, and are […]

Seasonal Produce Superstars

ColumnLearn how to prepare okra, eggplant, tomatillos, jicama, and nopales. Are you in a corn, tomato, and basil rut? Read on to learn how to choose, use, and enjoy some of summer’s most overlooked stars.

How Investment Bankers Cause Starvation

You can forget the familiar argument about whether or not sustainable, organic agriculture can feed a growing population, or whether we need genetically modified foods to increase production. It’s nothing more than a Red Herring. It’s not that we don’t have enough food to feed the world. The problem is […]

9 Top Tools (+2) for Ethical Eaters

The explosion of movies and books detailing the problems within our food system seems to be having an impact on mainstream consumer attitudes about food. And this new awareness is starting to impact buying behavior. I’m talking about the movies Food Inc., The Cove, and Supersize Me, movie and book, […]

Can Sustainable Restaurant Food Be Democratized?

You’ve heard the charge: “the sustainable food movement is elitist”¦eating local, organic, responsibly raised food is out of reach for the average person.” Though you could argue the truth of this statement, nowhere is this charge more applicable than in restaurants. If one has access to healthy fresh food in […]

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Slow Going at Slow Food (And That’s the Point)

A rift in slow food reveals big growing pains. The foodiverse was all atwitter over this article from Chow last week. A rift has been forming between two factions within Slow Food USA, a non-profit organization that promotes the pleasures of the table, artisanal food production methods, sustainable agriculture, and […]

Easy Tips for Using the Last of Summer’s Produce

Fun ways to ensure a waste-free harvest season. It’s a sad fact that nearly 50% of the food we grow goes to waste. Some of that is wasted in the fields, after harvest, and some in distribution. Out of the food that actually makes it to the store, we, as […]

Field to Flake: How Breakfast Cereal is Made

ColumnHow processed is it? While sleepily shaking your cereal flakes into a bowl, and absently pouring the milk over them, have you ever stopped to think, just before taking a big, slurpy bite, “How is this stuff made?” If you went ahead and took the time to find out, you’d […]

How to Eat: 14 Greatest Hits from The Green Plate

ColumnOur top columns on how to eat ethically. Whether you’re new to Ecosalon, or just beginning to navigate the choppy waters of ethical eating, you’ll find the following 14 links instructive in helping you eat (and live) both well and deliciously. 1. How to Cook Despite your best intentions, do […]

The Best Superfoods Are the Ones Growing in Your Garden

ColumnReaders tell us what they’re growing in their summer gardens. As a fun way to look at what’s in season across the country and in other parts of the world, we took this month’s Seasonal Superfoods on the road. We asked our readers via Facebook and Twitter what they’re growing, […]

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