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From the Vault: See the World

7 stories about travel and what it can do for our world – and for us. Travel: as this gentleman famously said, it’s fatal to bigotry, prejudice and narrow-mindedness. Once your feet meet the road, it’s not enough to merely see the world – you want to understand it as […]

Bike Share Programs You Don’t Want to Miss Out On

Green travel isn’t just about buying carbon offsets and choosing resorts that serve local, organic fare, it’s about crafting an itinerary that’s built around more sustainable options. That’s especially true when it comes to transportation. Buzzing around a city and racking up cab fare certainly isn’t the most environmentally friendly […]

The Rules of International Romance

Been there, loved that. “Traveling is like flirting with life. It’s like saying, ‘I would stay and love you, but I have to go; this is my station.’” -Lisa St. Aubin de Terán There are few things sweeter in life than the thrill of freshly-sparked infatuation. Regardless of whether the […]

Go Climb a Tree and Stay a Night or Two

I grew up in the suburbs of Los Angeles when phones were rotary and the coolest video game going was Atari Pong. Or maybe it was Pac Man. My point being that there wasn’t a lot to do indoors after school, so we headed outside. After a quick snack, it […]

5 Low-Impact Ways to Experience Central Park

Our friends over at Planet Green came up with five low-impact ways to explore New York City’s Central Park. Most of them are free and all of them are decidedly earth-friendly. So why aren’t you there right now enjoying nature? The first landscaped public park in the United States, Central […]

Foodie Underground: Appreciating Simple Food

ColumnTaking a Swedish approach to appreciating our everyday food routines. I’ve been traveling for a few weeks, and in doing so have failed to keep up with the latest and greatest in food news that seems to inundate the blogosphere on a daily basis. But a girl needs a break […]

Places & Spaces: The Hotel Triton, San Francisco

San Francisco’s Hotel Triton has been a pioneer in eco lodging since the early 1990s. Kimpton Hotels have been leaders in the industry when it comes to eco-friendly accommodations. The company’s Hotel Triton in downtown San Francisco is no different and actually started it all with an “eco-floor” back in the […]

Poverty or Poison? Mexico Beaches and the Human Stain

I’ve been to Mexico many times, always typically as a dirty surfing traveler. I’ve gotten sick. Whether it’s the water, the food, the fruit in the market, I don’t know, but Mexico isn’t a country that typically agrees with me. It’s a land of contradictions and uncanny juxtapositions. Just on […]

Shrimp, Petroleum and a Hurricane Named Katrina

Last week I wrote about about my friend Mary Osborne’s trip to the Gulf. Writing it hit me a hard emotionally, as I’m preparing to tour the area with a delegation of people from my hometown of Portland, Oregon in the next few weeks. Right now, we’re doing logistics, fundraisers, […]

Fly the Green Skies: 4 Eco-Friendly Airlines

On a recent holiday weekend flight between two West Coast cities, I thought about the thoughtful and harmful things my travel companion and I had done in regards to the environment the day we traveled. We’d recycled, turned down our thermostats, and taken public transportation to San Francisco International Airport […]

8 Local Foods Worth Traveling For

Basic dishes you might consider getting on a plane for.  Travel isn’t travel without eating. You can’t get to know a place without tasting the local specialties, and food is often one of the best mediums to explore a culture. Be it in a market, on the street, at a […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel in 2015

The new year is upon us, and with it come the new year’s resolutions that we have the best intentions of keeping (but, admittedly, typically fall by the wayside come February). This year, though, I suggest we all try a different tactic – a set of resolutions that foster health, […]

Nourish Your Body and Soul: Plan a Mediterranean Diet Vacation

A Greek salad with fresh feta. Grilled lamb chops with bright sprigs of mint. Mussels sautéed with flavorful tomatoes and garlic, partnered with earthy olives and potatoes. Now, picture these Mediterranean diet dishes served against a setting as delicious as the meals themselves: a farm-to-table restaurant overlooking rolling vineyards, a […]

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