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Foodie Underground: How to Travel Like a Foodie

ColumnA step-by-step guide to making sure you travel like a food lover. “You can’t eat yet.” My tablemates were ready to dig into their meal when my best friend and travel partner Rachel alerted everyone that they had to wait for a few. “Just one second,” I said, while whipping […]

Places & Spaces: Gaia Hotel and Reserve, Costa Rica

The Gaia Hotel & Preserve is a Costa Rican getaway guaranteed to bring you back to nature. This is the first installment in a new round of Places & Spaces here on EcoSalon. Look for writer Kara DiCamillo’s travel series here every Saturday. Situated next to the Pacific Ocean in […]

The Boreal Forest of Canada Gets a Second Chance at Life

“It is difficult to realize how great a part of all that is cheerful and delightful in the recollections of our own life is associated with trees.” – Wilson Flagg, Naturalist There’s a sadly familiar pattern that comes with environmental news stories about the world’s great forests. “Here’s why they’re […]

4 Things to Inspire Your Conscious Travel Spirit

In this day and age, the word “green” gets thrown around a lot. But what does it really mean? When we talk about “green travel” it tends to imply anything from eco resorts to carbon offsets. These are all good things, but the crucial part about “green” travel isn’t that […]

Exploring America, Eco Style: My Trip to Death Valley

When Woody Guthrie sang of redwood forests and diamond deserts in “This Land is Your Land”, his lyrics suggested his roaming and rambling was entirely on foot. But the reality is that the United States is so vast and diverse that these days, motorized transport of some kind is needed for serious […]

Gorgeous Geodesic-Dome Pods (Seriously!)

I have an unusual relationship with winter. I love it and I hate it. Freezing fingers, frosted windshields, and walking the dog in temperatures below freezing are the antonym to my definition of pleasure. But crisp air hovering above a pristine dusting of fresh, powdery snow and frosted pine cones […]

Suitcase Travel: The Ultimate in Conscious Living

Tips for traveling light (stylishly) wherever you may roam. Anyone who has ever tried to haul oversize suitcases along city streets, onto buses and trains, or up the stairs of a subway platform is well acquainted with the less glamorous side of travel. There are the sweat-stains, the fear of […]

6 of America’s Coolest Trees

Explore a forest. Remember the Lorax who spoke for the trees? As colorful as they may be,Truffula Trees have nothing on the ones in our own backyard. These six magnificent trees would leave even the Lorax speechless — and you don’t have to venture into a Dr. Suess book to find […]

Africa and The Elephant

Driving east beyond the Cape of Good Hope and the true terminus of Africa, Cape Agulhas, where the convergence of the Indian and The Atlantic Ocean dance to support untold stories of life and struggle in the ocean – the land of South Africa opens up. For the wild beasts […]

To Catch Plastic and To Kill a Fish

I’m now just over a week at sea, having left Angra Dos Reis (Anchorage of the Kings), Brazil on November 8th. Our crew is now some 1100 miles out, sampling the ocean for plastic pollution every 60 nautical miles or so. As I sit here, a storm rages outside, and […]

Eat Pray Love Syndrome

The woman in your Yogalates class explaining that the switch from coffee to green tea has changed her life – really “centered” her – she might have it. Your coworker who returned from a two-week service trip to Southeast Asia and promptly bought everyone in the office a copy of […]

Have Pillow, Will Travel

“I never stay in a hotel room that isn’t nicer than my own bedroom,” Bay Area designer Stephen Shubel once told me. In other words, the designer would never stand for rough and scratchy linens, a skimpy polyester blanket or a lumpy old pillow on his rented bed, and neither […]

Video: Holi

VideoLife is extraordinary. Embrace it. Take a moment, slow down and appreciate the simple beauties wherever you are. Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

50 Scenic Stops for Your End of Summer Road Trip

50 of America’s most beautiful natural tourist attractions – one for each state. If you could choose just one natural wonder to see in each of America’s fifty states, what would they be? Considering the astonishing beauty that can be found all across the United States, that would be a […]

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5 New Year’s Resolutions for Travel in 2015

The new year is upon us, and with it come the new year’s resolutions that we have the best intentions of keeping (but, admittedly, typically fall by the wayside come February). This year, though, I suggest we all try a different tactic – a set of resolutions that foster health, […]

Nourish Your Body and Soul: Plan a Mediterranean Diet Vacation

A Greek salad with fresh feta. Grilled lamb chops with bright sprigs of mint. Mussels sautéed with flavorful tomatoes and garlic, partnered with earthy olives and potatoes. Now, picture these Mediterranean diet dishes served against a setting as delicious as the meals themselves: a farm-to-table restaurant overlooking rolling vineyards, a […]

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