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Divine Intervention

Shimmer – just because you can. Glamour is back and it’s taking all different forms this fall. Tailored looks flatter the feminine figure but it’s the playful fantasia that’s got me going. Gold may be "the" hue for jewelry this season, but who said it couldn’t spill over into apparel? […]

Trend: Artisan Concrete

Sara here. I’m cementing this creative trend with a name I can remember: Artisan Concrete. Check out the flocks of sparrows (!), curling floral motifs by Transparent House, and more. If you happen to be eco-gutting an old home or looking into sustainable real estate, consider cement or concrete for […]

Agricultural Skyscrapers: Green Buildings You Can Munch On

Agricultural skyscrapers: talk about green building, literally. Vertical farming is on the horizon, because in the city, growth is up, not out. In an urban area where there’s no land left on the ground, it’s only the sky that’s the limit. French architect and Columbia professor, Dickson Despommier, has caught […]

Clutch of Class

Summer seems to call for clutches, diminutive bags that rest ever so lightly on our laps at the Hollywood Bowl or on the side of our chair at a favorite outdoor cafe. With all the hype about the dangers of resting our hefty handbags on the ground (a filthy habit when you […]

The Tuscan Table and Magnificent Morocco with Peggy Markel

Are you yearning to get on a plane to a beautiful, exotic place where you can learn to cook – and properly indulge in – slow, delicious, authentic local food? Peggy Markel is a peripatetic artisan goddess and Slow Food leader who hosts cooking tours to Morocco and Italy. She’s […]

Week in Chic Fashion Links

      There’s lots of activity in the fashion blog world this week-deals, beauty tips, and more. Check out these links. The Bargain Queen tests the theory about Tarte’s 4 Day Stay Lash Stain mascara. Watch the video to see what happens. Hip Candy is selling some cute shoes she purchased […]

Getting Plastered: a Greener Way to Finishing Walls

There’s nothing warmer than a Tuscan farmhouse patina on cottage or even apartment walls, something faux finishers have long tried to reproduce. But conventional methods of sponging on toxic decorative paints will soon reside in the history books along with the old Medici clan of Florence. Earthy plaster is the […]

And If I See So Much As One Fanny Pack…

I’m a true “Ëœ80s girl at heart and I openly confess that I was pumped when leggings came back in style. Much to my surprise, the trend, along with off-the-shoulder and billowy tees, have lasted through the seasons and may just have broken into the mainstream for good. Fast-forward to […]

A Dress to Impress

I love a nice evening dress, but truth be told, I don’t have a cocktail party every night of the week (or any night of the week, for that matter). What I do need is a stylish dress that I can wear during daylight hours – nothing too short or […]

Mercedes and Beemer Up the Electric Ante

With their impending releases later this year – and what we really hope is an honest-to-goodness demand for electric cars – the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have been front-and-center news in recent months. In fact, just last week we were telling you about the Nissan entry selling out during its […]

The Key to My Eco-Heart

Last Sunday after brunch, my friend and I hit Melrose for window shopping, and there it was: a white porcelain key hanging from the neck of a very hip woman. There it swung, elegantly and simply by a thin, black leather cord. Now, I’ve done my eco-homework. Porcelain falls into […]

Ask Not What Your Environment Can Do for You…

You hear cynics say that bringing your own grocery bags to the store isn’t going to make a difference. That we need to get industry to stop polluting and government to commit to renewable energy. And then they say, with none-too-little smugness: “But hey…go ahead and do it if it […]

The Sustainable Shirtdress: On Trend

The classic white shirt gets a chic and sustainable spin this season as the shirtdress. Tailored shirts have transformed and paved their way through decades of nuances in fashions and trends, only to emerge as one of the most iconic garments of the past century. This season the classic and […]

Take Two and Call Me in the Morning

Here’s a case where quality means quantity: people who lack joy and don’t consider life worth living are likely to experience significantly shortened lifespans. These early deaths can come from suicide, but a generally unhappy outlook also increases the chance of death from heart disease and stroke. So says a […]

Week in Chic: Making High Fashion Attainable

  Here at EcoSalon, we’re all about bringing the latest trends to you in ways that are both practical and affordable. But we’re not the only ones-all of our friends in the fashion blogosphere are working hard, with the same goal in mind. Enjoy plentiful tips this week, from Comme […]

Metallic Glam: The Gold and Silver Standard Gowns

Metallic Glam has been identified and secured by Style.com and WWD as a significant category for this fall. Designers such as Marc Jacobs, Ralph Lauren and Donna Karen all offered up their renditions for this eye-catching trend! Fortunately, eco-designers were equally ambitious and attuned. Linda Loudermilk included a sleek and […]

Laughter Yoga

I was at a wellness festival last weekend and noticed a group of perfectly reasonable adults laughing their heads off. I mean, they were obnoxiously loud. Then I noticed the Indian man in the saffron robe leading them in their ridiculous guffaws. It was laughter yoga. Soon laughter and smiles […]

Nonsmoking Beaches in the Future?

Have you ever had your day at the beach ruined by cigarette smoke? You’re there to breathe in the fresh salt air and you just can’t stop smelling that harsh cigarette smoke wafting in from one of your beach bunny neighbors. The town of Barnstable, Massachusetts, agrees. (I’m on a […]

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On Trend: Tropico

Put a summery twist on any wintry outfit with this week’s tropical-themed picks. This week’s theme may have something to do with me being on vacation in the Canary Islands. But, no matter where in the world you’re in and how cold the outside temperature happens to be, these tropical-themed […]

Taxidermy: Sustainable Chic or Complete Eek?

Is taxidermy too macabre for home decor? Taxidermy, a Greek word meaning skin arranging, is something one might associate with cat obsessives or hunter-types that rely on hoofs and antlers to mount their egos. The collection of artistic taxidermy meanwhile, which was traditionally a rather Victorian pursuit, has given the […]

Foodie Underground: From Trendy to Tradition

ColumnWhy we have to stop thinking of the “foodie” movement as a trend. Luxury continues to inspire the culinary world, and its eager diners. From $3,000 dinner reservations to a select list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, the top tier of the food chain is elevating the art of […]

The Rise of Geoengineering: Smart? Safe? Too Easy?

Though the it’s-too-late set seems to be growing, most scientists agree that when it comes to human-induced climate change, there are solutions. Most of these solutions are ambitious. Some, in fact, might be too ambitious – and perhaps too dangerous on a number of fronts. Geoengineering is exactly what it […]

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