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Sexy 70s, Sustainably.

The era of ultra-low and oft-unflattering jeans may finally be coming to an end (notwithstanding the bleats of the thong underwear industry). High-waist, feminine, flowing jeans have made their biggest comeback since the “Ëœ70s this spring, only now they’re being done in loose, comfortable style. Get in on this trend […]

Eco Style, if You Pleat

From the schoolgirl mini to tennis-court chic, the pleated skirt has been a paragon of prettiness for much of the past century. Pleats are the chameleons of eco-fashion, showing up in designs that range from punk to prim-and-proper. As a wardrobe statement, this structural pleated skirt with is a knockout […]

Mercedes and Beemer Up the Electric Ante

With their impending releases later this year – and what we really hope is an honest-to-goodness demand for electric cars – the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have been front-and-center news in recent months. In fact, just last week we were telling you about the Nissan entry selling out during its […]

Dream a Little Dress

Week of the Dress This time of year brings about daydreams of sunny vacations – sipping a margarita poolside in Mexico or strolling the clean, quiet streets of Bermuda. These fantasies conjure up images of light, flowing dresses. And then it begins: your real-life hunt for the perfect sundress. This […]

No, Mr. Bond, I Expect You to Go Green

We interrupt your normal EcoSalon programming for an urgent public service message, Dire, really. Is the world’s favourite super-spy greening up his act? Coming soon to a big screen near you is Quantum of Solace, the second outing for Daniel Craig’s reimagined James Bond. (Sadly, ladies, he won’t be wearing […]

10 Hottest Green Cars of 2010

Once upon a time, green cars weren’t exactly hot. Only hardcore treehuggers knew much about them, let alone owned one, while most of the world continued to carry on the grand love affair with SUVs. It’s 2010, and the times have definitely changed. Now, fuel-efficient cars of all stripes, from […]

The In Crowd: Transparent Accessories

Rewind a decade to my high school days – I remember longing for all the clear accessories that lined the shelves of “juniors” stores at the local mall. I opted for the see-through buckle clasp handbag and dainty rhinestone-accented Lucite heels to attain the desired look. Jumping back into present […]

Green Consumers Impressed by Results, not Promises

The Greenwashers are scrambling. That’s the conclusion reached by the State Of Green Business Report 2008 (pdf), produced by Greener World Media (edited by Joel Makower). The report surveyed the so-called greening up of the top corporations in the U.S. We have a long way to go, and despite progress […]

Yours Truly, Bermuda

Back in the day when I traveled to the island, the staple Bermuda shorts worn mostly by men had not yet become an international symbol of casual chic for women. Nor did the shorts look like today’s counterpart. I must admit that I’m thrilled by the reinvention. I find that […]

An Eco Eye on Sheers for Fall

Sexy by day, sexy by night. We all love a look that translates well from sunrise to sunset. Not only is it more economical and eco-friendly, but it’s also easy for the busy green woman. Sheers plastered the runways and fall fashion magazines as one of this season’s welcome trends. […]

Ask Not What Your Environment Can Do for You…

You hear cynics say that bringing your own grocery bags to the store isn’t going to make a difference. That we need to get industry to stop polluting and government to commit to renewable energy. And then they say, with none-too-little smugness: “But hey…go ahead and do it if it […]

Signs You Suffer from Cyberaddiction

My name is Luanne and I’m a webaholic. Okay, now you say “Hi, Luanne” cause you should probably be in a meeting, too. If you’re like me, you’d wear a cyber patch if there was one on the market. For instance, right now the old cat is howling cause she’s […]

True Green Confessions

I adore canvas tote bags. This is an issue, considering that the whole "tote bag concept" is supposed to be about combating waste by reusing a canvas bag rather than tossing yet another plastic one. But if, like me, you’ve never seen a canvas bag with a witty message or […]

Divine Intervention

Shimmer – just because you can. Glamour is back and it’s taking all different forms this fall. Tailored looks flatter the feminine figure but it’s the playful fantasia that’s got me going. Gold may be "the" hue for jewelry this season, but who said it couldn’t spill over into apparel? […]

Merchants of Venice Tormented by Thrifty Tourists

Legend has it there was a time when you could move through the fashion boutiques, Murano shops and cafes of San Marcos Square without battling monstrous crowds. Friends of mine even speak of walking right into the Duomo, right on in. No sweating a one-hour line. But these days, the […]

Feel the Beat on Your Feet

A little graffiti for your feet? This graphic shoe du jour by Ndeur, a Toronto-based company, is taking the streets in style. Using vintage pumps and sneakers as his canvas, Parisian artist Mathieu Missiaen hand-paints bold patterns on his customizable designs. Harking to my favorite decade (the 80s, of course), […]

Clutch Lust

Everyone needs a tiny purse for a night out on the town. In fact, I am in desperate need. My friends always tease me for being the girl in the bar with the huge tote that looks ridiculous and gets in everyone’s way. So, what’s small and copper and cool […]

Corporate Style: not an Oxymoron

Having survived for over a year as a freelancer, I forget what it’s like to be part of the corporate world. Thinking back to those years, I remember my constant struggle with dressing office-appropriate while still looking stylish. When faced with a business casual or off-campus event, one has to […]

Stevia-Sweetened Zevia

For some, stevia is an acquired taste. It’s got a particular flavor that I love, but some just don’t. If you’re among the fans of stevia as a natural, plant-based sweetener that doesn’t bump your glucose, you’ve got a reason to rejoice: Zevia. Zevia is a stevia-sweetened diet-soda (for those […]

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On Trend: Tropico

Put a summery twist on any wintry outfit with this week’s tropical-themed picks. This week’s theme may have something to do with me being on vacation in the Canary Islands. But, no matter where in the world you’re in and how cold the outside temperature happens to be, these tropical-themed […]

Taxidermy: Sustainable Chic or Complete Eek?

Is taxidermy too macabre for home decor? Taxidermy, a Greek word meaning skin arranging, is something one might associate with cat obsessives or hunter-types that rely on hoofs and antlers to mount their egos. The collection of artistic taxidermy meanwhile, which was traditionally a rather Victorian pursuit, has given the […]

Foodie Underground: From Trendy to Tradition

ColumnWhy we have to stop thinking of the “foodie” movement as a trend. Luxury continues to inspire the culinary world, and its eager diners. From $3,000 dinner reservations to a select list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, the top tier of the food chain is elevating the art of […]

The Rise of Geoengineering: Smart? Safe? Too Easy?

Though the it’s-too-late set seems to be growing, most scientists agree that when it comes to human-induced climate change, there are solutions. Most of these solutions are ambitious. Some, in fact, might be too ambitious – and perhaps too dangerous on a number of fronts. Geoengineering is exactly what it […]

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