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The Eternal Stiletto

There was a time, oh…say a year or so ago, when suddenly the stiletto was nowhere to be found. After years of developing my personal collection, the shoe I considered a classic had vanished from high fashion. Round toe, wedge, stacked heel, “Ëœ50s pump all plastered the magazines and runways. […]

‘Tis the Season to Wear Some Romance

Romance isn’t just a concept worn thin by fairy tales and Hollywood movies that leave women like me wondering “where’s my knight in shining armor?” It’s an attitude easily accessible from within each and every one of us. And it’s a good thing. Since summer 2008 we’ve seen ruffles and […]

Goodybe Turtleneck, Hello Cowl

The high cowl-neck style is a timeless emblem of sophistication. From sleeveless to sweater-dress, cowls are popping up all over the eco-fashion world – and you don’t have to worry about itchy fabrics against your neck. The new breed of cowls come in sikly smooth bamboos, organic cashmeres, cottons and […]

Getting Plastered: a Greener Way to Finishing Walls

There’s nothing warmer than a Tuscan farmhouse patina on cottage or even apartment walls, something faux finishers have long tried to reproduce. But conventional methods of sponging on toxic decorative paints will soon reside in the history books along with the old Medici clan of Florence. Earthy plaster is the […]

Rockin' It Manly

Menswear inspired eco suit jackets? Heck yeah! But I’m not talking Miami Vice pastels, I’m talking the tailored and the rocker – definitely a worthy wardrobe staple you should be considering. Why? Because it’s a versatile piece that will always be there for you at the office, for cocktail parties […]

Eco-Trendy Tees at Sublet

I’m not one to clutter my closet with the latest trends – my fashion focus is more about quality than quantity. But when I see a sexy tee the likes of which has graced the cover of one or two fashion mags, I don’t shy away. Mostly because I wear […]

Mercedes and Beemer Up the Electric Ante

With their impending releases later this year – and what we really hope is an honest-to-goodness demand for electric cars – the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt have been front-and-center news in recent months. In fact, just last week we were telling you about the Nissan entry selling out during its […]

Prancing Around in Print Pants

The graphic trend may have seemed destined just for summer dresses and tie-dyed tops, but summertime infuses a vibrant spirit into all of us and so the trend spreads – to print pants! Zig-zags, animal prints, and techno ethnic prints are staking their claim in the summer trend scene. Good […]

Eat Your Meat and Feel Good About It, Too

Many people are confronting the ethical dilemma of eating meat produced through factory farming. And the recent Pew Study confirms some of our worst environmental and public health fears. At some point, the claims of “all natural” at the local grocery store’s butcher counter just start to ring hollow. What’s […]

25 Gentle Reminders to Cultivate Your Gratitude Attitude

The economy isn’t stunning (all right, I admit, that’s putting it generously). And climate change just keeps on changing. But the truth is that in spite of great challenges, there are also plenty of things going on in the world – and in your life – to be thankful for. […]

Hot for Fall: (Eco) Booties

Skeptical at first, I’ve come to embrace the bootie look. Good with jeans, great with skirts, the versatile style will have you trotting stylishly through the season. I’ve been scoping the scene in search of the perfect pair and I’m proud to report that my favorites are also the eco-friendly […]

10 Handy Green Gadgets You'll Love to Use

Just because we women like the latest green design and fashion trends doesn’t mean we’re not into green technology, too. I happen to be equally techie and earth mama myself – and I know plenty of women who are nuts about technology. Here are some useful green gadgets you’ll have […]

Show a Little Shoulder

We’ve come a long way from loosely hanging sweatshirts, leggings, and side ponytails, yet the ’80s off-the-shoulder look is back in style. Now, I’m one to steer clear of unfortunate fads, but to me, this look has always been sexy. I love this slouch sweater by Maria Garcia, a designer […]

I Am Woman, Hear Me Shush: My 10 Days of Silence

No phones, no chatting, no talking, no texting. Can you imagine spending ten days in complete silence? That would be challenging for the best of us, but we’d find a way around it with notes and emails. But imagine ten days in noble silence: no eye contact, no writing, no […]

Signs You Suffer from Cyberaddiction

My name is Luanne and I’m a webaholic. Okay, now you say “Hi, Luanne” cause you should probably be in a meeting, too. If you’re like me, you’d wear a cyber patch if there was one on the market. For instance, right now the old cat is howling cause she’s […]

Why I Love the Brazilian Bikini Wax

Let me be honest here: I’m a very hairy girl. I’m Middle Eastern and that’s just the way we come. I’ve got an abundance of hair in the all the usual places, and an occasional smattering in places you wouldn’t expect. My tweezers are always by my side. Bikini waxes […]

Song of Suzani

This fall, Suzani rugs, pillows, blankets and more are sure to take center stage, so, before this craze is unleashed, I consider it my duty as a décor dilettante to explore its origin and history. Suzani is much more than just a trend; it represents centuries of Central Asian culture. […]


I had the pleasure of living for six months in French-speaking Montreal, which is a fantastic city of artists, musicians, cosmopolitans and creatives. I learned to speak French pretty well in that time and picked up some local slang that has made its way into my permanent vocabulary. My favorite […]

The Sustainable Shirtdress: On Trend

The classic white shirt gets a chic and sustainable spin this season as the shirtdress. Tailored shirts have transformed and paved their way through decades of nuances in fashions and trends, only to emerge as one of the most iconic garments of the past century. This season the classic and […]

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On Trend: Tropico

Put a summery twist on any wintry outfit with this week’s tropical-themed picks. This week’s theme may have something to do with me being on vacation in the Canary Islands. But, no matter where in the world you’re in and how cold the outside temperature happens to be, these tropical-themed […]

Taxidermy: Sustainable Chic or Complete Eek?

Is taxidermy too macabre for home decor? Taxidermy, a Greek word meaning skin arranging, is something one might associate with cat obsessives or hunter-types that rely on hoofs and antlers to mount their egos. The collection of artistic taxidermy meanwhile, which was traditionally a rather Victorian pursuit, has given the […]

Foodie Underground: From Trendy to Tradition

ColumnWhy we have to stop thinking of the “foodie” movement as a trend. Luxury continues to inspire the culinary world, and its eager diners. From $3,000 dinner reservations to a select list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, the top tier of the food chain is elevating the art of […]

The Rise of Geoengineering: Smart? Safe? Too Easy?

Though the it’s-too-late set seems to be growing, most scientists agree that when it comes to human-induced climate change, there are solutions. Most of these solutions are ambitious. Some, in fact, might be too ambitious – and perhaps too dangerous on a number of fronts. Geoengineering is exactly what it […]

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