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How To Wear It: Polka Dots

How to wear polka dots without looking like a 50s pinup. Polka dots. You’ve seen them on the runways but aren’t quite sure how to wear them without looking like a 50s pinup or your grandma’s apron. Fear not, there are plenty of ways that this classic pattern can fit […]

Summer Must Have: the (eco) Maxi Dress

Just the other day at the office water cooler (no, really), I overheard a few über chic ladies gushing over a maxi dress they found online. How timely, considering that I had already decided to bring you one of my eco favorites in the way of this easy summer trend. […]

Le Chic Du Shabby

Shabby Chic is not my "thing". I’ve never understood the need to pay 4,500 dollars for a beat-up – excuse me, timeworn – old desk that looks like something you could have found in my first apartment. In truth, though, it’s not the price that grates. It’s the frills, the […]

Eating Local in the Desert

On a trip to the high desert community of Joshua Tree, Calif., I was happy to see a Saturday morning farmers’ market in the middle of town, where there hadn’t been one on my last visit a few years before. As I perused the well-stocked stalls of apricots, strawberries, cherries, […]

Sexy 70s, Sustainably.

The era of ultra-low and oft-unflattering jeans may finally be coming to an end (notwithstanding the bleats of the thong underwear industry). High-waist, feminine, flowing jeans have made their biggest comeback since the “Ëœ70s this spring, only now they’re being done in loose, comfortable style. Get in on this trend […]

Foodie Underground: Give ‘Em Something to Tweet About

The fact that Twitter changed the food cart movement is no news; foodies consume deals and specials from dining entrepreneurs like they’re candy. But the micro-blogging site hasn’t just become a guerrilla marketing tool to get the word out about tacos and tempeh, it’s becoming a source of foodie inspiration. […]

Week in Chic Fashion Links

      There’s lots of activity in the fashion blog world this week-deals, beauty tips, and more. Check out these links. The Bargain Queen tests the theory about Tarte’s 4 Day Stay Lash Stain mascara. Watch the video to see what happens. Hip Candy is selling some cute shoes she purchased […]

Tartan Is "On Trend" – We're Seeing a Pattern

We’re all warm and cozy at the news that Tartan is "back". Plaid patterns are a trend that always comes back around; fortunately this time it’s free of grungy jeans and Doc Martens. Keep it modern with pieces like this Stewart + Brown button dress. A perennial favorite, S+B always […]

3 Essentials for an Eco-Modern Home

If you’re committed to eco-awareness and love the simple appeal of minimalist décor, these essential tips will help you to create the eco-modern home you crave. Remember that less is more and aim for simplicity. Limit the amount of objet and wall decor and hide unnecessary clutter behind cabinet doors […]

Ruffles Around the Edges

I can’t help but feel more like a girly-girl when my ridges have ruffles. Maybe that’s why the layered trim look is so alluring for fall. The eye-catching Juicy Couture modal dress from S Sense proves y’all can be a Georgia peach and hot tomato at the same time. You […]

Dream a Little Dress

Week of the Dress This time of year brings about daydreams of sunny vacations – sipping a margarita poolside in Mexico or strolling the clean, quiet streets of Bermuda. These fantasies conjure up images of light, flowing dresses. And then it begins: your real-life hunt for the perfect sundress. This […]

A Lick of Eco Lacquer Does the Trick

Lacquer. So modern, so sleek, so juicy with those pops of fresh color. And not the garish black lacquer furniture of the 80s, but the chic sheen of eco-friendly lacquered finds. Yes, eco-friendly! We’ve all been tempted to trade in mixed greens for fish ‘n chips. The Bamboo Salad Suite […]

Rock On!

If rocking chairs conjure visions of Grandma and her knitting needles, then it’s darned time for a fresh perspective. Take a glimpse at the popular reinvention of this classic chair. The higher a chair is, the less comfortable it is, I feel. The low profile and unique contours of the […]

Stripe Two

In my personal fashion guidebook, a sleek pair of striped pants is as essential as a perfectly fitted, hip-hugging pair of jeans. Years ago, I found my ideal striped pants and I simply wore them to death. Finally realizing that I couldn’t possibly repair another seam or obliterate another stain, […]

The Rise of Geoengineering: Smart? Safe? Too Easy?

Though the it’s-too-late set seems to be growing, most scientists agree that when it comes to human-induced climate change, there are solutions. Most of these solutions are ambitious. Some, in fact, might be too ambitious – and perhaps too dangerous on a number of fronts. Geoengineering is exactly what it […]

Ikat Indulgence

Fabric is my life. When I met Ikat it was a match made in heaven (if not on J-date). My exotic wiring can’t get enough of the resist-dyed, Uzbek village motifs tempting much of the design world, from world-class vendors like Travers and Scalamandre to fashion legends Oscar de la […]

Concept Watch: the Capsule Wardrobe

We all know the threefold mantra of ecofashion. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. While many of our top green designers have the reduce and recycle aspects down pat, the reuse ideal deserves more exploration. British boutique and design collective DePloy have a mission to fit the "largest wardobe in the smallest suitcase" […]

Eco-Friendly, Non-Toxic Nail Polish Roundup

There is no absolutely natural nail polish; they all contain chemicals. But you can definitely green your manicure by using nail polish that is free of VOC’s and the most harmful chemicals. I’ve never been much for nail polish myself because of its toxicity and smell (I hear some people […]

Tina Spies: Branch-Inspired Objet

Mother Nature has served as an inspiration for designers for hundreds of years. So, what is the focus of creative minds today? From local artisans to chain stores, branch-inspired objet continues to dominate the décor scene. If you like the look, choose wisely – look for eco credibility and durability. […]

An Eco Eye on Fall Fashion Trends

Shame on me, readers. I’m a tad late in getting you fall fashion trends, eco-style, to keep you looking fabulous in the changing season. I’m going to blame it on the perplexing microclimate of San Francisco that brings our summer several months late. Here’s what’s coming up for fall. In […]

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On Trend: Tropico

Put a summery twist on any wintry outfit with this week’s tropical-themed picks. This week’s theme may have something to do with me being on vacation in the Canary Islands. But, no matter where in the world you’re in and how cold the outside temperature happens to be, these tropical-themed […]

Taxidermy: Sustainable Chic or Complete Eek?

Is taxidermy too macabre for home decor? Taxidermy, a Greek word meaning skin arranging, is something one might associate with cat obsessives or hunter-types that rely on hoofs and antlers to mount their egos. The collection of artistic taxidermy meanwhile, which was traditionally a rather Victorian pursuit, has given the […]

Foodie Underground: From Trendy to Tradition

ColumnWhy we have to stop thinking of the “foodie” movement as a trend. Luxury continues to inspire the culinary world, and its eager diners. From $3,000 dinner reservations to a select list of the world’s 50 best restaurants, the top tier of the food chain is elevating the art of […]

The Rise of Geoengineering: Smart? Safe? Too Easy?

Though the it’s-too-late set seems to be growing, most scientists agree that when it comes to human-induced climate change, there are solutions. Most of these solutions are ambitious. Some, in fact, might be too ambitious – and perhaps too dangerous on a number of fronts. Geoengineering is exactly what it […]

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