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Report: GMO Crops Require Extra Chemicals to Combat Weeds

A few months back, alarming news reports like this ABC news video surfaced about the rise of superweeds. But the sensational story failed to focus on the most important point: these menacing superweeds are found in fields where GM crops are planted. This situation is rife with irony. The biotech […]

Hop on Pop-Ups

No doubt you’ve noticed the hot trend of Pop Up retail establishments. The wave began as a way for scrappy, undercapitalized entrepreneurs to try out a new business idea without getting locked into a long-term lease. Good ideas almost always originate at the grassroots and work their way into mainstream […]

The Mixed Grocery Bag That Is Walmart

Love it or hate it, you can’t deny that whatever the giant retailer, Walmart, does sends shock waves through their supply chain. Lately they’ve introduced some bold initiatives in greening their supply chain. Are the efforts real or are they marketing? Will they help the environment, consumers, workers and producers […]

Cherry Fest: 3 Cherry Recipes to Try This Week

“When I sound the fairy call, gather here in silent meeting. Chin to knee on the orchard wall, cooled with dew and cherries eating. Merry, merry, take a cherry, mine are sounder, mine are rounder. Mine are sweeter for the eater, when the dews fall, and you’ll be fairies all” […]

Ecosalon Recipes: Quinoa Salad with Dried Cranberries and Pumpkin Seeds

The ancient grain quinoa has an intriguing crunchy texture and is super tasty and healthy. Great for vegetarians and vegans due to its high protein content, it’s a healthy whole grain that is versatile in the kitchen. In this pilaf-like dish, you’ll encounter nutty, crunchy, sweet, and tart flavors in […]

How Family Farming Revitalizes Local Economies

If you’ve been shopping at Northern California Farmers’ Markets for several years, you may have noticed that the farmer demographics are slowly shifting and that the farmers selling produce are more ethnically and racially diverse than in past years. You may also notice that many of these farmers are Latino. […]

Wake Up to the (Secret) Farm Bill

The Super Committee and the Secret Farm Bill. If the words “Farm Bill” make your eyes glaze over and your head start bobbing, you’re not alone, but slap yourself awake because the Farm Bill is not just for farmers; it’s for all eaters. And it matters.

10 Creative, Fun, Food Websites and Newsletters

I know your inbox is full and so is mine. Just when I think I can’t possibly read one more newsletter or look at one more food website, someone launches a new one that I can’t resist. For the information overloaded among us, here’s a curated list of our top […]

Mercury in Seafood: How Do You Know How Much Fish You Can Safely Eat?

Wondering how much fish is safe to eat? I recommend following the government recommendations; not the bogus calculations from The Center for Consumer Freedom. I was first clued into the Center for Consumer Freedom’s fish and mercury calculator by Food & Water Watch’s Blog. The Center for Consumer Freedom bills […]

The Green Plate: In Praise of the Fava Bean

ColumnFava beans are a seasonal superfood you should make time to enjoy. People who don’t like to spend time in the kitchen tend to think that fava beans were surely invented by some sort of cooking sadist. I have a farmer friend who grows them and she won’t even prep […]

Sharing: It’s Not Just Nice, It’s Necessary

The other day, I pulled my bicycle up to one of those nouvelle food trucks that are all the rage in these parts and ordered myself a delicious, healthy, organic falafel. While a group of us was standing on the sidewalk devouring our lunches, impromptu conversations among strangers just naturally […]

The Friday Five, Vol. 25

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories. We like being single but we also like companionship. In Abigail Wick’s weekly column Sex By Numbers, she tackles the topic: Can I Stay Single But Commit To One Man? Wick decides to address the issue penning it as an open letter to […]

3 Barbecues? Give These Salads Some Love

It’s officially summer. Every weekend there’s at least one barbecue to attend, and sometimes more than one a day. Do you panic when asked to bring a side dish to go with the grilled protein option? Are you bored with the usual pasta, potato, three-bean, and coleslaw options? I hear […]

Calling All Carnivores: 7 Painless Ways to Be an Almost-Vegetarian

Call it flexitarianism, conscious meat consumption, or low meat eating, lots of people are saving the flesh for special occasions and adopting a veg-centric diet. If you’ve been thinking about going vegetarian or vegan for the planet, but you really like meat and think you’ll miss it, or you’re worried […]

EcoSalon Recipes: Last-of-Winter Parsnip, Mushroom and Leek Gratin

While waiting impatiently for spring shoots, we have to continue to enjoy our roots. This is the time of year that I start getting bored with the usual winter suspects and turn to the less common (and less appreciated) roots. Parsnips, for example, are terribly underrated. They’re shaped like carrots […]

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The Holiday Food Box: Because Everyone Loves Food Edition!

Just in time for holiday shopping and gift giving: The Box is back! Our exclusive EcoSalon shopping must-have, the curated eco product assortment known as The Box, is back, with the Holiday Food Box. We’re offering $500 worth of holiday eco-goodies for just $99 and these won’t last. That’s a […]

Last Minute Ideas for a Seamless Thanksgiving Day

To-do list: shop, prep, make easy appetizers, think now about what to do with leftovers. Your guest list is done, the menu is planned – now the fun part begins. Whether it’s vegan tofurky, a traditional elaborate menu, or the potluck path, here are some tips and ideas for making […]

Wake Up to the (Secret) Farm Bill

The Super Committee and the Secret Farm Bill. If the words “Farm Bill” make your eyes glaze over and your head start bobbing, you’re not alone, but slap yourself awake because the Farm Bill is not just for farmers; it’s for all eaters. And it matters.

Easy Tips for Using the Last of Summer’s Produce

Fun ways to ensure a waste-free harvest season. It’s a sad fact that nearly 50% of the food we grow goes to waste. Some of that is wasted in the fields, after harvest, and some in distribution. Out of the food that actually makes it to the store, we, as […]

12 Umami Boosting Secrets to Making Vegan and Vegetarian Fare Tasty

 Umami, known as the fifth taste, is what makes certain foods savory and deeply flavorful. When you taste something with complex layers of flavor that fill the mouth and satisfy the soul, it’s likely you’re tasting umami. Umami is famously present in many animal products including cheeses, aged meats like […]

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