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The Demise of Fiji…Bottled Water

If a tree falls in the forest does it still make a sound? Along those lines, if a bottled water company loses its namesake water source, will it still stick to the same exotic, yet bullshit, branding? That’s the question we can all ask this week in light of the […]

10 Myths About Dry Cleaning

It’s hard to ignore those cautionary labels (even the misspelled ones). Do we dare wash a delicate garment at home and risk ruining the texture or shrinking it beyond recognition? Warnings are warnings, but there are exceptions to every wash ‘n wear rule. With the help of our blog readers, […]

Spot On Eco Carpet Cleaning

The sad truth is the carpets that hold up best to traffic are the ones coated with toxins. And we don’t want those in a place where humans dwell. If you do have a healthy wool carpet in your home, you can still clean it without harsh chemicals like perchloroethylene […]

Green Travel Tip: Pack Your Water Bottle

You would think that something as simple as ditching bottled water would be easy to make a regular habit. But as soon as we start traveling, our eco-friendly daily routine has a tendency to fall by the wayside, and water is a prime example. Just because you can’t bring liquids […]

Swimming Against the Mainstream Fashion Current

Fact: It takes over 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make 1 pair of jeans, and over 400 gallons of water to make one t-shirt. The water crisis conversation is growing exponentially. Fears of losing access to potable water face a growing number of people across the […]

The Surfrider Foundation Takes Trash to Task

A day at the beach shouldn’t include body surfing through plastic bags. But, equally detrimental is the harm that’s being done to wildlife when plastics photo-degrade (break down from the sun’s UV rays). In the ocean, birds and marine life often mistake these small pieces as food, and as they […]

How to Make Your Own Countertop Water Filter

Sure, you can buy a pre-made water filter set up for your kitchen counter or home office, but they’re often just cheesy miniature water cooler look-alikes or constructed of various forms of plastic covering enigmatic filters made of who knows what. If you want a countertop water filter that’s not […]

Dry Shampoo Saves the Day

Some of us like to shower. And some of us have long hair. This often leaves us with a dire dilemma. How long is too long to get all the shampoo out? How much water does it take to get clean hair? It’s enough to make you hang up your […]

H2O Solutions for Hot Dogs

The dog days of summer can be tough times for canines. Dogs can get dehydrated quickly in hot weather, so it’s extremely important to give them water when exercising or playing outside. Since giving your dog water from your bottle, or finagling a way to give your pooch access to […]

Want To Save Water? Shop Local and Turn Off the Lights

Water generates most of our electricity but what are we doing to protect water? It’s been called the source of the next great global conflict. More than oil or food, scarcity of water has been predicted to cause intense the most intense battles between nations. We tend to think of […]

Building the Case for Eco Fashion as a Movement

A few years ago, “eco fashion” became the hottest buzzword. The media in particular loved it and used every opportunity available to position it as the hottest trend. Recall those “Green is the New Black” headlines everywhere? Fast forward to today, and we know that eco fashion is definitely not […]

NASA’s Celestial Sin: Bombing the Moon

NASA is about to commit an eco-sin on a galactic scale. On October 8th, in search of water, NASA is going to bomb the Moon. Water on the Moon, you ask? Yes, scientists think there might be evidence of moisture found in the debris plume (which will, by the way, […]

Use Rain Barrels to Drench Your Garden and Save Water

April showers bring May flowers – and an opportunity to give your garden a healthy drink without chipping away at your efforts to conserve water. Why not get some rain barrels and collect the runoff from your gutters that would otherwise go to waste? Although any old 55-gallon drum or […]

Welcoming Succulents to the Neighborhood

I’ve been walking my suburban San Francisco neighborhood for 13 years now, first as a newly married in jogging apparel, then as a new mom pushing a carriage, then one pushing a double umbrella stroller, and now, as an old mom yanking on a pug dog’s leash as I hike […]

Welcoming Succulents to the Neighborhood

I’ve been walking my suburban San Francisco neighborhood for 13 years now, first as a newly married in jogging apparel, then as a new mom pushing a carriage, then one pushing a double umbrella stroller, and now, as an old mom yanking on a pug dog’s leash as I hike […]

When the Rain Comes”¦

Here in Northern California we’re quickly sliding into the rainy season. I can tell this as much from the “what, that was summer?” look on people’s faces as much as I can from the weather itself. So here comes the rain again and in the name of keeping our chins […]

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Can the Film ‘Watermark’ Help Us Be More Respectful to Water?

The new film “Watermark” looks at our massive dependence on a finite resource. The opening scene of “Watermark,” a new film from Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal, creates a disorienting effect that leaves the viewer feeling tiny against the pure force of water. The film takes features 20 stories across […]

How Many Cups of Water Per Day Do You Really Need?

How many cups of water per day ensures that we’re properly hydrated? It’s a straightforward question with no clear answer. The Institute of Medicine recommends 13 cups of water per day for men, and 9 cups of water per day for women. However, there are so many factors that affect […]

5 Sustainable Spring Denim Favorites

Five sustainable denim favorites for spring and summer. A good pair of jeans will last you the rest of your life (or until you wear them to shreds). It’s important to pick a good pair, made from organic or recycled denim. Cotton production pollutes soil and waterways, damages wildlife habitats […]

20 Ways to Boost Circulation

Learn to make your body go more with the flow. Nothing slows you down quite like poor blood circulation does. If you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your cells, in an effective and efficient way, then you’ll most likely feel sluggish, look worn and tired, and perhaps even be covering […]

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