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NASA’s Celestial Sin: Bombing the Moon

NASA is about to commit an eco-sin on a galactic scale. On October 8th, in search of water, NASA is going to bomb the Moon. Water on the Moon, you ask? Yes, scientists think there might be evidence of moisture found in the debris plume (which will, by the way, […]

Fiji’s Bottled Water Wars

Like a water fight in an online school cafeteria, Fiji Water and Mother Jones Magazine have begun a volley of facts and fascinating accusations back and forth at each. What’s the deal with these water wars, you ask? As Mother Jones’ muckraking Anna Lenzer debunks Fiji Water’s self-proclaimed “green” status, […]

California Water Issues Divide Farmers, Fishers, and Urban Dwellers

If you’ve ever seen the movie Chinatown, in which private investigator Jake Gittes (played by Jack Nicholson) stumbles upon a gigantic water scandal in the course of investigating an adultery case in Los Angeles, then you know that California’s water issues go way back. Water is contentious here because we […]

From The Vault: The Water Chronicles

Water is being seen as the next great war for which we will fight for and against each other to get access. Water, water everywhere? Maybe so, but it remains a precious resource that the modern world seems keen to squander in increasingly inventive ways. This week we suggested a […]

Green Travel Tip: Pack Your Water Bottle

You would think that something as simple as ditching bottled water would be easy to make a regular habit. But as soon as we start traveling, our eco-friendly daily routine has a tendency to fall by the wayside, and water is a prime example. Just because you can’t bring liquids […]

Wash 'n Go with the Toilet Suite

It’s ideal for that teeny-weeny hotel room in Tokyo or the mod green apartment that’s tight on space but big on water solutions. Yes, if you don’t mind straddling the bowl or facing a faucet sideways to wash up, you will love The Profile┞¢ Toilet Suite with an Integrated Hand […]

Don’t Forget the Rainwater

I was visiting a friend up in Portland, and I noticed he was collecting rainwater for his garden. Why hadn’t I thought of this?! He was using beautiful old wine barrels that enhanced the yard with their presence, and he had the full set-up gathering water from drainage pipes off […]

Zero Waste Fashion and the Next Great War

From a wasteful fashion industry emerges the Zero Waste movement. It is said that the next great war will not be over oil, but water. So when it takes 1,800 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to produce a single pair of jeans, it is extraordinary that cloth has […]

Autumn Cabbage: Pretty and Edible Outdoor Decor

Organic, textural and highly ornamental, cabbage is an ideal crop to plant in your garden during those fall and winter months when falling leaves can be the only color abundant in the garden. Planting rows of the cabbage was a great solution for my own raised veggie bed (below), which […]

9 Reasons to Ditch the Bottle Once and for All

Bottled water is everywhere. Supermarkets, gas stations, even vending machines offer it, but there are compelling reasons to kick the bottle habit for good. « 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 » Cost: A single bottle of water generally runs about one to two dollars. In some […]

5 Sustainable Spring Denim Favorites

Five sustainable denim favorites for spring and summer. A good pair of jeans will last you the rest of your life (or until you wear them to shreds). It’s important to pick a good pair, made from organic or recycled denim. Cotton production pollutes soil and waterways, damages wildlife habitats […]

Aral: From Sea to Desert, to Sea?

“Water is the best of all things.” – Pindar It’s one of the world’s worst sea-related ecological disasters, laying waste to thousands of miles of shoreline and ruining habitats and livelihoods on a truly terrifying scale – but suddenly, there’s new hope for recovery. No, nothing to do with this. […]

10 Industries and Trends That Will Shape Our Future

What will the future hold? It’s hard to say, but here are ten entities, industries, or trends that will impact it in various ways.  In the past several years, we have all felt out of control of our lives. We have been hit by economic hardship, rising cost of living, plummeting […]

Freedom from SIGG-nificant BPA

This is a new SIGG water bottle with a Keith Haring lady liberty design, part of a limited edition series celebrating America, land of the free, home of  thirsty. Perhaps you could score one of these cool designs for free by getting rid of an old SIGG bottle that contains […]

20 Ways to Boost Circulation

Learn to make your body go more with the flow. Nothing slows you down quite like poor blood circulation does. If you aren’t getting enough oxygen to your cells, in an effective and efficient way, then you’ll most likely feel sluggish, look worn and tired, and perhaps even be covering […]

Who Ever Liked Mowing the Lawn Anyway?

In her recent piece in USA Today, Laura Vanderkam takes an environmental stand against the family yard: “Mowing itself requires fuel, just like our cars, with a similar impact on the environment. And all these woes are before you even get to the issue of water. According to Kress, maintaining […]

10 Myths About Dry Cleaning

It’s hard to ignore those cautionary labels (even the misspelled ones). Do we dare wash a delicate garment at home and risk ruining the texture or shrinking it beyond recognition? Warnings are warnings, but there are exceptions to every wash ‘n wear rule. With the help of our blog readers, […]

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A Salute! With EcoSalon’s The Box: Made In America

EcoSalon’s Made In America Box features items that are made right here in the U.S.A! July is an all-around patriotic month here in the states, so join your fellow eco-friendly patriots with a box of products worth $494.85, for just $129 + free shipping! Sold Out!   You see it everywhere: […]

Can the Film ‘Watermark’ Help Us Be More Respectful to Water?

The new film “Watermark” looks at our massive dependence on a finite resource. The opening scene of “Watermark,” a new film from Edward Burtynsky and Jennifer Baichwal, creates a disorienting effect that leaves the viewer feeling tiny against the pure force of water. The film takes features 20 stories across […]

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