Take It Outside!


Get on a machine and flail my body around for an hour trying to burn calories? I don’t know about you, but I’m bored stiff at the thought of going to a gym.

For the scenery and fresh air, I’d rather take it outside and exercise gently in step with nature. Try taking brisk walks, riding your bike to the grocery store (it’s very chic and European!), or frequenting a local park or nature preserve.

Ask the gardener to stay home one week and weed the garden yourself. You’ll find that the closeness with your plants will do you a lot of good, and you’ll discover more birds and butterflies that way.

If you’ve been taking regular yoga classes, by now you should know enough to start your own personal practice at home. Spread a wool blanket onto the lawn and do you yoga under a tree. After all, ancient yogis didn’t develop yoga in a studio, and a sun salutation is, after all, a salute to the sun!


Image: orangeacid

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3 thoughts on “Take It Outside!

  1. Very inspiring article. I love to do all these things! The first line was the hook. I so hate gyms and other manufactured environments.

  2. Nice picture! Makes me wanna drop down and Sun Salute a few! Very inspiring!

  3. Couldn’t agree more.

    Brisks walks and bike-rides are free, and you’re *in* the world, not hermetically sealed away from it like you are in a car.

    And the most relaxing, centering, soulful thing I’ve ever done was put warm clothes on and lay at the bottom of the garden at night, away from all the lights, watching meteors against the wheeling backdrop of stars and the occasional hurrying satellite. Doing this undid at least a week of stress accumulated in my day-job….

    I don’t know why people stay indoors so much in some countries. (It’s not just the weather).


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