Mother, May I Warm Up Your Tea?


Pour on your thanks this Mother’s Day with a pretty tea cozy that lasts so much longer than flowers and soothes the soul. Save the iced tea for summer lunches on the veranda but get her a cozy to keep the breakfast tea nice and warm for that afternoon cookie break.

My own mother gave up coffee years ago – she much prefers to sip herbal tea, and I found some coverage she would most likely appreciate. Hey, it isn’t a David Yurman bracelet, but it does come from the heart.

Naturally, the best cozies around come from Etsy, like the cute personalized Mom mug wrap, $10, which fits right over the top of the mug with an opening for the handle. It was made with eco-friendly yarn and looks so adorable, she will want to display it for all of her friends.

recycled-felt-cosy1 felt-cozy
You can keep the whole pot warm and fuzzy with these handmade recycled softly felted tea cozies in lambswool and angora, $26. Made to fit a traditional 4 cup teapot, they will win her over with the soft shades of the cover accented by flowers and reclaimed buttons.

stichella stitchella

A little more pricey, but extremely modern and cool, are the organic cotton and merino wool-lined designs from Anna Maria Honer’s “The Drawing Room” line, $39 each at Etsy.

Of course, you could always go the way of the Etsy artist and craft your own cozy for the lady who packed your lunches, drove you to school and lessons and corrected your posture. I found one idea at the Do It Yourself Network for the handy needlework crowd. I’m more of the shop-online crowd. Either way, happy Mother’s Day!

Luanne Bradley

Luanne Sanders Bradley is the West coast Editor at EcoSalon and currently resides in San Francisco, California.