Tea for Two Lives


Tea accoutrements have been my life ever since my husband recovered from the flu and gave up coffee for good. He began collecting everything from brews to pots and cozies and I’ve had my eye out for the fun and unusual to add to his tea toys.


I’ve never seen anything as striking as the New/Old Tea Sets by artist Christine Misiak who recycles old sets found at Britain’s flea markets and transmogrifies them into energized dayglow designs.


Embellishing the bodies and spouts in vibrant shades of raspberry, orange, citrus and kiwi, she strikes a balance of old and contemporary – the ornate shapes serving as a reminder of the slower high teas of generations ago while the color makes for a truly modern set.

Misiak works to order for new pots and also will restore and transform sets you ship to her.

Contact/Images/Purchase: Christine Misiak

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