Temperature & Textures


The crisp temperatures are dropping, which means you will be dropping your derriere inside more often. As you cuddle on the couch, you may find yourself wishing your throw pillows could boast soft winter textures while they linger in the corner of your upholstery. I would never induce your craving for warm and comforting surfaces without offering up solutions on a gleaming silver platter. How will you ever survive winter without at least one of these lovelies?


Above, the Twill Organic Pillow is a flannel wonder in golden honey while the harvest palette of the Striped Alpaca Throw Pillow sings. The handsome Lazy Pig Pillow is just begging for a cuddle while the Pin Tuck Sham is a flirtation with contouring textures.

Below, the Edith Pillow shines through the adjacency of handmade silk roses and quiet linen while the dramatic Velvet Pillow is simple and luxurious.


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