The 10 Super Best Holiday Movies to Stream This Month!

Holiday movies to stream this season.

It’s cold, it’s dark, and you don’t feel like going to the mall to finish your holiday shopping. Instead, stay home and binge watch these holiday movies and specials available this month on Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime. Each one is available for free, as long as you subscribe to the service.

Hulu Holiday Movies & Specials

1. “Doctor Who Christmas Special” (2014) – Apparently, this is the Doctor Who Christmas special to watch–at least according to my husband. It’s on my watch list, but I haven’t gotten to that season of the Doctor yet.

2. “A Very Brady Christmas” (1988) – The series “The Brady Bunch” went off the air in 1974, but this special featuring the original cast (excluding Susan Olsen, who played Cindy) debuted in 1988. I remember it fondly. Get your kitsch on this season.

3. “Christmas Fireplace” – And because most of the movies featured here are really bad (excluding a few award-winning classics), you may want to just snuggle up on the couch with some eggnog, a virtual fireplace, and some Christmas music.

Netflix Holiday Movies & Specials

4. “White Christmas” (1954) – Hands down the best Christmas movie ever, but I am quite fond of musicals so I may be biased. This is a must see every year, and I like to watch it while I wrap presents–it helps get me in the spirit. If you haven’t yet watched it, give it a try. The story is lighthearted, heartwarming and features fabulous costumes, sets, dancing, rom-com elements, and more!

5. “The Nightmare Before Christmas” (1993) – I’m not a fan of animated films all that much, but Tim Burton’s animated classic is one exception. It’s a fantastical cross between Halloween and Christmas that shouldn’t be missed!

6. “A Very Murray Christmas” (2015) This debuts on December 4th, so I haven’t had a chance to see it yet, but I’m pretty sure this is one Christmas special that we are going to want to see.

7. “Ernest Saves Christmas” (1988) – This is just goofy fun. When Santa retires, Ernest must step in to save Christmas. Jim Varney (Ernest) was a comic genius who wasn’t given enough credit.

Amazon Prime Holiday Movies & Specials

8. “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” (1970) – Every year this is a must watch–the original classic animated film featuring the voices of Bing Crosby and Mickey Rooney.

9. “A Bush Christmas” (1983) – No, it’s not a movie about the Bush family, but it’s actually an Australian film featuring a young Nicole Kidman. It’s available exclusively on Amazon Prime.

10. “Miracle on 34th Street” (1947) – “Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus,” and you can watch him in this classic heartwarming tale about a little girl and her dream.

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