The Friday 5,555 Edition

EcoSalon celebrates its 5,555th post with something groundbreaking like this really weird 5,556th post.

This week marked our 5,555th post and at first, we thought we should run for cover when all those 5’s lined up. After all, freaky things happen when the shapely number rears its big, flat head: in Egyptian mythology people get beaten to a pulp, cylons in Battlestar Galactica get meaner than hell and let’s not forget the satanic pentagram in all its five pointedness.

To celebrate this major milestone, we decided to pull the strangest articles out from the woodworks that we could find. Here are some goodies we hope will make you keep reading EcoSalon until the end of the world happens on our 6,666th post.

This week we got to learn about a very sacred space in a woman’s drawer, the low income pantie housing section, where dreams and romance basically die and tragic revelations about self-worth emerge. In The Psychology of a Woman’s Underwear, we go to that comedic space and listen to the tale of our new writer Jane F. King-Doe.

What do chickens and Jesus have in common? Religion. And according to one eco-fashion blogger who was completely incensed by our article Jesus, Enough With The Chicken, we got a Letter to the Editor from her stating our stance on fast food chain Chick Fil-A was not only wrong, it was just pure blasphemy.

We can totally appreciate the work that PETA does to protect animals but some of their work borders lunacy. In 5 More Utterly Outrageous PETA Stunts, writer Mike Sowden documents PETA’s denial that fish exist, tries to wrap his brain around how dressing up like the KKK helps prevent dog breeding and wrings his hands over targeting children with profusely bleeding cows via video games.

Sexy, sexy, sexy, that’s what garlic is, and cardamom and of course just-out-of-the-oven steaming pumpkin seeds. They are so spicy sexy they can actually get your orgasmic motor running and in Orgasmic Organics: 20 Tasty Aphrodisiacs To Put Sizzle In Your Sex Life we gobble up all the information we can get before we set out to start our (cough) eco-friendly weekends.

If we can’t wear mink we should turn to something furry still like, say…nutria! New Orleans based Righteous Fur says this “colossal waste” of fur from rodents causing major coastal erosion should be recycled into fun hats, bags and other nutria-fur-based accessories. Maybe just clicking over to Guilt Free Fur to see the pictures will be enough for you to realize, fur, any way you slice it is just so, dead.


Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.