The Friday Five, Vol. 15

A weekly roundup of EcoSalon’s top stories.

The fashion industry is emerging from its cocoon post-recession, a changed sector where consumers are more cautious, manufacturers are on their toes and designers are struggling to stay afloat doing business as usual. In this five-part series, we take a hard look at the fashion world, speaking with industry leaders, luminaries and experts. We kicked it off this week with Part One: The Post Recession Fashion Industry: An Interview With Lucy Siegle.

In her latest column, Shade Grown Hollywood: Why Is Violence Against Women In Movies So Popular?, Katherine Butler asks, “Does sadistic violence against anyone on film ever have a point?”

This week, HeARTbeat columnist Dominique Pacheco wrtes about artist Jeffrey Wang’s use of recycled Levi’s to challenge our perceptions about functional fashion and art. Persona, Jeffrey Wang‘s collaboration with Levi’s and Taiwan’s Fubon Art Foundation, can’t help but make us rethink the way we see denim in a very artistic light.

Due to the common use of assisted reproductive technology, twins and triplets are now subconsciously labeled “natural” or “unnatural.” Senior Editor Andrea Newell, a mother of twins, writes in her article Lovely. Are They Natural?: “It is universally the most-hated question asked of parents of multiples, followed closely by ‘You must have your hands full!’ or ‘Better you than me.’ In just three words, strangers pry into your method of conception – a private and intimate moment – and tack a label on your children. Using the term ‘natural’ to describe children conceived without any help automatically conveys what the asker thinks of children who were conceived using assisted reproductive technology (unnatural).”

Eating ice cream in the summertime is just tradition. Artisanal ice cream, however, is keeping the summer streets hotter than usual with unusual flavor combinations like infused lavender, beer and sea salt. Foodie Underground columnist Anna Brones explores these and more in We All Scream For Artisanal Ice Cream.


Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.