The Neat Company’s NeatDesk Giveaway


The average American uses 650 pounds of paper a year. Over the course of a lifetime, that adds up to roughly 18 tons. And with business cards, brochures, receipts, expense reports, and takeout menus, it’s easy to see how all that paper adds up, threatening to overwhelm you and your desk.  

Enter the Neat Desk. This handy little gadget contains a high-speed desktop scanner and digital filing system to convert all that paper into organized, digital files.

With the Neat Desk, you can insert up to 50 pages at a time and its Automatic Document Feeder scanner does the rest – using patented “Intelligent Text Recognition” software to identify key information and transfer it automatically to the digital filing system. Then you can search your scanned documents by keyword or export the data to QuickBooks, TurboTax and Outlook.

Neat Desk helps you organize business cards, keep track of expenses for tax time, store all kinds of business or personal documents, and more, reducing the need for paper files. Pretty cool, huh?

And the best part is”¦ all this can be yours. In celebration of Earth Day, we’ve teamed up with The Neat Company to give one lucky reader a NeatDesk (a $399 value)!

For complete giveaway rules go here, and you’ll find FTC guidelines here. Good luck! And don’t forget to check out our other giveaways running this week: The Aquaovo Therm-O and three sets of Lush’s most popular naked products!