The Strong Case for Napping (at Work)

Napping at work is a great idea.I was introduced to napping at work when I interned for a syndication company. The business had a large nap room people could use when they needed to take some time.

I was floored and obsessed by this perk. Sadly, I’ve not seen this offered at any other business. But this no-nap policy isn’t surprising, considering America’s 24-hour-a-day work norm. But it turns out, a company-wide nap policy actually may benefit employers, profits, and most certainly, employees.

Nap rooms

Major companies, such as the Huffington Post, have nap rooms employees can use to rest their eyes, or take power naps.

Similarly, Zappos, the online shoe retailer known for fully subsidized employee health insurance, has had a nap room at its Las Vegas, Nevada, headquarters since it launched.

“It was born from our focus on employee happiness and wellness,” a Zappos representative, says.

“We know how much sleep impacts well-being.”

“Furnished with a couch, two recliners, a beanbag chair, and more, the rooms are available 24/7, and are especially frequented by those on staff who work overnight shifts,” CNN adds.

Naps for all

Naps aren’t just for people who work odd hours or overnight shifts—they’re beneficial to every worker. The trick to napping, though, is getting the perfect amount of shuteye while on the clock… or at lunch.

Sleep experts say that effective power naps last 20 minutes. If you nap longer than 20 minutes, you could wake feeling groggy and tired. That grogginess is brought on by your body entering its REM cycle.

But if you’re seriously lacking in the sleep department, experts suggest sleeping 90 minutes to accumulate restorative sleep.

Although you can’t catch 90 minutes of rest on the clock, a weekend afternoon is great for pulling the blinds and zonking out.

No nap room, no problem

If you’re one of the lucky American employees who works in an office that applauds reasonable napping on the clock, take advantage of downtime.

If you have an office, shut your door, turn off electronic devices, turn down the heat to 65 degrees F and dim lights.

Don’t have an office? Sneak away to a quiet place in the building, head out to your car, or book a conference room that rarely gets used.

And don’t forget to make your nap extra special. Have a dedicated pillow, blanket, and eye mask you keep at work. These items will help set the mood for shuteye.

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