The Year of the Rabbit

February 3, 2011 rang in the Chinese New Year and the year of the rabbit, formally known as the year of Xin Mao. What does the Chinese Zodiac have to say about the year of the rabbit? Here is the prediction of one source:

We can look forward to a year of calm and composed temperament. Sophistication and refined taste will shine on everything while we acknowledge that persuasion is better than force. Diplomacy, international relations, and politics will be given priority during this congenial time. Discretion and reasonable concessions will reign without struggle.

The year of the rabbit is known for abundance and spoils, thoughtfulness of duty and responsibility can easily be compromised in the lap of opulence. This year of luxury is a time to be mindful of indulgence.

Unpleasant realities of law, order, rules and regulations will be lenient – we will be far too busy relishing small moments with company and relaxing into the tranquility of the year. The era will be mellow and tranquil, so the mood can easily slip into sleepiness, mediocrity and procrastination.

In honor of the Chinese New Year, I have gathered confections of rabbits, hares, and bunnies to add some festive whimsy to your space.

1. Bunny No. 1 – Sharon Montrose, $25 (Above)
2. Rabbit’s Foot Fern Volcano Plant – VivaTerra, $55 (Above)

3. Antiqued Mercury Glass Rabbits – My Sparrow, $38
4. Berkley Illustration White Rabbit Portrait – Velocity, $10
5. Oval Rabbit Decoupage – John Derian, $75

6. Runway Rabbit Lamp – Anthropologie, $498
7. Nestled Ring Dish – Anthropologie, $10
8. The Royal Hare – Anthropologie, $30

Here’s hoping the year of the rabbit is as full of lighthearted bliss as the Chinese Zodiac predicts.

Wondering what your year of birth means according to the Chinese Zodiac? Scroll through this source and gain some insight into your personality, or at least some mild animalistic entertainment. If you find the color wheel more interesting than zoology, devour the notion of Colorstrology.