The Best Way to Stop a Cold Sore


Until last week, when I got my first cold sore, I’d managed to dodge the cold sore bullet, and it’s a wonder that I made it this far, when they’re so highly contagious and 9 out of 10 adults get them.  Now who have I been kissing?

When the sore appeared on my lip and I realized what it was, I scoured the internet for natural remedies. I was not going to let Herpes Simplex-1 ruin my week! By the way, a nearly identical virus, Herpes Simplex-2, causes the genital sores (suffered by 1 in 4 adults – really!) so the following information is relevant for both.

-Diet makes a difference. The amino acid L-arginine promotes replication of the herpes virus. You’ll need to avoid arginine-rich foods that make those suckers grow. They include: nuts, seeds, nut butters, cacao (chocolate), chickpeas, brown rice, raisins and oatmeal, coffee and alcohol. You don’t have to cut these foods out completely (goodness knows I don’t!), but avoid them when you feel that telltale tingle of an outbreak coming on.
-Lysine, Lysine, Lysine! Thankfully, there’s another amino acid, L-lysine that weakens the L-arginine, so taking a large dose at the onset of an outbreak can nip it in the bud, with smaller maintenance doses until after symptoms disappear. This worked for me; my painful, cracked cold sore shrunk very quickly and was gone in a few days. You can find lysine supplements at any natural grocery or vitamin store.
-Boost your diet with high-lysine, protein-rich foods, such as: fish, meat, eggs, dried beans, milk and sprouts.
-Dietary Balance + Emotional Balance. Cold sore and herpes outbreaks are linked to stress.

As a human race we’ve got a lot going on in our bodies. Think of how many fungi, viruses and bacteria that end up living within us! By educating ourselves and adapting, we can maintain the balance of health.

What’s worked for you when you get a cold sore?

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