The New Nau


We are fierce devotees of the green brands we love best. Back in April, Carlie blogged Living in the Eternal Nau about the design group’s innovative denim collection, but come May, this favorite eco-brand of ours was ready to close shop.

Impassioned consumer response was the impetus for the rebirth of this brand, proving that, yes, our voices can be heard! Horny Toad, an environmentally conscious apparel line, swooped in and purchased Nau six weeks after its official close. (We’re not the only green queens excited about this delightful news. Check out Treehugger, Eco-Chick, and Fashion Loves People.) Nau’s existing Summer 2008 pieces are on sale online for 50% off. The Fall/Winter 2008 collection, which had already been designed before Nau’s close, will be released on August 1. Stay tuned for a new Nau that is here to stay. And, you can follow Nau’s blog for developments.