The Raw Almond Saga Continues


Lovers of raw almonds may soon have reason to rejoice. A few months ago we reported on the USDA’s 2007 law requiring that all California almonds be pasteurized (either by steam treatment or propylene oxide, a known carcinogen), thereby rendering them no longer truly raw. This law has led to diminished business for California’s almond growers and more importing of truly raw almonds from other countries.

Now a group of 15 almond growers and nut handlers have filed a lawsuit against the USDA seeking a repeal. They claim that the USDA’s law has been “economically devastating” for small and organic almond farms. And health conscious consumers have been duped and misled, because there’s nothing preventing pasteurized almonds from being labeled “raw.” For the sake of keeping food real, here’s one I hope the USDA loses.

Image: Saquan Simpson