There’s a Reason Everyone is Talking About Jim Carrey’s (Limitless) Commencement Speech [Video]

jim carrey

Jim Carrey can’t be contained. He’s the container, of course. Actor, comedian, author and honorary founder of GATE (the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) pretty much blew everyone away with his recent commencement address for the Maharishi University of Management’s 2014 graduating class.

Showing his not-so-subtle spiritual side, Carrey demonstrated that critics be damned (“Dumb and Dumber To”), he is exactly where he wants to be, which is as his friend and teacher Eckhart Tolle would say: here now. It’s a whole trip we don’t have time to get into right now, but let’s just say the video is particularly moving no matter what your religious or spiritual preferences may be. He certainly plants a seed. “Will that seed have a chance to take root? Or will I be sued by Monsanto, and forced to use their seed,” he quipped. I suppose if we’re where Carrey suggests, that doesn’t really matter anymore anyway.

Take a look, and if you are at all invested in any form of media or entertainment, do also swing on over to the GATE website for some inspiration.

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