Thirsty? You Can Eat Your Water, Too.


This 8-glasses-of-water-a-day thing makes me feel like I’m drowning. Although water is my quenching beverage of choice, that’s still more than I prefer to guzzle. Good news: you can eat your water, too. Sometimes a juicy nectarine or a few slices of cucumber quench my thirst more than a plain glass of water ever will.

Here are some hydrating food options:

-Lettuce is 95% water by weight, so salads are a great way to stay hydrated.
- With a name like watermelon, what do you expect? 91% water by weight.
-Broccoli, Grapefruit and Carrots are 88-89% water by weight. Raw veggies are best, but steamed veggies retain plenty of water, too.
-Apples and other juicy fruits contain over 80% water. Eat your fruit with yogurt (85% water) and you’ll have a hydrating meal.
-  Roasted chicken (no skin) is 65% water, but if you eat it salted or with a salty sauce, you’ll find yourself feeling thirsty again. Be sure to supplement this meal with a glass of water.
-Soups and broths are obviously full of water, but again, if they are salted they’ll make you feel thirstier.

Remember, caffeinated drinks are diuretic and will drain water out of your system, so coffee, tea and soda are unwise choices for hydration. And no, beer doesn’t count, either. Water is always best. But if you find yourself tired of plain water, squeeze some lemon or lime into it, or mix in a little fruit juice for flavor. Your body will really thank you.

Image: carvalho