This Week in Health News

In this week’s health news:

Seasonal Allergies at an All-Time Suck

Whoa – did you feel that? That wasn’t another earthquake. That was the collective sneeze of 40 million allergy sufferers. Thanks to a wetter-than-usual winter and warmer temps this spring (likely linked to climate change), we’ve been graced with an explosion of beautiful blooms”¦ and a near-record high pollen count to go with it.

If you’re not one to stop and smell the roses for fear of your head exploding, there are some safe and natural treatments to try before reaching for potentially dangerous prescription meds. Keep windows closed, change clothes after coming in from outside (and maybe even take a quick shower), try natural herbal remedies like capsaicin and Quercetin and use a neti pot to flush offending allergens from your nasal passages.

FDA May Wash Its Hands of Triclosan

Natural health advocates have been saying it forever and now the federal government is catching on: triclosan – the germ-zapping ingredient in hand sanitizers and antibacterial soaps – is potentially unsafe for humans and wildlife. The chemical additive has long been accused of disrupting the body’s endocrine system and possibly helping to create antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The FDA, at the urging of Rep. Edward J. Markey (D-Mass.), will review the safety of the ubiquitous chemical later this year.

Nap It Out

Stumped on how to solve a tough problem? Sleep on it! A recent study published in Current Biology concludes that napping after working on a difficult task may make the job easier to do upon awakening. Researchers believe that the dreaming brain can see connections it might not notice when it’s awake, boosting its ability to process and store information tenfold.

Image: Sydigill