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Getting 7-8 hours of sleep on a nightly basis is essential for wellness, but you could be spending that time cuddled up to toxic chemicals like pesticides, vinylidiene chloride, formaldehyde, antimony trioxide, melamine, decabromodiphenyl oxide and boric acid. While organic linens and pillows are key elements of a natural bed, a healthy night’s rest is all in the mattress. Here are the ten best eco-friendly, healthy mattress choices:

PhotobucketThe wool mattress by Shepherd’s Dream is made entirely of this naturally flame retardant material. Plus, it adjusts to your body temperature and can even help alleviate aches and pains. To ensure that this mattress compresses evenly over time, it must be rotated frequently.

PhotobucketSavvy Rest isn’t interested in luring consumers with greenwash. Before releasing their Serenity organic mattress, they hired an independent laboratory to run extensive tests and confirmed the purity of dunlop latex rubber. Wary of false claims? You can check out the results yourself.

PhotobucketHandcrafted with care, the European Tufted organic mattress by Vivetique is comprised of certified organic cotton and wool. There are also traces of natural lanolin still present in the wool, which naturally repels dust mites.

PhotobucketMade from this mold and mildew resistant fiber, the hemp mattress by Earthsake is the perfect fit for sleepers who prefer a firm surface. Stronger and more durable than cotton, this organically grown material is neither dyed nor bleached, making it 100% natural.

PhotobucketThe 9-inch thick Green Sleep organic mattress gets rid of pressure points and resists allergens like dust, mold and mildew. Three dense layers of natural rubber conform to fit the contours of your body, a pure wool lining acts as a chemical-free flame retardant and an organic cotton shell regulates moisture.

PhotobucketThe Utopia mattress isn’t dyed or bleached and contains no synthetic materials or silicate barriers. Natural latex derived from the Brazilian rubber tree eliminates sleeping discomforts like pressure areas and restricted blood flow, and its vent holes help you stay cool or keep warm, depending on the season.

PhotobucketFor supreme comfort, the natural rubber mattress from GreenNest combines layers of both soft and firm biodegradable rubber that’s harvested from the milk of Hevea brasiliensis on herbicide-free plantations.

PhotobucketFree of harsh chemicals, the Lotus mattress is made from visco-elastic memory foam using renewable plant-based resources.

PhotobucketMade from recyclable materials, the Keetsa Cloud mattress is embedded with EverGreen, a natural substance derived from green tea that controls odors and reduces stress.

PhotobucketThe Apollo mattress boasts a fully-quilted, chemical-free cotton batting covered by a substantial layer of fluffy wool that is processed naturally from organically raised sheep.

Don’t miss these tips on how to get the most out of your mattress.

UPDATE 4/6/09: Suite Sleep contacted us regarding the eco-friendly qualities of their Suite Comfort Collection. With a decade of experience in organic bedding and one of the lowest carbon footprints around, this green company’s Suite Essential natural rubber mattress deserves a spot on the list.

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6 thoughts on “Top 10 Healthy Eco Mattresses

  1. It is true that most eco-friendly mattresses are very expensive. Even if people wanted to go green, they couldn’t. But most it is just initial investment. These mattresses can work longer than cheaper mattresses so you are actually spending less. Latex bed are eco-friendly mattresses and they can last for as long as 25 years.

  2. Obviously organic cotton beds or mattresses from natural latex are good thing. But we can do even better:
    My client Somnium ( recently introduced the first mattress that in entirely free of toxins and flame retardants, can be 100 percent recycled/re-purposed and sports a plush removable, washable cover made from Ã-kotex-certified fabric for increased hygiene.
    Those worried about the harmful effects of electromagnetic fields will be pleased to learn that this is the first innerspring mattress without metal coils – instead, ergonomically correct back support comes courtesy of the company’s new patented elastomer springs (also recyclable!) — as will those that dread moving or turning their heavy mattress: This sleek 7 inch low profile bed is truly a lightweight because of the lack of metal.

    Oh…and since men can’t live by sustainability alone, a lot of thought has also gone into the product’s modern look: Precise 90 degree corners make it a perfect companion for minimalist platform frames though the mattress can also be paired with a foundation (similar to box springs) for a more traditional look.

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  4. These are great —- but I wonder how many people can afford these??

    Rachael Brownell’s last blog post..Great Easter toys spread nature love

  5. Where’s the love? What about us, Essentia.

    We make the world’s only natural memory foam. Biodegradable mattress that are crazy comfortable!!!

    jason’s last blog post..6000 Rare Dolphins Found In Bangladesh


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