Green from Ground to Glass


It’s one thing to go organic, but many California wineries are taking sustainability to another level. From ground to glass, the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) is ensuring that Californian vintners are known not only for quality organic wines, but for being leaders in the movement towards sustainable agriculture.

Some of the recommendations put forth by the CSWA for Californian vintners are:

Embrace alternative energy sources, such as solar, wind and biodegradable fuels.

Be at the forefront in habitat restoration and preservation efforts.

Use green building materials - straw bale, rammed earth, recycled lumber – in winery construction.

Use cover crops and compost.

Adopt water conservation practices.

Have employee-run recycled and solid waste management programs.

Give back to the community by supporting non-profit and charitable organizations.

CSWA is setting the standard for real grassroots change in wineries, and we can support them by urging our favorite vineyards to adopt these ideas and become shining examples for wineries – and other businesses – around the world. Learn more about these wineries.

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One thought on “Green from Ground to Glass

  1. While much of the wine industry became industrialized over the years, there has always been a core group of wineries and winemakers who were focused on being as natural as possible – both in the vineyard and inside the winery. Biodynamic has been a buzz word for a long time.

    Recycling has also been important to most everyone in the business, and with the latest need to address climate change issues, the shift to solar and wind is welcome news.

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