Undugu: Embracing Camaraderie


When the late Father Arnold Grol first encountered a parking boy in Nairobi, the boy’s story broke his heart. Grol learned that many children spend their days guiding motorists to parking spaces for tips and rely on the small change they accept to survive.

Vowing to aid these street children, Grol set up a number of youth recreation centers, and his continued endeavors blossomed into the Undugu Society of Kenya, aptly named after the Kiswahili word for camaraderie. Here, girls and boy in need are fed, sheltered, educated and rehabilitated.

Recognizing that many more Kenyans were struggling, Undugu extended its efforts to help small groups of artisans in Kisii, Turkana and Machakos market various crafts, such as necklaces, key chains, baskets and more.

Image: CAFOD