Vertical Greenery as Living Wall Art


The Vertical Garden Kit is your own personally-designed green installation. Trimming optional.

We’re all fans of vertical gardens, but as living art, mounted on a wall inside your house? This green square allows you to create your own piece of live contemporary interior styling. It’s very calming, having shaggy, wall-mounted foliage to gaze at in lieu of a TV. And clipping those stems to keep them neat can be satisfying, too.

The set up is clever: a panel fixed to the wall with screws holding small, removable pots; these are kept moist via a built-in irrigation system whose tank will keep the plants watered for six weeks. The panel is water-tight, preventing moisture from reaching the wall. Just add the leafy stuff of your choice and watch the tendrils descend.

The Vertical Garden Kit contains one 42cm x 40cm wall panel, 16 removable pots, 2 screws and 2 wall-plus (frame shown not included) and costs £49.95 ($78.85). You can also get larger plant pots, for a more dramatic display.


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