VivaTerra Embroidered Rabbit Bag Giveaway


Reading EcoSalon fashion writer Greta Eagan’s post on the LBD the other day made me realize how much I like the color (or lack of) white.

Crisp and clean, white symbolizes summer, sheets on the line to dry, the color of my skin (I’m a stay-in-the-shade kind of girl), and a universal palette to work off of since every color can be paired with it.

When I saw this bag on the VivaTerra site, I specifically asked for the item for a giveaway – not only because I want it, but I knew you’d want it too (and it’s on sale!)

Says the site: “Vacationing in Mexico, a textile designer stumbled upon beautifully rendered pre-historic animal designs that were being hand-embroidered by the women of San Pueblito-and a cottage industry was born. Today over 150 women in the community hand-embroider these 100 percent organic cotton bags, providing a crucial source of income.”

Again, who are these companies that are just getting so good at what they do? Organic, artistic, supporting woman’s cottage industries? It just goes to prove it can be done if we support the businesses doing it. Cheers to VivaTerra for taking the lead.

This embroidered Rabbit Bag has a leather-handle, wide bottom, inside zip pocket, pouch for phone or glasses, and decorative fringed sash so you can tether it to you so it doesn’t ever get lost.

If you win this, you will want to be careful putting this bag down unattended. Like the rabbit, fellow fashionistas are cunning and quick and who knows what could happen?

And if you’d like to take a chance at getting this giveaway, leave a comment below.

(Legalese: contest rules and FTC compliance.)

Amy DuFault

Amy DuFault is a conscious lifestyle writer, consultant and fashion instigator. She resides in Cape Cod, Massachusetts.