Wabi Sabi Eco Fashion Concept: The Beauty is in the Details

wabi sabi

Spanish eco fashion label Wabi Sabi  launches their US-based online store!

Wabi Sabi is a chic eco fashion collection of timeless pieces that combine the highest quality sustainable materials, artisan craftsmanship and gorgeous styling. Featuring clothing, accessories and shoes, the Wabi Sabi collection is full of stylish and simple pieces that are nonetheless easy to add to almost any wardrobe. As designer Michele says: “Clothes are functional. They serve a purpose. However, that does not mean they need to be ugly or boring.  I create clothes and accessories that are functional across the many roles we play in our daily life, that are stylish and flattering, fit well, are high quality, made to last and that serve a purpose.”

wabi sabi fashion

Based on the Japanese philosophy of “Wabi Sabi”, the collection embodies the idea of how “beauty is something that occurs between one thing and another in a situation, circumstance or context.” In essence, this means that the beauty and appeal of Wabi Sabi clothing doesn’t lie in just its exterior opulence or aesthetics, but the small details such as the supply chain, transparency and handiwork of the artisans involved in creating each piece.

wabi sabi fashion

Back in 2011, Spanish designer Michele decided to launch and eco fashion company after realizing how the benefits of organically grown food vs. conventional produce could be translated into the realm of garments. Her goal in launching Wabi Sabi is “to make it easy for women to lead a healthy lifestyle, feel good and look great doing it.” While Michele works from her headquarters in Seville, Spain, a U.S. based office was recently opened in Atlantic City, New Jersey to cater to the sustainable fashion community in the States.

wabi sabi fashion

Items in the Wabi Sabi online shop are divided into 4 categories: Natural, Recycled, Organic and Handmade. Each category is indicated in the online shop, which also provides information on certification and country of origin for every item. As Michele puts it: “When you dress Wabi Sabi EcoFashionConcept you are making a decision not only about your own health and safety, but by helping to reduce the use of toxic chemicals, petroleum, and by promoting the sustainable use of natural resources you are also indirectly making an impact on the health and well being of people across the world. The best part is that you can actually make a difference without too much effort, any hassle or changes in your daily routine. You already get dressed every morning. Just dress better: Dress Wabi Sabi.” Check out the online store to find your bit of Spanish-inspired beauty!

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Images: WabiSabi