Want Ink? These Delicate Tattoos are Trending

Tattoos, especially delicate tattoos, are everywhere in 2017.

If you’ve been dreaming of getting ink, this is the year to scratch your deep, persistent tattoo itch. While no one tattoo style truly ever becomes outdated, women are embracing these delicate tattoos in 2017.

Delicate tattoos come in many shapes.

1. Small pieces

Sure, these pieces are small, but they look amazing. Many of these little works of art are done in clusters or alone. Some of these tattoos are done are with machines or are hand poked. If you choose hand poked, make sure the artist is licensed to practice tattoo procedures.

Popular tiny tats include moon and stars, leaves, snowflakes, words and simple animal outlines. Tiny tattoos are typically black, but the recipient can choose from additional colors, too. If you get a small, individual piece or a few pieces, it/they will most likely cost around $50-80.

Some delicate tattoos are geometric and natural.

2. Bugs, plants, and geometric animals and shapes

These pieces resemble the intricate, beautiful works of art often found on specimen posters. While they aren’t exactly lifelike, they are beautiful and perfect for the person who loves the outdoors and natural landscapes.

These natural pieces are often paired with geometric patterns, landscapes or animals. Alone or combined, these works are gorgeous and no two are alike.

This type of piece typically costs anywhere from $150 (for black line work on a small to medium piece) on up. The more color and detail, and the larger the size, the more it will cost.


3. Black line work that’s anti-establishment

This last piece adorns my thigh. When Trump won the presidential election, I got upset. Then I got angry. And then I got ink. All my pieces mean something to me—how I’m a survivor, a feminist, etc. And while I’d like to think of myself as a trendsetter, women have been getting tattoos similar to mine in droves for years. Example: this glorious, tiny Fuck-Uterus from @pokeeeeeeeoh.

My work was done by the talented Erin Bratzler at BDC Tattoo in Lawrence, Kan. You can view some of her work here. My pieces were done in pairs, or four at a time, but the average cost for the coffin tattoo is around $100-120.

All prices depend on the shop and artist, so always ask for a quote. And remember: Tip your artist! They buy their own equipment, ink, etc.

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