Want Fiber? Forget Toast.


About two years ago, I gave up sugar. Within two weeks, the violent migraines that had plagued me for over a decade disappeared. I decided to cut out refined carbohydrates altogether; 20 pounds melted off my frame before I had time to figure out what was going on with my jeans.

I haven’t looked back. Being something of a foodie with a penchant for funky fromage, voluptuous wine, exotic greens and farmers’ market mushrooms, I don’t even notice my pasta-free life. I’m too busy eating insanely delicious, so-called fattening fare. (Note: chocolate, in my clinical opinion, is not a grain and therefore does not have a place on my list of restricted foods.) But when I first bade adieu to our daily bread, I was concerned about getting enough fiber in my diet.

I have vegan girlfriends who can’t handle more than a bite of heavy, protein-rich fare. Others swear by the Mediterranean Diet. And a few, like myself, avoid the starch. Every woman’s body is unique and you know what you need better than anyone, but if you’re in search of a decadent source of fiber – low carb living or not – consider our luscious friend, the avocado.

When we hear "fiber" we think bran. A typical slice of wheat bread contains 2 to 3 grams of fiber per slice. (It goes a bit higher for sprouted-grain and the jawbreaker varieties.) By comparison, half an avocado contains 4.5 grams of fiber. Admittedly, avocados contain more calories than bread, but who eats their toast plain?

I’m not actually advocating that you give up bread if you happen to love it. But it’s nice to know that meeting your daily fiber requirement just got easier – and tastier!

Personal recommendation: Sarah’s chocolate avocado pudding for dinner. Go, now!


Image: ruurmo