We Heart Our Readers: Christine of ecouturiere.etsy


Editor’s Note: Thanks to you, we are feeling the love. To show our gratitude, we are profiling some of our most cherished readers who often stop by to see what we have cooking on the site. Please make them feel welcome by saying hello!

Name: Christine M. Vivian
Location: Goose Lake, IA
Website: ecouturiere.etsy.com

1. When did you first starting reading EcoSalon?

I first came across EcoSalon sometime in the beginning of 2009. I had just joined Twitter and began following Amy DuFault, who turned me onto EcoSalon. I was hooked immediately! The articles were not only interesting, but also written in a style and tone that appealed to me. I thought, “I would love to be friends with all of these people!”

2. What topics do you enjoy reading the most about on EcoSalon?

Since I design and create eco-friendly clothing and accessories, I always read all the fashion and design articles. Those were what first drew me to EcoSalon, after all. I did quickly become quite fond of the food articles as well, though, because I always learned something new. Even though I have been a vegetarian for over 15 years, I still find articles on EcoSalon that give me access to information I did not have before, or that make me aware of important issues regarding our food supply.

3. Would you consider yourself a very conscious individual? What about in relation to being kind to the planet?

Is there a scale for “very?” I believe I do the very best I can to live an informed, eco-conscious life. My husband and I eat organic food, some of which is raised in our own organic garden; we use all natural cleaners; we buy into our local electric co-op’s alternative energy program; we try to reduce our waste and always recycle everything we can, including our satellite dishes, which my parents kindly took home with them to recycle; we reuse everything we can, like printer paper which is always used twice (once per side), and like yogurt lids, which (believe it or not!) are used in my upcycled handbags; and we try to stay informed so we can make the best decisions for ourselves and our planet.

4. What’s your all time favorite products?

I have recently become addicted to Beauty Without Cruelty’s lavender lotion, Badger Sleep Balm, and the clove lip balm from ForStrangeWomen on Etsy. I suppose I could live without these three products, but I might not be as happy! I would also be sad if I had to live without my Seventh Generation laundry products. I have very sensitive skin, so natural laundry detergents are a must! Did I mention the clove lip balm?

5. Tell us a bit about your blog and other websites you enjoy visiting.

As I mentioned earlier, I make eco-friendly clothing and accessories, like upcycled handbags, that I sell through my Etsy store at ecouturiere. I work hard to ensure that all of my creations are as eco-friendly as possible, and yet still fun and affordable. As a member of two eco-conscious Etsy teams and EtsyEarth, I find a lot of support and inspiration from other people who are also trying to live as “green” a life as possible. Some of my regular reads include the aforementioned teams’ blogs, Ecouterre, Treehugger, and Crafting A Green World.

6. You are the happiest when . . .

I am singing Aretha Franklin (or maybe something by The Smiths or The Cure, depending on my mood) as loud as I can, and dancing, too, of course! Coming in at a close second is finding new ways to show my R-E-S-P-E-C-T for the planet. (Sorry, but I couldn’t resist!)