We Heart Our Readers: Jen of SewnNatural

Editor’s Note: Thanks to you, we are feeling the love. To show our gratitude, we are profiling some of our most cherished readers who often stop by to see what we have cooking on the site. Please make them feel welcome by saying hello!

Name: Jen C
Website: SewnNatural

1. When did you first starting reading EcoSalon?

I first discovered EcoSalon about a year ago. If I reach into my slightly foggy pregnant memory, I think I discovered it through The Daily Green. I found the first articles I read very thought-provoking, something refreshing in the world of eco-centric writing and news.

2. What topics do you enjoy reading the most about on EcoSalon?

I love the recipe round-ups that are focused on a single ingredient, and the food files are some of my favorites. I find the Culture articles fresh and love how they ask a lot of questions. And an eco centric take on sex? Yes, please.

3. Would you consider yourself a very conscious individual? What about in relation to being kind to the planet?

For me, being green is a state of mind more than anything. It’s a filter through which I view what we eat as a family, what we buy, how I choose to live and what I make/create. We are committed to eating organically and locally as much as possible, and this means a lot more time procuring, growing and processing food. Instead of buying three set of sheets, we’ll use one sweatshop-free, organic set. We make a lot of our own stuff, and live more simply with less, often better things. I’m really careful about what I put on my skin, what makeup I use and what I use with my daughter. Greening my life is a process, and I try to consciously improve on it every day.

4. What’s your all time favorite products?

We love our Obasan organic mattress (they are an Ottawa company), and the eco wool felted mats we use for camping from Shepherd’s Dream. I’m always finding new products at our local Ottawa organic skin care spa, Oresta, where I discovered Pangea Organics and Afterglow Cosmetics. And my organic cap by SparkyJones, can’t live without that.

5. Tell us a bit about your blog and other websites you enjoy visiting.

I have an eco friendly, handmade collection for baby & home called SewnNatural, a small family business my mother and I started a few years ago. Among my favorite blog reads are Petite Planet, Nerd Boyfriend, Made by Joel,  and She Eats Bears.

6. You are the happiest when . . .

I’m working with my hands and discovering (often, rediscovering) life with my family, especially with my almost-four-year old daughter. Hearing her giggle uncontrollably is the most wonderful, happiness-inducing sound in the world. Reminds me of how important it is to help protect her body, air, water and food from toxins and pollution so she can grow up healthy and strong. And the urgency of conserving our planet and its resources for her children and grandchildren.