We Like Your Brain: Discuss

Take a look at the bottom of our posts. What has changed?

Yep – you don’t have to be logged into Facebook to comment anymore. We’ve gone back to a basic commenting process that makes it super-easy for anyone to leave their thoughts…and that’s exactly why we’ve done it.

Over the last 4 years we’ve written about a lot of things. We’ve cheerleaded, we’ve lambasted, we’ve banged our drums and we’ve pinned our hearts to our sleeves. In short – we’ve cared, unapologetically. If we’ve written about it, we have feelings on the matter and we’re not shy about showing it.

Sometimes you don’t agree with us. And frankly? We love that. We loved it when you argued on the side of PETA.  We loved it when you challenged our thoughts on a certain fast-food chain. When Sarah objected to NASA firing a probe into the Moon, we all argued the point in the comments. When Tina listed 15 foods to boost your metabolism, you enriched the post no end by adding links, testaments and useful tips of your own. You helped us reach consensus on what defines “toxic.” You’ve agreed, you’ve disagreed, you’ve cheered us on and called us out – and you’ve kept us honest, because we don’t speak for everyone and hey, we’re not perfect.

(I know, so hard to believe).

It’s your discussion and your input that turned EcoSalon into the platform we always hoped it would be – and we think a third-party Facebook comments plugin has been getting in the way of that healthy, exciting dialogue. So now we’ve ditched it. We don’t want to stifle your voice or keep you at a distance – we want you to show us how the issues we write about affect you.

The safeties are off, people.

Feel free to give us a piece of your mind.

Image: puliarf

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