Wearing Overalls is So Hot: How to Pull it Off with Style


Go on and get all Dexy’s Midnight Runners. In case you didn’t get the memo: wearing overalls is supa hot right now.

If you’re similar to me, you probably thought, “oh, heck no,” when you heard that overalls were back in style. I have a pretty horrific photo of myself wearing a pair for my seventh grade photo. Luckily, these new overall styles are much better than the ones of yesteryear, and a whole lot more grownup. So, yes – you, too, can pull off wearing overalls. Let us show you how!

First up, here’s some great advice for overall donning from Vogue:

1. According to the fashion magazine, the cut of overalls is key. One great cut for ladies who want to either accentuate or give the illusion of long legs are fitted and flared pairs.

2. Wearing overalls, which cover your midriff, also can give crop top first timers a way to break into that reemerging fashion trend. Just slip on a cute and trendy crop top under a pair and you’re ready to hit the town for a killer lunch.

3. Another cut that works wonders for the female form is an overall with a tapered leg and a cuffed bottom.

Huffington Post suggests:

1. Overall wearers shouldn’t wear plaid. Flannel will just accentuate the possible “I just got off the farm” look.

2. The site also reports that accessorizing with sleek jewelry and structured bags is a yes, while wearing too cute accessories, such as backpacks and bows, is a no.

3. Also: When in doubt about what shirt to wear under your overalls, stripes are always a good choice.

Last up: Elle has a few head-to-toe overall outfit inspirations that you can take and make your own. A few that stood out to me:

1. The boho look: Pair a slim cut, acid wash pair of denim overalls with a cute, solid colored, button-up shirt. Add a chunky pair of glasses and a shoe boot and you’re set.

2. The sleek “lady on the town” look: Take a sleek pair of light colored overalls and wear with a flirty pair of chunky heels, and a light colored, sheer, button-down shirt. Then add a feminine clutch.

Still need some overall inspiration? Check out the “How to Wear: Overalls” Pinterest board that shows you all you ever wanted to know about wearing this trend.

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